Sometimes, finding a job is quite challenging if you don’t have a background in a certain industry. Students and people who have just changed their speciality typically face the mentioned issue.

Experts recommend such applicants look for UK companies that propose internships for unskilled specialists. For example, PwC hires inexperienced workers and offers them favourable working conditions. But let’s have a look at what other enterprises offer internships in Great Britain.

Best UK Companies Proposing Traineeships

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Primarily, Facebook has to be mentioned. According to Statista, it’s the largest public network globally, with more than 3.03 bln active users monthly. Moreover, this social media is one of the most intensively developing ones globally.

Numerous proficient specialists with unique knowledge work in this company. That’s why students from all over the world strive to get an internship at an enterprise. Facebook offers attractive scholarships to unskilled employees. The average fellowship amount is £76,200 for 12 months.


The international company offers internship vacancies for students of the following specialities:

  • engineering and IT;
  • supply chain management;
  • sales and marketing.

Before being hired, you will be asked to undergo a short interview and present your educational documents. Cisco offers up to £330 monthly to its interns. That’s not so much, but you’ll surely gain helpful experience working at this organisation.


The enterprise is well-known for its creative and thoughtful approach to electronics development. That’s why it’s constantly looking for fresh ideas. Interns, whose minds are not yet tied to standard solutions, help Apple professionals look at familiar things in the most unconventional way possible.

The company pays unskilled employees from the UK about £5,300 monthly. Of course, you’ll need to go through a tough competition to get this position. Apple requires its interns to have perfect problem-solving, communication, and creativity skills.


This is an international company that delivers a wide range of services, focusing on operations, technology, and digital consulting. Among other advantages, Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. That’s why the working experience at this organisation is so valuable. The company looks for interns in the following specialities:

  • digital information security;
  • different fields of software engineering;
  • operations and human resources.

Following Companies Market Cap, Accenture’s revenue is constantly growing. In 2022, the enterprise gained £49.5 bln, compared to £42.64 billion in 2021. Consequently, it’s able to offer high salaries for its interns. The average fellowship hits £2,870 per month.


The company considers its interns equal to its regular employees. This is, in some ways, an extension of Henry Ford’s policy towards his subordinates. Also, the enterprise proposes plenty of educational activities for unskilled specialists. Furthermore, it occasionally even accepts interns for full-time work. The company offers almost £3,700 monthly as a part of its internship.


MarketSplash claims that students who pass internships after college or university graduation have 15% lower chances of staying without jobs. That’s, however, fair only if students had traineeships at reputable companies. You may find details about trustworthy enterprises proposing internships with advantageous working conditions on the websites of the mentioned companies on the Career pages.