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136th Men's Varsity Match

Women's Varsity Match: Cambridge 24 - Oxford 0 (Full Time)

Men's Varsity Match: Cambridge 20 - Oxford 10 (Full Time)

What a day of rugby for the Light Blues! Two wins and two great matches! 

That's all from us here at Varsity. Stay tuned for full match reports later. From an incredibly cold Twickenham it's a goodbye from Harry Normanton, Chloe Merrell, and Devarshi Lodhia

What a day of rugby for the Light Blues! Two wins and two great matches! 

That's all from us here at Varsity. Stay tuned for full match reports later

AND THEY'VE DONE IT! Cambridge take it 20-10!

4:53pm Entering the last minute and Cambridge playing pick and go rugby, just running down the clock here

4:51pm Another stoppage with an injury to Jonathan Dixon, it looks like he's bleeding  

Hopefully it'll end in a win for the boys in Light Blue

4:48pm Cambridge's Chris Bell is awarded man of the match for his outstanding play in his first Varsity. Looks like a real talent

4:46pm Cambridge now in the Oxford 22, but there's a turnover and Oxford win the ball back. They'll need something special here

4:46pm Cambridge now in the Oxford 22, but there's a turnover and Oxford win the ball back. They'll need something special here

4:44pm Oxford trying to get back in this but it all looks in vain for the Dark Blues as Cambridge's line stays resolute 

4:40pm What a kick under pressure from Mike Phillips! Cambridge 20 - Oxford 10

4:39pm TRY! Classic catch and drive as the crowd shouts heave. It's the captain Charlie Amesbury who scores 

4:38pm Oxford try and collapse the scrum giving Cambridge a penalty which they kick into touch. Amesbury backing himself 

4:37pm A series of knock ons gives Cambridge another scrum. Hopefully they can find their first half form here

4:36pm It's all about keeping their nerve for Cambridge as an Oxford knock on gives them a scrum on the halfway line

4:34pm 15 minutes left and 3 points in it! Exciting times 

4:34pm Conor Kearns makes the conversion to bring the score to 13-10

4:33pm TRY! Oxford's sustained attacking pressure finally comes to something as Will Wilson scores for the Dark Blues 

4:33pm Just as I say that Oxford score...

4:31pm For all of Oxford's possession in Cambridge's 22 they never threatened the Light Blue try line 

Whatever the result, Wauldock is the real winner 

Whoever's in charge of the Homerton twitter account isn't getting paid enough!

4:27pm With the ball in the Cambridge 22 and Charlie Amesbury chooses to run at the oncoming Oxford players, risky business but if anyone can do it it's him 

4:26pm Oxford have been surprisingly quiet this half... 

4:24pm Another unsuccessful kick from Mike Phillips brings the scores to 13-3

4:24pm TRY! A sustained period of attacking pressure from the Light Blues pays off as Archie Russell hands-off his man and crosses the line in the far left corner

4:20pm After a lengthy break for the injury Charlie Amesbury gets us back underway with a kick into touch around the halfway line 

I could really do with a cup of tea about now, it's freezing up here!

4:13pm Looks like Matt Watson is down. Hope he's alright, never nice to see someone stretchered off

4:12pm Oxford now working the ball well through the backs. Number 8, Will Wilson (not the most imaginative of names) breaks through the Cambridge line with a mazy run until he's stopped by, you guessed it, Charlie Amesbury

4:10pm Oxford concede a penalty which Mike Phillips scores! 8-3 to Cambridge

The only try of the match so far. Will we see more in the second half?

4:07pm Cambridge have made a better start to the half and are currently camped in Oxford's half. A loose pass from Archie Russell though gives the ball to the Dark Blues who kick to touch 

4:04pm Another scuffle as Oxford's Andy Saull tries wrestle Chris Bell to the ground. Surely the referee has to have a word soon 

4:01pm Oxford's 22, Dom Waldouck is sporting a wonderful moustache - looks a bit like a fighter pilot

4:00pm The teams have made their way on for the second half and Oxford get us underway

Doge is love, doge is life

First time I've ever heard the word guff and I like it!

3:47pm And that's the half! Cambridge take the narrowest of leads in at the break. Cambridge 5 - Oxford 3

3:47pm Some great passing and moving from the Light Blues comes to naught as Christoph Ridley and the referee rule it out 

3:46pm For the third time Cambridge are denied a try as Matt Watson is judged to have passed forwards to Jake Hennessey 

Maybe you should follow our coverage? 

3:44pm Cambridge nearly break clear but Ollie Phillips pushes the Oxford man to concede the penalty

3:40pm Cambridge win a penalty of their own directly from the kickoff which is missed by Mike Phillips. Still 5-43 with 5 minutes to go this half

3:38pm Oxford win a penalty and opt to kick. It's made by Conor Kearns to bring the score to 5-3

3:37pm Oxford now with the ball in Cambridge's 22. On the five meter line. This is some really dogged defending from the Light Blues to deny Oxford 

It's not about the size of the pack, it's how you use it...

3:34pm But the conversion is missed by Mike Phillips to make the score 5-0 to Cambridge with 30 minutes played 

3:33pm TRY! Despite a much lighter pack, Cambridge dominate the scrum as Chris Bell crosses the line!

3:32pm Cambridge do well from the subsequent scrum, moving the ball and stretching the Oxford defence until Henry King drops it to let Oxford off and give the Dark Blues a scrum of their own

3:30pm But the ball's held up and the referee can't award the try! Cue boos from the Cambridge supporters

3:28pm After a period of Oxford dominance, Cambridge have the ball on the 5 meter line. They've crossed!

3:27pm Cambridge win a penalty on the half way line which Amesbury kicks into touch inside the Oxford 22. They can't make the most of it as Oxford win it and clear the ball

Hopefully the only big hits we see are tackles...

3:22pm Another interception from Captain Fantastic, Charlie Amesbury winning the ball for Cambridge in their own 22 and stopping what surely would've been an Oxford try

3:21pm More ugly scenes as Sam Edgerley tries to hit Ollie Phillips after a late tackle from the Light Blue man

3:19pm A few nice passes from Oxford almost see Tom Stileman break through before Charlie Amesbury intercepts. Oxford having the better half so far

3:18pm A huge hit from Cambridge's number 6 Matt Watson gets the crowd going. He took Sam Edgerly off his feet but never let go. Textbook tackle 

3:15pm Nice to see England's World Cup winning captain, Martin Johnson in the crowd. I reckon he could still do a job! Land economy at Hughes?

3:14pm Oxford now having the best of the poesaesion but a solid Cambridge defence ensures they don't do too much with it. It looks like Ed Elvin's going to break through the line but drops it to give Cambridge the scrum

3:11pm Nice attacking play from Oxford as Ed David breaks down the right wing before being stopped on the half way line

3:08pm Charlie Amesbury gets his first run with the ball, taking it well following a kick from Oxford's captain Conor Kearns

Me and Christoph spent a lot of time in detention together and I can indeed confirm he is a "big boy"

3:05pm More good attacking play from Cambridge as they manage to keep the ball in Oxford's 22 and keep the early pressure on the Dark Blues 

3:04pm Cambridge denied on the line! A last minute tackle from Oxford denies Buchan Richardson the first score of the match 

3:02pm Things getting tense early as there's a bit of a scuffle between the players. That's not what we like to see 

3:01pm Cambridge make a good start, getting the ball through hands well and winning a penalty after some dangerous play by Oxford

3:00pm Incidentally, me and the referee Christoph Ridley went to school together.

3:00pm Here we go! 80 minutes to decide bragging rights for another year. Cambridge to kick off 

2:57pm The teams are making their way onto the pitch, what a reception for both teams from the Twickenham crowd ahead of the national anthem

2:52pm On the dark-blue side of the ball, captain Conor Kearns calls upon England Sevens international Sam Edgerley at full back, ex-England Saxons player Andy Saull at openside flanker and Italy Under 20 cap Rob Talotti at blindside. Canadian international Dan Moor starts in the 13 jersey

2:52pm Both sides boast plenty of professional experience in their respective line-ups. Charlie Amesbury is a former England sevens and Bristol player, and he is joined by fellow ex-sevens member Ollie Phillips, who starts on the wing. Another ex-Bristol pro Nick Koster starts at second row, while Harlequins academy star Jake Hennessey starts at 12.

2:42pm Just over 15 minutes to go until the 136th Men's Varsity Match. We're predicting a win for Cambridge by 5 points 

2:40pm A fork? Luxury! In the press room we've got to eat with our hands!

2:29pm Expect chants of "Will Briggs on fire" should the Cambridge prop get the ball. Briggs is appearing in a record seventh Varsity Match this year and will hope to make it back to back wins for the Light Blues this afternoon

The teams have arrived. Kick off's only 45 minutes away!

Can't forget the Barbour jackets!

1:48pm This is in no way relevant to the rugby but they've got tomato focaccia in the press room at Twickenham #boujee 

What a debut for Bluebell Nicholls, a try in her debut Varsity Match

Oh to be watching from inside...

1:19pm That's all from the 31st Women's Varsity Match! Kick off for the Men's Varsity is at 3:00

1:14pm Full Time and it's 24-0 to Cambridge. A much deserved victory and revenge for last year's narrow defeat 

1:08pm Cambridge's number 7 Chloe Withers is awarded much deserved player of the match 

1:07pm One minute left to go and Oxford make a trio of substitutions. It's not going to change the match but nice to get a run around at Twickenham 

1:06pm You and me both, Homerton

Here's Bluebell Nichols' try for your viewing pleasure 

1:04pm With five minutes left to go Cambridge are just running down the clock. They've been the much better team from the outset and the scoreline reflects that 

12:58pm Alice Middleton misses the conversion but with eight minutes to go and the score at 24-0 I don't think it'll matter too much

12:57pm TRY! It doesn't matter though as Cambridge win the subsequent scrum, beautifully passing the ball through the hands as Bluebell Nichols scores in the left corner  in her first Varsity match

12:56pm Massive drama as Cambridge cross the line but the ball is judged to have been dropped!

12:52pm Scrum to Cambridge on Oxford's 5 meter line. Once again the Cambridge forwards are dominant but Oxford put up some solid defence to prevent the Light Blues scoring and putting the game out of reach 

12:49pm Another great passage of play from Cambridge means they're once again in Oxford's 22. A dazzling run from Emily Pratt wreaking havoc on Oxford's defensive line

12:48pm Substitution - Fiona Shuttleworth makes way for her twin Jenni 

12:47pm Middleton fails to score the conversion to keep the score at Cambridge 19 - Oxford 0

12:46pm TRY! Cambridge as they have done all match dominate the scrum. The ball's picked up by scrum-half Kate Marks who brushes off a couple of Oxford defenders to score Cambridge's third try of the match

12:44pm Another cross field kick from Middleton sees Oxford fail to catch it and the knock on means scrum to Cambridge about 8 meters from the Oxford line 

12:43pm Twenty minutes left and Cambridge are looking much more likely to score. Nunez-Mulder crosses the Oxford 22 and it takes three Dark Blue players to bring her down

12:41pm Substitution for Oxford as Apphia Bunting is replaced by Alice Mingay

12:40pm Cambridge get the ball back and there's another rampaging run from Coleman who breaks through two tackles. Oxford win the ball back but kick it straight back to Sophie Trott 

12:38pm Oxford still in their own half although Dombrowski manages to break out of their own 22

12:37pm Substitution for Cambridge as Jess Gurney is replaced by Sam Chan

12:34pm Oxford really need to score soon if they're to get back in this but they can't escape from their own 22. 

12:32pm Substitution for Oxford as Hazel Ellender is replaced by Gwen Cartwright 

12:31pm According to our stats team on the ground, Mary Coleman has put in a hit measuring 0.33G. Make of that what you will but the most important stat is Cambridge are still leading 14-0

12:30pm You can call me Mystic Dev as Cambridge kick long and Sophie Trott knocks it on

12:29pm Thankfully the rain has subsided but it's still incredibly windy here. Look for more kicks from both full-backs

12:27pm Despite playing in a division below Oxford, Cambridge have posed a much greater attacking threat than their opponents. I suppose you don't get a points difference of +355 from 5 matches unless you're pretty good going forwards

12:25pm Cambridge once again in Oxford's 22. Great hands from the Light Blue forwards although a box kick gives the ball back to Oxford and Sophie Trott who's been wonderful all match

12:22pm They can't and the ball gets knocked on. Scrum down Oxford on their 22

12:21pm Cambridge win a penalty and kick for touch. They win a line out on the right hand side of Oxford's 22. It's a classic catch and drive. Cambridge have numbers over on the left if they can take advantage. 

12:19pm We're back underway for the second half and the heavens have opened here in South London! It's cold and wet up in the press area and I can only imagine what it's like for those women on the pitch

Here's the second try for try and what a try it was!

12:13pm Alice Middleton makes the conversion to bring a great half of rugby to an end. Cambridge 14 - Oxford 0

12:12pm TRY! Tries are like busses in Twickenham. Having failed to score last year, Cambridge make it a second in two minutes as Lara Gibson runs onto a wonderful kick to score under the posts

12:10pm Conversion Alice Middleton scores the conversion to make it 7-0 to Cambridge 

12:09pm Try! Oxford concede a penalty which Cambridge quickly take. Kate Marks quickly takes it and passes it to Jess Gurney who breaks through the Oxford line to score

12:08pm Cambridge win the ball and launch a scintillating attack. Mary Coleman breaks through two tackles to make it to Oxford's five meter line. 

12:07pm There's a first! Oxford's Apphia Bunting, being driven into touch, blindly throws the ball over her head to avoid conceding a line out. It works as Oxford retain possession 

12:05pm She's limping but carrying on gamely. Can Cambridge take advantage?

12:04pm Looks like we've got an injury here as Oxford's number 10 Johanna Dombrowski is being seen to by the medical staff

12:03pm Just as I typed that Oxford's number 11 Abby D'Cruz makes a storming run through the Cambridge defence, gaining 20 yards before being brought down just inside Cambridge's half

12:02pm Cambridge's only Fresher, Bluebell Nichols wrestles the ball from Violet Smart but can only kick it into touch. Oxford win the subsequent line out but once again fail to offer any significant threat to the Cambridge defence. 

Homerton's meme game is, as I believe the kids say, "on point"

11:56am Less than 15 minutes left in the first half and we're still scoreless here at Twickenham. It looks like it'll be a repeat of last year's low scoring fixture with both teams cancelling each other out

11:55am Cambridge win the scrum and a clever little dart from Kate Marks sees the Light Blues gain 10 meters

11:54am Nunez-Mulder sporting a fluorescent green scrum cap making her incredibly difficult to miss is at the heart of a lot of Cambridge's best play so far

11:53am Oxford win the scrum on the half-way line this time  and a great hit from Cambridge's number 5, Laura Nunez-Mulder forces a knock on. 

11:52am The referee's just having a word with the Cambridge forwards about their binding, not a problem though as they win the scrum although the ball's immediately knocked on by Mary Coleman

11:48am Nice to see an Icelandic "Viking Clap" from the Oxford fans. Getting into the spirit of the match

11:47am It's getting fairly scrappy now with neither team able to dominate possession and both having issues with their handling 

11:46am Cambridge win a scrum on Oxford's 22 again as Oxford are once more penalised for not rolling away. The attack comes to nothing though as Oxford's full back Sophie Trott clears it again

11:43am Oxford win the scrum but Cambridge put full back Sophie Trott under immediate pressure forcing her to kick for touch 

11:42am Cambridge now having their first real attack of the match, making it to Oxford's 22, unfortunately knocked on by Mary Coleman. Scrum to Oxford

11:39am Great cross-field kick from Cambridge finds Trott on the half-way line who's closed down by Middleton winning a line-out for the Light Blues

11:37am A third scrum for Oxford on the Cambridge 22 but the Cambridge pack are far too powerful for the Dark Blues. Cambridge make a break but are penalised for holding on

11:35am It's a wet and windy day here at Twickenham that will test both teams' handling abilities as the ball will undoubtedly get slippy throughout the match

Oxford camped on Cambridge's 22 although they can't make the pressure pay with Cambridge winning the ball from Oxford's scrum

11:31am Oxford's player of the match from last year, Sophie Trott kicks off for the Dark Blues to get us underway

11:30am Hello and welcome to Varsity's coverage of the 31st Women's and 136th Men's Varsity Rugby Matches here at Twickenham. 

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