Hugh Quarshie as Othello and Lucian Msamati as Iago in the RSC's 2015 production of OthelloTristram Kenton


The Guardian examines the last decade in black british theatre, from artistic directors to actors and playwrights.

A British Library piece describing the evolution of black British theatre in the 1950s, focusing on several key playwrights of the period

The Guardian interviews playwrights Arinzé Kene and Natasha Gordon about their West End debut and how they feel black theatre and audiences are changing.

An academic piece examining the ever shifting theatre landscape in the 1980s. (Accessible through Raven)


National Theatre’s catalogue of the first professional productions of African, Carribean and black British plays produced in Britain. There is a search tool available to help find specific plays as well as a more general browsing option

An original piece by Phoebe Boswell about the racial tensions within Othello. Originally created as a part of ‘Shakespeare Lives’, the British Council’s 400 year commemoration of Shakespeare’s death. (Available through Digital Theatre Plus)

They work with youth groups, charities, youth workers, schools and youth arts companies to help build relationships between artistic institutions and communities that are often racially and socio-economically marginalised. They do this by offering free tickets to shows, talks and exhibitions to young people, organising free training and development opportunities and helping people access these opportunities by helping with travel and accommodation costs.

Until it sadly closed its doors in 2018, BTL was a pioneering national consortium with the goal of effecting change for BAME touring theatre, commissioning both companies and artists. Now, their website still stands as a useful resource for representing BAME companies, artists and tours all across the UK.

Catalogue of plays written by black playwrights put together by Drama Online (accessible through Raven)

Lenny Henry presents a series of programmes tracing a century of black British theatre and screen.

A yearly competition celebrating the achievements of black British theatre makers

A 3 hour special fundraising concert which aired on June 4th 2020 to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Performers shared songs as well as their thoughts and reflections on anti racism and police brutality

PLAYWRIGHTS (provided by The Cambridge Footlights)

  • Danai Gurira (The Convert)
  • Debbie Tucker Green (hang
  • Arinzé Kene (Misty)
  • Roy Williams (Sucker Punch)
  • Kwame Kwei-Armah (Statement of Regret)
  • Bola Agbaje (Gone Too Far)
  • Natasha Gordon (Nine Night)
  • Winsome Pinnock (Leave Taking)
  • Barry Reckford (Skyvers)


FULL PRODUCTIONS (Available on Digital Theatre+)


Mountain View

Cambridge Reacts to the Death of George Floyd

Directed by Gregory Doran and featuring an entirely black british cast, this adaptation relocates Shakespeare’s tale of power and corruption to post independence Africa

Marked the first all black cast production of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy in the UK. Q&A with the director follows the screening.

Iqbal Khan’s adaptation of Othello was the first RSC production to cast a black actor as Iago, casting a different light on the racist themes within the play.