Tundra Production Team

Do you find Sartre too much of a downer? The Bible too long? Have you run out of episodes of Peep Show and now find yourself with nothing to do and a slow sense of dread creeping into you gradually every time you so much as have a thought?

“Being stuck in the frozen wastelands unaware of your own purpose sounds super fun right?”

Well, we’ve got just the cure for you! Tundra is a new comedy by the most brilliant Jake Stewart… because being stuck in the frozen wastelands unaware of your own purpose sounds super fun right? Totally not a glimpse into existential despair, no, definitely not. But wait, how did that mannequin head get here? And, yes, he’s Swedish, of course.

Mov and Ramsey are two of the most incompatible people that have ever had the joy of being forced into a very small and isolated room together, which would be fine because everyone’s allowed their little quirks, unless you know, they are stuck in this Arctic Research Centre for an indeterminable amount of time … And how long has it been now really? Ramsey’s lost count, Mov can’t count ... and time begins to feel rather wonky when the only source of the outside world is a smooth-voiced radio that somehow feels too close for comfort. While the claustrophobic space seems to start to eat them up, and a mysterious force keeps stealing all mugs in the vicinity, these two characters must finally work together to uncover the mystery of the Tundra, a mystery that begins with a single knock, one seemingly uneventful night.

Tundra Production Team

From rehearsing in our directors’ octagonal rooms at St Chad’s to finally feeling the freedom of the Corpus Playroom stage this week, our cast of four have really become familiar with the claustrophobia of being trapped in a little shack and seeing the same faces every single day. Despite only joining the team yesterday, Sven has already made his way into the hearts and minds (and skin…) of the rest of the cast, as they spent most of our dress rehearsal getting to know him and becoming ever more intimate (Sven likes a good hug). As you may have gathered, we may all be going a little stir-crazy by this point, but hey, that’s what makes good theatre right? Even the Cambridge weather is excited for our show, and has been kind enough to drop by an average of 10 degrees this past day alone just for us! Yes this statement is entirely backed by science – this is an Arctic research centre after all, do you take us for fake science enthusiasts?!


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The Last Days of Judas Iscariot: ‘polished and outrageously funny’

What will happen? Will Mov and Ramsey survive as reality begins to crumble around them? What’s that fish’s story? And who’s that knocking outside the shack? All that and more in Tundra, playing for one night and one night only at the Corpus Playroom on Monday the 22nd of November at 9:30pm!

Tickets are available at - https://www.adctheatre.com/whats-on/play/tundra/