The Hares and Hounds celebrate after a successful raceHares and Hounds

As many of us succumbed to the allure of Mariah Carey’s glorious vocals and copious quantities of mince pies, Cambridge’s athletes remained locked in.

The Hares and Hounds claimed a win for the ages at the Cross-Country Varsity in early December. All five teams emerged victorious, marking the most successful Varsity in club history. It was a record-breaking day for individual runners too, as Niamh Bridson Hubbard set a new course record for the women’s Blues.

Another Varsity victory was brewing on the slopes of Val Thorens. Cambridge claimed bragging rights in the centenary edition of the Varsity race, defeating Oxford 4-2. The women’s Blues cruised to victory – their 11th in the last 12 contests. The 2s and 3s followed suit, making it a clean sweep over O*ford.

In the men’s, David Edwardes-Ker signed off in style, marking his last Varsity with the Men’s Overall Individual Title. Nonetheless, the men’s Blues fell short, suffering disqualification after failing to register finishes on a testing slalom course. A similar fate befell the 3s, who were also disqualified. The 2s’ close-fought victory spared Light Blue blushes, and secured the win for Cambridge.

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Mountain View

Boat Race Countdown begins

Ramping up their preparation for the Boat Races on March 26th, CUBC staged trial races on the Thames. The men’s race pitted an eight of “Youth” against one of “Experience,” while the women’s paid homage to Lioness icon Beth “Mead” and US star Megan “Rapinoe”. Following the same course that will be followed in March, all sides looked to set the tone. In two hotly contested races, “Youth” and “Rapinoe” prevailed.