The poster for The Kitchen SinkPercy Hartshorn

The Kitchen Sink is a play written by Tom Wells showcasing the trials and tribulations of a lovely, if a tad unruly, working-class family from Withernsea in Yorkshire. Martin’s milk float is lying in bits on the kitchen table, making a mess of Kath’s good tea towels. Billy is having difficulty fitting his eccentric personality into his pretentious art school’s strict ideals. Sophie is finding out the hard way that standing up for what you believe in can cause more trouble than its worth. Kath is trying her level best to keep the others afloat through all their crises. Pete just wants to be part of the family. Oh, and there is definitely something wrong with the kitchen sink

"These plays are a perfect way for newcomers to explore and learn about the hectic nature of theatre in Cambridge"

This play is a brilliant tribute to the Kitchen Sink realism from which it got its name. Kitchen Sink realism is a quintessentially British genre of theatre, art, novels, film and tv, started in the 1950s and 60s which unapologetically depict the lives of working-class people across the UK, most commonly the industrial North. These productions highlight subject matter that is often seen as taboo or unfavourable and this play is no different. Tom Wells captures the domestic life of this Yorkshire family perfectly and it has won him the Critics’ Circle Award for Most Promising Playwright.

'This has been a pleasure to work on': The cast of The Kitchen Sink in rehearsalPercy Hartshorn

Join our budding young thespians as they embark on their debut production in Cambridge. The Cambridge University Amateur Dramatics Club freshers’ plays are an opportunity to have dedicated spaces for new contributors to amateur dramatics in Cambridge and some of our crew are embarking on their first experiences in their roles. These plays are a perfect way for newcomers, whether they have been involved in theatre elsewhere or not, to explore and learn about the hectic nature of theatre in Cambridge without the pressure of seasoned Cambridge production teams and actors.

"There are some really technical aspects to this show, and the results are going to be spectacular on the night"

The whole team has been hard at work making sure this production will shine as brightly as the sequins on Billy’s art pieces. The set team have spent hours in the workshop painting and decorating to make this family home truly feel like home. There are some really technical aspects to this show, and the results are going to be spectacular on the night. The directors and cast have also spent a lot of time toiling in the rehearsal rooms, making sure that the highs are high, and the lows are low. Though the prospect of creating a full play in three weeks has felt quite daunting, we have all committed and risen to the challenge as best we can!

'To see the actors come to life is an amazing feeling': The cast of The Kitchen Sink in rehearsalPercy Hartshorn

Some thoughts from the cast and crew…

“It’s been a wonderful experience, not just in terms of escapism, but in getting to meet and work with likeminded freshers across the university.” – Liam (Billy)

“This has been a pleasure to work on. It’s a really funny script with some pretty eccentric moments, but also has a lot of depth and tenderness, the play is fundamentally about relationships between people and how they navigate issues life presents.” – Anna (Director)

“Working on The Kitchen Sink has been great. Helping to direct a cast with such incredible levels of talent has been a real privilege. The material we are working with is so well written and has given us the opportunity to find moments of comedy, intimacy and reflection.” – Jude (Assistant Director)


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“It’s truly a wonderful experience to be part of The Kitchen Sink. To see the actors come to life with emotions on stage is an amazing feeling and especially since it’s under a family setting, it’s bound to hit you right in the feels.” – Lee (Producer)

The Kitchen Sink is a heart-warming and delicate portrayal of a family which is full of laughs and tears. Everyone will find moments to relate to in this affectionate piece of theatre. Join us at the Corpus Playroom, 7:00pm Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th November to enjoy this beautiful production.