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This week, Bull, a vicious comedy about the dark side of human nature, will be coming to Cambridge in a new production at the Corpus Playroom. Full of savagery and razor-sharp dialogue “Bull” is not one to miss, with performances from the 5th to 9th October.

“Bull serves as a critique on capitalism and the beliefs that it entails”

Written by Mike Barlett, the show unpicks the capitalist dog-eat-dog mentality, reminding us that it is not all about merit; there is a sadistic streak in many more than one might expect. With the full focus on the acting, director Ilona Sell, student at Kings College, aims to highlight the raw violence behind seemingly innocent workplace dynamics: “I want to explore the complicated and sometimes cruel mentalities that affect our relationships all the way through school to work, and the impact that this has on who we view as successful. Primarily, I think that Bull serves as a critique on capitalism and the beliefs that it entails in a manner that is good for anyone to see, particularly students at a university like Cambridge. I think that many people either consciously or subconsciously believe that in our society hard work will entail success and happiness. Now, although that can sometimes be true, I think it is also a massive oversight. Luck, be that luck of financial privilege to luck of childhood mathematical ability, has a dramatic effect on the course of lives. I think that Bull can be used to display that unfortunately, however hard you work and however good a person you are, luck remains a massive factor in life determination. This may seem a pessimistic message, but it is one that I hope leads to greater levels of compassion.”

Bull does not hesitate to expose the true brutality behind the saying ‘the survival of the fittest’”

With Isobel Maxwell, Joe Harrington, and Alexander Tsang playing the trio of colleagues competing to secure their jobs, “Bull” will incite a consideration of how we reach success, questioning the self-serving behaviours that lead to personal gain. Temitope Idowu will play Carter, the boss whose decision will resolve the rising tension among the protagonists. However, it is not only Carter, but also the audience who are invited to judge so that through these incredibly complex and fascinating characters the stage’s intense spotlight may just as well be illuminating the audience’s own inner workings.


Mountain View

“The Comedy of Errors just lends itself to a festival”

An unflinching and chilling look at the dynamics that underpin power plays, Bull does not hesitate to expose the true brutality behind the saying ‘the survival of the fittest’, asking us what lengths we would go to in order to survive. With no relief and no escape, be prepared for an uncomfortable and gripping look at the concentrated form of the power dynamics that exist all around us.

The Corpus Playroom is an intimate studio venue in the heart of Cambridge, on St Edward’s Passage. As with the ADC Theatre, whilst every performer and technician is an unpaid volunteer, the impressive alumni list proves how many have gone on to great success in the theatre industry. The Corpus Playroom presents two shows every evening during university term, as well as a range of other programming outside of term from touring and local drama groups. Bull is running for 5 nights only this week so make sure to get your tickets now at