Churchill's cricket side were called out for having an Oxford student on their team during the Cuppers matchCricket at Churchill College by John Sutton, CC BY-SA 2.0,

A cricket match between Gonville & Caius and Churchill College was replayed on Saturday (14/5) after Churchill were called out for having an Oxford student on their team in the first game.

The first match took place on Tuesday 10th May as part of the annual inter-college “Cuppers” competition that takes place in Easter Term.

According to one Caius player, the team noticed that one of the Churchill fielders was wearing Oxford stash early on in the match.

One member of the Caius team recognised him as a member of Oxford’s second cricket team and a current undergraduate there, although he had allegedly claimed to be a postgrad at Cambridge.

Before the impostor had scored “any substantial runs”, the Caius team captain asked the Churchill captain whether non-Cambridge students were allowed to represent the college. He responded that he was not sure, and didn’t know the player very well.

The formal rules for Cuppers are only one page long, and nothing specifically bans non-Cambridge students from competing.

Churchill won the match with 152 runs to Caius' 151 runs. One player claimed the Oxford student won “about 70” of these, and that he was “easily their best player”.


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The Oxford student confirmed the team’s suspicions at the end of the game. When pressed on what College he went to, he replied “Univ” in earshot of the Caius team.

The Caius team captain contacted the organisers after the match to check whether Oxford students are allowed to play in Cuppers matches. They are not, and so a rematch was arranged for Saturday 14th.

This is not the first time inter-college cricket has found itself embroiled in drama. In last year’s semi-finals, Caius’ win against Jesus was overturned after the side was accused of cheating by allegedly adding extra runs to their score.

In the replay, Caius won the game with 17 balls to spare and will now go through to the quarter-finals of Cuppers.

Varsity approached Churchill's cricket team for comment.

This article was further updated on 21/05.