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Join Varsity for live coverage of this year’s Varsity Football Matches from Cambridge United’s Abbey Stadium, which will play host to the 36th Women’s and 137th Men’s clashes.

  • Cambridge lose 1-0 to Oxford in the 137th Men's Varsity Match, spelling an all too familiar double defeat for the Light Blues following last year's result.
  • Oxford defeat Cambridge 4-1 on penalties in the 36th Women’s Football Varsity Match.
  • Fancy a quick read? Hear what both sides had to say in last night’s (12/3) press conference.


Here's the full report on Oxford's victory over Cambridge in this year's Varsity Football Match. Thank you again for joining us on what was a day of fantastic football at the Abbey Stadium!

6:47pm Oxford win

As the teams both grab their medals and Oxford the coveted silverware, Varsity would like to thank you for joining us today from the Abbey Stadium, where Cambridge were subjected to double defeat! A full report of the 137th Men's Varsity clash will be out shortly.

6:46pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Overall, Oxford's defence was a stern test for Cambridge's usually deadly attack. The Light Blues will be disappointed not to have at least grabbed a goal given their time spent on the ball, and will ultimately have to stay under the thumb of Oxford for yet another year.

6:42pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

This evening's victory marks two straight Varsity wins for the Dark Blues, who will no doubt enjoy the celebratory messiness to follow.

6:41pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Questions will naturally be asked of why Blatch left it so late to bring on Roberts, who when on the grass looked dangerous with his vision.

6:40pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

In a similar narrative to the Women's Blues, Cambridge struggled to convert possession into chances.

6:40pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Cheers deservedly echo around the ground for both teams, as the Dark Blues prepare to lift the silverware.

6:38pm Oxford win 1-0!

And there we have it. Oxford win 1-0 at the full-time whistle!

6:38pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Roberts strikes it wide, in what looks to be the final chance of the game.

6:37pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford take to the corner to shield the ball, much to Cambridge's frustration.

6:36pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

An inviting cross from Roberts on the corner leads to a scramble in the box, eventually falling to Linney on the box who strikes it just wide. For a moment, the air had been sucked out of the Abbey in suspense.

6:35pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Before the stoppage, Roberts placed a great ball over to Oshasha on the right, but unfortunately the  winger ran out of steam.

6:34pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Once again, two Oxford players are rolling on the floor. Dubious tactics from the Dark Blues.

6:32pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Wooding shoots down the throat of Way, not troubling the Oxford keeper. Six minutes of added time has just been announced.

6:29pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Cambridge substitution. Roberts comes on for Hawthorn, but you can't help but think it may be too little too late for the creative midfielder.

6:27pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

A half-chance for Oshasha from range blazes over. Five minutes to go.

6:25pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Cicale again at the back post! His header fires just over, but wouldn't have counted anyway as the referee calls a foul.

6:24pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford continue to cause havoc in Cambridge's box. Cicale goes for the acrobatic bicycle kick, but off target.

6:24pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE HEROICS! Oxford's Cicale floats one into Downes at the back post, who nods it down for substitute Burton for what looked to be a certain goal. But Hawthorn comes up with a brilliant block that then falls to Downes, who's own effort was somehow saved by Wallace after taking a deflection. What a final ten this is going to be!

6:20pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford's Ryan-Phillips bundles down for the foul, marking an end to Cambridge's most creative spell of the half. Just under fifteen minutes left at the Abbey.

6:18pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oh my word - what a ball from Matt Harris! Stringing it through two Dark Blue players, it falls at Kanwei's feet, who is then bitterly denied by a great save from Oxford's Way in goal. How's it not 1-1?!

6:15pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Coach Blatch might want to think about introducing Louie Roberts in the next five minutes for Cambridge, as the game desperately needs an injection of attack in the midfield.

6:12pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

A second Oxford substitution, as winger Lewis swaps with Nathaniel Downes. Twenty minutes to go and Cambridge still search for an equaliser.

6:11pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

A couple of Oxford players have gone down with suspected cramp, much to the dismay of the Light Blue supporters who erupt into creative chant.

6:09pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Kanwei's brought down by the already booked Putland. Harris steps over the free-kick that eventually comes to nothing.

6:07pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford's turn for a substitution. Number-nine Hickey comes off for David Burton.

6:06pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Double substitution for Cambridge in the 63rd minute. Cusack comes off for Brody Wooding, and Pugh swaps with La Trobe-Roberts.

6:02pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Wallace gathers the third coolly, sending it up the field only for Putland to maliciously stop the play. He picks up a yellow card for his antics.

6:01pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford nearly make it 2-0 on both corner attempts. The first saw Putland's deflected header crawl just wide of the post, and the second had Wallace in no man's land.

6:00pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Back to the pitch, Smith stands over an Oxford corner.

5:59pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

The crowd has been revived - this is getting tasty!

5:58pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

What a passage of play! Oxford's Lewis fires a dangerous ball across to Joseph Hickey, who mistimes his contact. Ryan-Phillips then takes out referee Kelly when tracking back, and finally McPherson strikes an unanswered cross into the Oxford six-yard box.

5:54pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Easy save from Wallace to deny Oxford's Ben Putland. Cicale is continuing to trouble McPherson down the flank.

5:52pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Same again from La Trobe-Roberts, who's looking far more confident in his hold-up play. The flick to Cusack just runs too far but much better from the Light Blue man.

5:49pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

That's more like it for Cambridge and La Trobe-Roberts, as the attacker beautifully flicks it onto Kanwei, who takes a tumble in the box that doesn't interest the referee.

5:47pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

The second half has begun.

5:46pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

The Light Blues will need to hit the ground running this half if they want to answer back, making sure that Cicale doesn't get a say in the matter.


Barber leads an unchanged Dark Blues back out onto the Abbey pitch. 45 left to go in the 137th Men's Varsity Match!

5:43pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Cambridge are first out of the tunnel - no changes made.

5:39pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

If Cambridge are to spark a comeback, it will definitely come through addressing the situation up top, as well as asking one of the two centre-midfielders to better support Kanwei in order to really trouble the so-far resolute Oxford defence.


On the Oxford side of things, Cicale has been a standout performer, gliding from left to centre without trouble.

5:37pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

From Cambridge's standpoint, coach Blatch will be hoping for more out of La Trobe-Roberts up top, as the striker has looked a shadow of his normal self. It wouldn't be surprising if George Pugh makes an appearance in the second half.

5:33pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

The half-time whistle sounds. Oxford go in 1-0 to the good.

5:31pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Cicale fires down the middle into Wallace's hands. Not a bad effort, but never troubling the Cambridge man.

5:31pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Cicale puts Sonny McPherson on skates, as he proves to be Oxford's most dangerous player by a distance. The Dark Blues have a free-kick from thirty yards out.

5:29pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Kanwei is looking isolated in the attacking third. He could really do with either Harris or Linney getting up to support him if Cambridge are to properly utilise their star man.

5:25pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford have now got their tails up, as Cambridge's Harris tries to calm his side down.

5:22pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Hawthorn didn't need to go down there and will rue his decision-making, but there's plenty of time on the clock. Cambridge have been the better side so far.

5:21pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

OXFORD GOAL! Great penalty from the skipper, Smith, who slots it right to send Wallace the wrong way.

5:21pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Penalty to Oxford! Matt Hawthorn brings Cicale down after some brilliant footwork from the Oxford man. Captain Smith steps over it.

5:18pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Another long-range effort from Oxford's Cicale sails over the top-left corner, marking the end of a silky run through the Light Blue core.

5:15pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

A brilliant ball from Bragg set Cusack away, who drilled it across the Oxford box to be deflected by the toe of Nick Lai, forcing Way into a finger-tip save to keep it even.

5:13pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Nearly an own goal for Oxford!

5:12pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Captain Ben Adam rises for the header but fails to catch it cleanly, ending in a foul on Way.

5:11pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Free-kick in a dangerous area on the left for Cambridge, as Kaiyang Song brings down Cusack. Matt Harris steps over it.

5:09pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Marauding run from Oshasha cutting in on his left concludes with a low-drilled shot into Way's gloves. Oxford's Barber is struggling with the tricky winger.

5:07pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Twenty minutes gone. Cambridge coach Tom Blatch will be fairly happy but will be demanding better end product from his side.

5:06pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Decent chance for Oxford's Alfie Cicale. Smith finds him on the edge from his corner, but the Dark Blue man fires down the middle with his long-range effort, into the thankful gloves of Tim Wallace.

5:04pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Kanwei's touch lets him down after a nice dink from Cusack into the attacker's path. The balls rolls into Harry Way's hands.

5:02pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Reece Linney wins the 50/50 - great bit of battling in the middle following Oxford's brief appearance in the Cambridge box.

5:01pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

WHAT A CHANCE! Cai La Trobe-Roberts gets his first real involvement in the game after Oshasha does well to find his teammate in the box. La Trobe-Roberts places wide of the post on the first-time shot - he should've done better.

5:00pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Smith's corner comes to nothing, score remains even.

4:59pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Saying that, Lewis drills an inviting ball across goal, resulting in a Dark Blue corner.

4:58pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Cambridge are certainly looking the more dangerous after ten minutes, but Oxford's Lewis is proving to be a thorn in the side of left-back Alex Bragg early on.

4:57pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Chance! Oshasha creeps in behind Barber to square it across the goalmouth, but no Light Blue shirts in sight.

4:56pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Oxford captain Luke Smith throws in a tasty challenge, being called up for the offence but he'll be looking to set the right tempo for his men.

4:55pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Intelligent keeping from Cambridge's Tim Wallace after meeting Oxford's Sam Lewis to let the ball run out of play. 

4:53pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Cambridge are working it across the midfield well, often finding Cusack in space ready to take on his man.

4:51pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Proper challenge in the mud from Oxford's Finlay Ryan-Phillips! Love to see it.

4:50pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

It's all in Oxford's half at the moment, as Lumi Kanwei is playing some great football with his back to goal.

4:49pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Fortina Oshasha shows a glimpse of his pace early on, but Oxford Ben Barber copes well.

4:47pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

We're underway!


The atmosphere is electric!


Handshakes are being exchanged. This is it!


Just before kick off, an award is being presented to CUAFC legend Joe Little for his service to the club. Very well deserved!


Tom Kelly will take charge of the game.


Slightly later than scheduled, the men finally take to the pitch. The stand is packed and we're all ready to see some quality football. Can Cambridge find a victory today, or will Oxford make it a deadly double?


Following on from last year's victory, Oxford go into the fixture as slight favourites given their position in the league above Cambridge, but the Light Blues have enjoyed a dominant season, winning the BUCS Midlands Tier 2B title in the process.


Both sides are still warming up, so we're looking at a slightly later kick off here from the Abbey Stadium in the Men's 137th Varsity Match.


First-year Girton student Reece Linney is definitely one to watch in the middle of the park, and so is Sean Cusack alongside him.


George Pugh on the bench also signals the absence of an out-an-out striker in the Light Blue starting eleven. But a front three of Cai La Trobe-Roberts, Fortina Oshasha, and Lumi Kanwei has proven to be a winning formula this season in BUCS.


Looking at the Cambridge starters, the absence of vice-captain Louie Roberts will raise some eyebrows, as the finalist will no doubt be disappointed not to have broken into the midfield.


Oxford Substitutes: Guatam Vyas, David Burton, Omarr Belhaj-Fahsi, Aleksander Milchev, Nathaniel Downes


Oxford Starting XI: Harry Way, Kaiyang Song, Ben Barber, Ben Putland, Noah Hudson, Luke Smith (C), Finlay Ryan-Phillips, Joseph Hickey, Alfie Cicale, Sam Lewis, Nick Lai


Cambridge Substitutes: George Pugh, Louie Roberts, Brody Wooding, Henry Lambert, Paddy Mortimer


Cambridge Starting XI: Tim Wallace (GK), Sonny McPherson, Alex Bragg, Matt Harris, Ben Adam (C), Matt Hawthorn, Sean Cusack, Reece Linney, Cai La Trobe-Roberts, Fortina Oshasha, Lumi Kanwei


With less than ten minutes to until the 137th Men's Varsity Match, let's take a look at the teams.


Here's the Women's Match report. T-minus fifteen minutes until the men kick off!


That's it from us for thirty minutes, as we eagerly await the Men's clash! A full report of the Women's matchup will follow shortly.

3:43pm Oxford win

The medal ceremony is now taking place. Cambridge will be disappointed not to walk away victors after losing the lead to an unfortunate error, also given their domination of possession. Oxford, however, were clinical when chances fell to them, and that's what you get from a winning team.

3:38pm Cambridge 2 - 2 Oxford (Oxford won 4-1 on penalties)

Out of their huddle, the Cambridge team receives a warm welcome for their efforts.

3:37pm Cambridge 2 - 2 Oxford (Oxford won 4-1 on penalties)

The Oxford girls immediately run over to their away support, as Cambridge huddle in the penalty area after a devastating loss.

3:36pm Oxford win it 4-1 on penalties!

Calmly buried in the bottom left by David! Oxford win it and there was no doubt the attacker would seal the deal.

3:35pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 3 Oxford

David for the winner?

3:35pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 3 Oxford

Another miss for Cambridge, as Sparling goes down the middle and is denied.

3:35pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 3 Oxford

What a pen! Top bins, way out of Keavney's reach.

3:34pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 2 Oxford

Nichols could put Oxford two clear with this spot-kick.

3:34pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 2 Oxford

Steele takes next - denied by Halfpenny!

3:34pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 2 Oxford

Kowalenko follows Boothroyd's lead, sticking it right.

3:33pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Maddy Kowalenko takes next for Oxford.

3:32pm Penalties: Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Great penalty, tucked left by Boothroyd!

3:32pm Penalties: Cambridge 0 - 1 Oxford

Boothroyd up next for Cambridge.

3:32pm Penalties: Cambridge 0 - 1 Oxford

Molloy fires it top left, as Keavney goes the other way.

3:31pm Penalties: Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Molloy steps up first for Oxford.

3:31pm Penalties: Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Keavney riles up the home crowd on her way to the line.


Both sides now take to the centre circle - IT'S PENALTY SHOOTOUT TIME!

3:28pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Cambridge look the more confident on the touchline. Oxford are huddled up, while the home side talk amongst themselves.

3:27pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Oxford's Halfpenny and Cambridge's Keavney will have their work cut out for them between the sticks. This is a massive moment from the first-year Keavney - she could write history here on her Varsity debut!

3:26pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

This is it. The crowd are on their feet - get the popcorn out!

3:25pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

We're going straight to penalties!

3:25pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

It just sails over the substitute keeper Emmie Halfpenny, still 2-2.

3:24pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Boothroyd steps over it - this needs to be good.

3:23pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Cambridge corner in the dying moments.

3:22pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Floated ball in by Nichols to nothing, as Cambridge's Clarke goes down injured just before the full-time whistle.

3:22pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Double change for Cambridge. Charles comes off for attacker Belle Rostron, and tenacious midfielder Hastie is swapped for Molly Woods. Oxford free-kick to come.

3:20pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

David nearly creeps through for Oxford, but the ball runs to the safety of Keavney.

3:18pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Three minutes of added time. Which side can hold their nerve?

3:17pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Oxford substitution sees Roza Bailey off for Emily Hoyle.

3:14pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Great little battle between Davies and Oxford's Lawal. The attacker comes deep to pick it up but Lawal tracks her all the way.

3:13pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Hastie hits it from distance, straight into the gloves of French-Adam. Five left of normal time.

3:10pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Fran Steele is now starting to dictate in the middle for Cambridge, bit misfires from those around her are helping the Light Blue cause.

3:06pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

The Light Blues will be looking to get Davies back into the game, with the attacker having little impact since her goal.

3:05pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Oxford substitution - goalscorer Robinson off for Sofia Aujla-Jones.

3:04pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Fifteen minutes to go! Cambridge look the more likely to grab a winner, but Oxford will always have an answer on the counter.

3:03pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Oxford benefitted from a stroke of luck with their second goal, but they won't be complaining!

3:01pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Substitution for Cambridge. Kasujja comes off with a tight hamstring for Megan Clarke, much to the delight of her fan club.

3:00pm  Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

A mix up at the back saw the ball roll under Arden Dierker Viik's foot, setting free Robinson to take a few touches before banging it past the defenceless Keavney. Game on with just under twenty to go!

2:59pm Oxford 2 - 2 Cambridge

Robinson equalises for Oxford!

2:56pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

Calm defending from Alice Nichols to stifle the dangerous Davies, flicking it over the attacker's head before passing off.

2:55pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

Great hustle from Boothroyd in the middle, showing her prowess on the other end.

2:51pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

Brilliant tracking back from Kasujja, stopping Vasconcelos making her way down the right.

2:49pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

O'Leary fires one out of the stadium - a proper defender's effort.

2:47pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

On the pitch, however, proceedings remain quiet, with little action going down in the last ten as both sides scrap it out for momentum.

2:43pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

Credit to the Oxford fans that have made the two-hour journey today. Robinson must be loving the support down her side!

2:40pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

Block from Charles, denying Robinson of a much-coveted first, as she got on the end of a decent cross from David on the left.

2:39pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

Cambridge have settled well after going ahead, calmly working the ball around the middle and across the back line.

2:37pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

You can't go wrong in all black boots by the way - great choice from Davies.

2:37pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

What a finish on her left foot! Davies scoops it over French-Adam into the top-right corner. Cambridge sit in the driving seat.

2:35pm Cambridge 2 - 1 Oxford

GOAL! Davies grab her second!

2:34pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Abbie Hastie fires off a rare opportunity from just outside the Oxford box, going comfortably wide.

2:33pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Davies passes from the centre. The second 45 has begun!

2:31pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

And here come the Light Blues, met with a stellar level of home support.

2:29pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

The Dark Blues exit the tunnel first, ready to get the second half underway.

2:22pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Coach Mohammad Ghamari will be looking to get Kasujja more involved down the right, as a Cambridge attack firing on all cylinders on all fronts will prove key. Despite being dangerous down the left, Peterson has been marshalled well by Oxford.

2:21pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Cambridge's Charles has seen a lot of action down her side at left-back, but has coped fairly well so far.

2:20pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Cambridge have certainly looked the more dangerous of the two sides, but Oxford continue to threaten on the counter.

2:18pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Both sides walk into the tunnel accompanied by 'GDBO' chants - not quite the warm welcome for Oxford.

2:17pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Half-time whistle goes, even at the break.

2:16pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Katie Sparling loses it in the middle for Cambridge. David looks to get in on her proven-to-be dangerous right foot from the left, but is defended well by O'Leary.

2:14pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Play has gone a little flat, as both sides are just minutes away from the break.

2:14pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Vasconcelos whips in another corner, but Keavney gathers.

2:12pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Counter equally comes to nothing, as Davies is stopped in her tracks.

2:11pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Francisca Vasconcelos' corner comes to nothing, Cambridge look to counter.

2:10pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Oxford get their first corner, as Charles deals with a dink from Bailey over the top.

2:08pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

The Dark Blues are just lacking that killer ball from midfield through to attack.

2:08pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Oxford's defence are holding firm. Taiye Lawal in the middle of the park is producing some great interceptions.

2:06pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Boothroyd's in-swinger met by Bailey's head, becoming a familiar story of the game.

2:05pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Cambridge rack up their fifth corner - looking lethal from set pieces but no conversion yet.

2:04pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Great touch and shot from Davies, but who shot fires just wide of the left post. The Light Blues are easily looking the more dangerous of the two.

2:03pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Chance! Boothroyd picks up the bits and pieces on the edge, firing down the middle to French-Adam's relief.

2:03pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Corner number four for Cambridge.

2:02pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Tackle! Great lunge from Oxford's Robinson on the defensive end to halt Charles' run.

2:02pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

O'Leary parades into the Oxford third unchallenged, but comes up short with the through ball to Boothroyd. Still even here after thirty on the clock.

1:59pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

And it nearly was! Great delivery from Boothroyd scrapes the top of Kasujja's head, falling to Davies who doesn't manage to squeeze it into the Dark Blue net.

1:59pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

A third corner for Cambridge - third time's a charm?

1:58pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Boothroyd and Claire Peterson with the feet for Cambridge down the left, rousing cheers from the home crowd.

1:56pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Things have calmed down a bit since the equaliser, but I suspect this won't last long!

1:55pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Oxford's Robinson nearly sneaks through for the second time so far, but is matched for pace by full-back Serena Charles.

1:54pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Boothroyd and Davies bossing the Cambridge attack, as Tatiana Kasujja is now getting involved. Could be a very dangerous trio for the home side.

1:52pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Drilled in by Boothroyd, dealt with well by Oxford's Roza Bailey.

1:51pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Second Cambridge corner. The Light Blues are hungry for a second.

1:50pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

Boothroyd broke the Oxford defence with a great run, squaring it to Davies for the cool tap-in. What a first twenty minutes!

1:50pm Cambridge 1 - 1 Oxford

We're even! Davies doesn't miss twice!

1:49pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Boothroyd worked in an enticing cross, forcing Iona French-Adam to parry, which was picked up by Davies but narrowly drilled over.

1:49pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Chance for Cambridge! Erin Davies puts it over.

1:48pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

Oxford have been sniffing around the Cambridge goal since Robinson's disallowed effort. Light Blues struggling to convert possession into solid chances.

1:45pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

A brilliant turn on the first touch from Grace Molloy was enough to set David through, who cut in from the left onto her right peg and curled in a beauty past Keavney. Nothing the Light Blue keeper could do to stop that one!

1:44pm Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge

What a goal from Alessandra David!

1:43pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

But now Oxford take their turn to press, forcing Keavney to clear her lines for a throw.

1:41pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Cambridge, however, look unfazed, as they continue to camp in he Oxford defensive third.

1:41pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Oxford's Erin Robinson latches onto a crossbar effort from her teammate. First denied by heroics in goal from Emilia Keavney, Robinson then follows up by putting it in but is ruled offside. Still 0-0!

1:40pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Drama on the Cambridge goalmouth!

1:37pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Brilliant feet from Anna O'Leary on the right, but her cross comes to nothing.

1:36pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Oxford are penned into their own third, as the Light Blues are working hard.

1:35pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

First chance of the day falls to captain Fran Steele following a well-worked cross from Boothroyd. Just headed wide.

1:34pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Isobel Boothroyd looks to curl one in.

1:34pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Cambridge get the first corner of the game.

1:34pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

The Light Blue press is working early on, as Oxford are struggling to find a rhythm and are being forced into clearing their lines.

1:33pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Oxford's Erin Robinson nearly sneaks through after Cambridge lose possession in the middle. No luck though.

1:32pm Cambridge 0 - 0 Oxford

Cambridge are pressing early, looking to pressure the Oxford defence.


And we're underway!


Rain has just started to pour over the Abbey, which will make for some interesting conditions for the players.


Bria calls the two captains to the centre circle, as we're just moments away from the 36th Women's Varsity Match!


Ramona Bria will be today’s referee.


Oxford Substitutes: Emmie Halfpenny, Charlotte Maple, Olivia Walk, Emily Hoyle, Sofia Aujla-Jones


Oxford Starting XI: Iona French-Adam (GK), Iona Bennett, Alice Nichols, Alessandra David, Taiye Lawal, Grace Molloy, Erin Robinson, Bells Wordsworth, Roza Bailey, Maddy Kowalenko (C), Francisca Vasconcelos


Cambridge Substitutes: Cara Dromgoole, Neve Mayes, Belle Rostron, Molly Woods, Megan Clarke


Cambridge Starting XI: Emilia Keavney (GK), Serena Charles, Tatiana Kasujja, Fran Steele (C), Arden Dierker Viik, Erin Davies, Abbie Hastie, Isobel Boothroyd, Anna O’Leary, Katie Sparling, Claire Peterson


Here are how the two sides line up today.


The teams are walking out of the tunnel to a burst of applause.


The women will be kicking off in just under ten minutes, as fans continue to pile into the Abbey main stand.


Good afternoon from the Abbey Stadium, home to Cambridge United, where Varsity eagerly awaits this year’s Men’s and Women’s Varsity Football Matches!