Ailsa Critten

The hiatus in theatre is finally over and what better way to celebrate the return to the stage than with a new student written musical? No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight offers songs, dance and comedy galore to fix the aching need for live theatre.

This original musical, by Joe Venable and Ben James, is the wondrous creation of one inspired night at the start of lockdown. It follows three hapless criminals on their quest to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London, while they navigate love and the law. As the three thieves plan their heist, they dream about their prospective futures, write a musical and even rap a little. Charli, the parent of the group, aims to accomplish ‘One Last Heist’ before retiring, following a disastrous string of failed crimes. Joined by Terri, a timid and grounded lawbreaker, and Bobbi, the naïve clown of the group, the trio manage to rope in the help of security guard Melanie to seize the treasure. However, countless complications lie in the path of fortune for the team, making the audience question whether these crafty thieves will ever trick gullible Keith and Kevin and make it out of the jewel room unscathed. No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight will demonstrate that while these criminals can always spontaneously sing and dance if required, their heist planning skills are somewhat lacking.

“To finally see this musical come to life and once again share in the joy of theatre with a live audience is an indescribable triumph”

Playing the part of Terri has been a delight, especially because I have been lucky enough to work with not one but two casts along the way. This rehearsal process will definitely be memorable as an awful lot of it took place outside against the forces of nature. I will miss our spontaneous dance breaks on Newnham College lawn, which I am sure delighted residents there. I am constantly awed by the captivating nature of the songs in this show which have the uncontrollable power to play on a loop in my head hours after rehearsal has finished. I will certainly be humming along to “Jackpot” for many weeks to come after we have taken our final bow. Having the chance to bring the music and script to life with an original character has been a wonderful challenge in which I could explore the way I felt the lines and songs should be delivered. I have loved getting to know Terri and have come to the realisation that we are disturbingly similar in our fear of rats.

Rehearsals on Newnham Lawn

It is exciting to watch the musical develop as new lines and even new songs have been added to create a flawless piece. The meticulous direction of Louise Dai and Kitty Beck is evident in the energy of the cast, and the tireless work of the choreographers, Ella Palmer and Ffion Godwin, and musical directors, Ben James and Lily Blundell, is sure to get everybody toe-tapping. Working with this cast has been a great source of happiness for me this term. I am amazed by how the four actors manage to bring so much energy to every scene and never fail to make me laugh in every rehearsal. To finally see this musical come to life and once again share in the joy of theatre with a live audience is an indescribable triumph for me, having waited half a year to see this show materialise.


Mountain View

Diary of a Playwright

The audience can definitely expect some big belly laughs and irresistible characters from No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight. With twelve original songs and dance breaks aplenty, get ready for an exuberant hour of escapism! From the outset the audience will be captivated by the energy of this show and will be charmed by the camaraderie of the team of crims. This show caters to every musical taste from energetic dance beats to an earnest ballad, making sure that everyone leaves feeling fulfilled and ready to perform their own heist, should they so wish. The duality between tenderness and comicality paces the show beautifully and allows the audience to acknowledge Bobbi’s innocence, Terri’s rationality and Charli’s leadership in the space of an hour. The dedication and work of the cast and crew is a testimony to why No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight is a show not to be missed.

‘No Cash on the Premises Overnight’ will be performing at the ADC Theatre Friday 28th and Saturday 29th May from 11pm. Streaming and in person tickets at