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Right, so now we can officially round off our coverage! Jamie Roberts has hobbled out the room, and we can crack on with the write up. 

Thank you for joining us. It's been a day of mixed emotions of Light Blues. But we hope you have enjoyed our live blog. 

Until next time, it's goodnight from Peter Rutzler and Charles Martland at Twickenham 

Roberts: [Lasting memory?] "The buzz of the last few days, seeing what it means to these guys, the emotional tension. I've enjoyed being apart of it."

Roberts: "I'm very very grateful for this opportunity. It's a shame I couldn't repay that today"

Roberts: "I'm going to enjoy myself tonight, and then refocus for next week" [when he joins Harlequins]

Roberts: "This was probably a one off for my career. And it's been amazing"

Roberts: "Some of them you can run off, some them you can't, unfortunately [on his dead leg]"

Roberts: "I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cambridge. First and foremost academically. It's the best in the country"

Roberts: "the boys are devastated, some of the lads with tears in their eyes in the changing room, you can see how much it means to them"

Jamie Roberts has now entered the press room - dressed in his light blue Blazer and Bow Tie. Proud Cantab!

17:00 The press conferences are done and that will conclude our live coverage of the Varsity Match. We really hope that you've enjoyed our coverage today, as much as we have enjoyed producing it for you.

A good day for Cambridge Women, a disappointing one for a sixth consecutive year for the Men. Match reports and reaction will follow: see varsity.co.uk, @cagmartland and @peterrutzler19. 

From Peter Rutzler and myself Charles Martland, have a lovely evening and goodnight from Twickenham.

Club captain George Messum: [Has it sunk in yet, 6 in a row?] "The process where we go to it, for me and the players, is the most satisfactory part of it"

Lamont: [On injury] "I got my technique a bit wrong. But I'd much rather both of us [Messum] were on the pitch"

Oxford's Captain Henry Lamont: "I'm so proud of the boys to see them dog it out"

Stevens: "James [coach] has been a big difference. We knew we had to change last year."

Coach: "Losing Roberts was a big blow, I'm not going to deny that"

Stevens: "You win some, you lose some. At the end of the day they know what disappointment feels like and that will count 10, 15 years from now"

Stevens: [On Davies] "He will pick himself up, he's a strong boy, a clever boy"

Stevens: "We did extremely well from the scrum"

Stevens: "The boy showed tremendous character"

Now onto the Press Room for the Post-Match reaction. We will bring you that live

Cambridge have technically won today 58-12 so there we go. 


FULL TIME: They can't do it. Oxford find a turnover and smash it into touch. Referee Garner checks with his assistant whether the rucking was legal, which it was. And there's the whistle.

Tom Stileman Man of the Match - well deserved for the Oxford wing.

80' Scrum to Cambridge 35 metres from the posts. They need a try....now or never. Time for a hero?

79' PENALTY TO OXFORD! Another for Cullen and Cambridge need divine intervention.

78' Oxford have what they want , the ball in Cambridge's half....and now a penalty. That might just do it. Cullen will go for goal.

A reminder that no team has EVER won 6 Varsity Matches in a row. It looks as though that is about to change.

77' YELLOW CARD: SIMON DAVIES That could be that and it's moronic really. High kick and he just cleans out his man in the air. Blows out Cambridge's flame here.

76' They can't though! Turned over and cleared. Stileman full of running again. 

74'Cambridge have the ball 22 metres out. Badly need a score.

72' PENALTY TO OXFORD! Cool as a cucumber (never liked that cliché) from Cullen. Hey, it's alliterative. 9-6 and Dark Blue fans sense victory.

71' What a break by Stileman. Ox go close. Then they lose it...but there is a penalty advantage. Big chance for Cullen to kick the Dark Blues ahead so late on here.

70' Time to tempt some fate. There have been 14 draws previously in Varsity rugby, the last of which was in 2003. 

This is about who has the legs to keep going. Both teams look exhausted.

68' Cambridge claim the kick-off. Can they get a decisive score?

67' PENALTY TO OXFORD! No problems. All level with 12 left. Where's your nerve and money?

Oxford and Cullen will have a pop at goal. Should be meat and drink this one.

Temperature is dropping, my tea has gone cold. Oxford mounting pressure. Finely poised. (Thanks Pete)

66' Oxford get the penalty after a lengthy spell in possession. Looks like they will go for goal. Referee Garner warns the Cambridge players about the possibility of a sin-bin next time they infringe. Would be a shame to see this contest decided like that.

65' Seb Tullie with a great clearance for the Light Blues. Jamie Roberts applauds it from the sideline.

63' Cambridge win the scrum! They're penned in, but boy has this been brave from the Light Blues. 17 minutes to go.

ATTENDANCE: 25,013 Brilliant turnout.

63' Play has in fact been called back for a penalty... Oxford have a line out and claim it.

62' HUGE MOMENT! Where to start with this one! Oxford work the overlap on the left wing and Matt Geiger dives over...or no he doesn't! He's somehow juggled and lost it in the dive. No flamboyance, just terrible luck for the St Catz man, who's actually had a pretty good game.

61' Desperate defence 

60' Great driving maul takes Dark Blues to 10 metres. Plus a penalty advantage...

59' Ooh...discipline needed. Not rolling away and Oxford can respond immediately. No, they go for the corner. Chris Robshaw like decision making from Oxford.

59' Talk about a contrast from last year. By this point Cambridge were down and out. They lead here. Is Oxford's run stretching back to 2010 coming to an end? Too soon to say!

57' PENALTY TO CAMBRIDGE! Gorgeous strike through the uprights by the South African!

56' And that results in a penalty. Stevens says 'let's go for three' from a tight angle.

55' George Williams! For the line! No! He tries an offload and the ball squirms loose. Should have held it in contact. Cam line out on 22 once more. All started when Cambridge stole the Ox throw, which has been creaking all day.

54' The ball is spread wide to Simon Davies. Too much to do though and put in touch.

53' Stevens spots a gap, but Oxford turn it over and clear. Light Blue ball from the throw some 23 away. Big opportunity.

52' Now it's a penalty for the Light Blues. Plenty of back-slapping for the prop Will Briggs in there and Gillies gains decent ground.

51' Williams slices a kick out on the full, but Greg Garner calls play back for a Cambridge scrum. Very much in the balance this game. 

51' The Roberts loss is huge to the team, not just physically, but psychologically. Tough for the Light Blues, encouraging for the Other Place

49' Good handling from Oxford. Cambridge defending well on their own 22.

After Wolfsburg on Tuesday night...I am the eternal pessimist.

46' A delay whilst Simon Davies is attended to. Oxford have a put-in in a dangerous area once we restart. 

Martland's stuck his neck out and said Oxford will win this now. Rutzler's maintaining his blind faith in the Light Blues. All to play for. It's Even Don Stevens.

45' Roberts' replacement is Mike Phillips, the namesake of Roberts' international team-mate. Every cloud I suppose...

44' Gillies' cross-kick is nicely claimed by Geiger and Oxford get going in another cagey opening to the half.

We will endeavour to establish why the Wales centre has gone off. He has just been pictured slouched on the benches in his official tracksuit...not a happy bunny!

41' BIG NEWS: Jamie Roberts has not returned for the 2nd half! He must be injured....we don't know for sure....where's Geoff Shreaves when you need him!

Alastair Hignell is on the television as we speak, read what he told Varsity about his thoughts on this year's Varsity fixtures here when he spoke to Charles Martland 

Earlier, Cambridge won the Women's Varsity Match, smashing Oxford 52-0 in their first ever match on Twickenham. Here is our report from earlier

HALF-TIME: 3-3 all here. Oxford started slowly, but were the better side by the interval. Back in 10!

40' Cherezov off injured for Light Blues...looks like a shoulder's gone. George Williams is on...liked what I saw of him vs Worcester.

40' Oxford with the last play of the half, but they too knock on. Would have been controversy there had they scored, Geiger appeared to touch the whitewash with his boot on this near side, looked out from where I'm sitting. 

38' Cambridge building slowly...Roberts a big presence at the breakdown. 

35' Cambridge still under the pump, but they will see not conceding there as a mini-victory, I am certain.  

35' Forget student rugby, that is class from prop Dave Spelman! Oxford have to score, but after another try-saving lunge from Welsh international Roberts, a combination of the big prop, and Don Stevens, bundle Oxford in touch from a metre out! 

34' Crunching hit from Jamie Roberts! Can Cambridge weather the siege? 

33' Oxford looking dangerous. 10 metres away after a break by one of the centres, quite possibly Janney. 

33' Look what happens when Peter takes over...can't even spell my name right! 

31' It's all gone a bit messy....Roberts overthrows a pass, it's knocked on and then there's boots flying everywhere trying to hack it away. 

Very tense here at Twickenham. Martland's eyed up my Go-Ahead bar but I'm having none of it 

30' No doubt Oxford are growing into this game. So much more of an even contest than last year's edition, though, which ended 43-6 to the Dark Blues. 

29' MISSED! Cullen slides one wide of the left upright. All square it remains.  

28' Rees does really well to clear and chase his own kick, but Cambridge are penalised at the ruck for being off their feet. Ox penalty in kickable range. 

BBC SPORT on a botched Oxford line out: "You can't expect professional standards from them, but that throw was just awful."

27' Real sense here already that the first try is massive. 

26' Oxford win a penalty straight from the kick off  and gain good territory, but the line out is overthrown and Cambridge clear. Still Ox ball some 24 metres from the line.

23' PENALTY TO CAMBRIDGE! And the Bloemfontein born skipper converts. 

Don Stevens will go for goal and take it himself. 

22' Roberts on the crash ball! Not quite, he's brought down. All Cambridge now though...and they have  a penalty. 

19' Cambridge just lacking cutting edge here. Gillies sniping round the fringes sign of plenty of loose balls and passing. Another penalty to Oxford for holding on then curtails a promising move in the opposition half.  

Alastair Hignell: Today's Man of the Match will be given a medal named in his honour. I caught up with him last week. Have a look here.

17' Oxford think they've stolen the ball, but referee Garner says there was a knock-on first. Scrum  to Cambridge, but two players are down needing treatment first.  

14' Oh my, Oxford have done brilliantly. Fraser Gillies thinks he's about to score, but three men hold him up then make the ball unplayable. Scrum to Oxford. Kick now cleared downfield. Don Stevens' men need to make the most of chances like that. 

13' Camped on the Ox line! 

12' Cambridge claim the restart and march a maul upfield! Dangerous.... 

11' PENALTY TO OXFORD! Fly-half George Cullen, a returning Blue, slots coolly from 30 metres to open the scoring here.

11' Oxford have penalty and go for three.

Yes, the coat has gone on and yes, that is Peter's only contribution to this blog so far today - stick to Twitter son. 

Absolutely freezing up in the Gantry. Martland's got his coat on, he means business

8' The teams are trading penalties at the moment. Rob Hall of Cambridge the latest deemed to be infringing at the maul and Oxford get a lineout on the Light Blues' ten. 

6' Pressure from Oxford now. Tom Stileman forces Davies into touch after de Berker's up-and-under. 

5' Nothing really to report. Fraser Gillies clears a penalty downfield and Cambridge have a lineout on the Oxford ten metre line. 

WOMEN'S GAME: The women smashed the Dark Blues earlier, here's my report for your here.

2' Wow, this could be huge! Centre and captain Henry Lamont is off injured with a minute on the watch. We think it was a hit by Jamie Roberts which has ended his perticipation.

1' Cambridge with early possession, but Andy Rees knocks on deep in Oxford territory. Really good noise inside Twickenham. 

0' Referee Greg Garner, who officiates Aviva Premiership Rugby, gets us going.

This is the 134th Varsity Match. Cambridge lead 61-58 overall.

Minute's silence for 55 fallen Blues coming up.

Teams are out!

14:23 Right, strap in. 10 minutes until kick off here at Twickenham. Cambridge looking to avoid a record sixth straight defeat in this fixture, 70+ capped Jamie Roberts playing for the Light Blues... it's all happening. 

The Cambridge women's captain, Nikki Weckman, was confident of Varsity victory when I spoke to her earlier this term, and so was men's skipper Don Stevens. Whilst there's no rugby, why don't you give it a read. Go on...it's here.

Meanwhile, Jamie Roberts has come out to start his warm up ahead of the men's game.

Cambridge players in front of their travelling fans now - absolutely loving it!

A match report and photos from this one will be online shortly. Do't go anywhere.

80' FULL TIME: CAMBRIDGE 52-0 OXFORD They were confident, but surely they've surpassed their wildest dreams here. Great stuff!

79' Into the dying embers of this game now and the eight-try rout is almost done.

79' Huge cheers as Alice Middleton is announced as Player of the Match. An exceptional performance.  

78' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! Watch that record shatter! Oxford need the whistle - we're quite enjoying this. It's Anna Wilson all alone to make it her own hat-trick of tries. Extras are added too.

RECORDS: Here's one I can bring you, courtesy of BBC Sport. The record Varsity Women's victory is 48-0

73' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! Oh my word, what a score this is! A hat-trick for Alice Middleton and she has absolutely no right to score from there. Simply bursts through about seven defenders, shows the winger a clean pair of heels and dances over. Unbelievable stuff! 

71' What a way to mark this historic Women's Varsity Match for Weckman and co - remember this is the very first time the ladies game has been played here at Rugby HQ alongside the men. 

70' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! What is going on! This is like a re-run of last year's men's fixture, just in reverse. Wilson just steamrolls through the hapless Dark Blue defence, looks for support, realises she doesn't need any and slides over. Real Red Sea stuff the way that defence parted. 

67' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE!  This is becoming a rout! In a word, Clinical. Cambridge have been brilliant today and Anna Wilson gets her deserved try, crashing over from two metres after the initial break was made by Farrant. Middleton brilliantly converts too - that's 4 of 5 kicks which have been successful for her

67' Light Blues looking lively again through the forwards... 

Cambridge supporters are becoming more audible now, as the ground fills up nicely. Those who have been here, like us, since 11 have seen a very enjoyable game.

62' Oxford lead Cambridge by four points in the BUCS Premier  at the moment, but you wouldn't know it. All Cambridge still.  

60' My claim about Alice Middleton equaling a points record has turned out to be spurious. 19 is the number to beat - she's three away.

Just been told the bogs directly behind the press box are now operational...result.

56' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! Game, set and the match. And it's Alice Middleton again! That's 16 points for the fullback, which ties the record of points scored individually in a Varsity Match, along with the great Alastair Hignell in the men's game. She dives over this time from close range and slots the extras.

54' Now Cambridge attack the line with real venom. Stunning hand off from Anna Wilson there...real, to quote Football Manager, trequartista stuff. 

53' And that is a good summary of the game so far. Just when the Dark Blues look threatening, ref Sarah Cox, whose been excellent by the way, pings them for holding on.

51' Emily Stone drives strongly for the line, but really should pass to winger Grant outside her. Big missed opportunity that. 

50' You can't say Oxford have lacked fighting spirit, butthey have missed real quality when it matters today. Another move ends over the whitewash of the touchline. 

47' Sophie Farrant replaces the excellent Lara Gibson. 

45' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! All that pressure pays off! It's Fitzwilliam's own Chloe Withers who dives over, but that was a real team try. Can't see Oxford coming back from here.

44' 15 phases for Cambridge....and suddenly theyre 5 metres short. 

42' Oxford with the first ball in this second half. There's no real threat though. Cambridge will be fancying their chances, especially having thumped USW 117-0 last week - they're full of confidence.

12.23pm Right, make yourselves a quick brew, then join us again. About to get underway for the second half. 

40' Donaldson with a strong challenge, followed by an Oxford spillage. And that will be HALF-TIME.

40' Last play of the half coming up here. Cambridge scrum from the 22 metre line. Nikki Weckman's side will be delighted with this first 40. 

38' And they do! And maybe the Light Blues can steal a score of their own. No - a break of great potential comes to nothing and play is stopped for a knock on.

37' Oxford have a penalty now...and they go quickly. Cambridge need to hang on here before the interval.

QUESTION: Can I type with gloves on? Answers on a postcard to Peter Rutzler @peterrutzler19

35' Oxford's first spell of possession in the half. It looked dangerous momentarily, but they're bundled into touch.

33' Note, our timings do not account for stoppages. We are actually in the 31st minute.

32' The conversion is missed. 12-0 

31' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! And you can't say it hasnt been coming! Right winger Lara Gibson finally gets the ball spread wide and she does the rest through her pace, showing two defenders a clean pair of heels.

26' Similar patterns developing now. Cambridge possession 40 metres out, no real penetration. The Man United of women's rugby?

FASHION CHECK: Good news! I have bought both gloves and a scarf today, unlike last year, when I froze to death! Bad news: It's actually twelve degrees and I don't need them. 

You have missed nothing by the way, whilst one of the Oxford players received attention.

PHOTOS: All of today's images, now filtering through to the live feed, come from James Pearson, who is based in the North Stand this afternoon.

23' Cambridge in again, but Oxford recover and clear their lines. Cambridge pushed back to the 10 metre line again 

22' The Light Blues must have had 75% of the possession in this game. Is Louis Van Gaal the manager?

21' A clever kick in behind from Donaldson leads to a Dark Blue knock on. Cambridge have the put in 30 metres out

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18' Oxford just cannot get hands on the ball here. Cambridge with possession in the midfield again. Don't forget they, unlike the men, won last year's fixture as well.

The prospect of Cambridge actually winning something whilst I'm at Twickenham is making me quite excited. Miserable day last year.

14' TRY FOR CAMBRIDGE! It's been coming! Wilson to McNally, to fullback Middleton, who flops over from a metre. Advantage Light Blues. Middleton adds the extras herself

13' Banner surges for the line...but is brilliantly held up. Dominant Cambridge have a scrum from 5 metres.

13' Cambridge five metres short.It was Wilson again with the break!

11' Still scoreless here at Twickenham. It looks as though nerves are getting to the players. Cambridge have the ball currently on the Oxford 10 metre line. 

7' BBC Sport: "Cambridge are looking so dominant already."

6' Goodness me, Anna Wilson is looking dangerous! A barnstorming run takes out three defenders, even though the attack comes to nothing.

3' A scrappy start in truth. Anna Wilson made a nice break for Cambridge, but the Light Blues then knocked on.

0' We are underway! An historic event - the 29th Women's Varsity Match and the very first at Twickenham, has kicked off. Oxford have first use of the ball, attacking the South Stand

11:26am The Women's sides are out, the national anthem's are being sung, we are moments away from kick-off!

11:24am Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Varsity Matches from Twickenham! On the Gantry for Varsity is Peter Rutzler and Charles Martland, whilst photographer James Pearson is pitchside! GDBO