Flowers have been the preferable choice in order to convey emotions, sentiments and mark significant events in our lives for many centuries long. Their vibrant color shades, delicate petals, and enchanting fragrances turn them into an outstanding choice for diverse special gift occasions. Here are six most prominent occasions for flowers where bloom surprises play a genuinely crucial role in showing off your unique gestures and celebrating life’s milestones.

Bridal ceremonies

Weddings are potentially the most floral-filled events, with a shining bouquet of flowers standing in the center of the decor and symbolizing the fresh starts. Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces are hand-picked to reflect the couple’s taste and the thematic motives of the wedding. Roses, lilies, peonies, and orchids are truly trendy choices, each symbolizing versatile things. For instance, roses stand for love and passion, while lilies are all about natural purity and emotional commitment. The custom of giving blooms dates back to old times when brides carried aromatic herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. So, sending flowers delivery to UK will be an opportunistic chance to uplift the spirits of someone.

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Once you’re going to congratulate anybody so close to you, doing your gesture with a stunning floral gift will add some elegance and sense of connection. Each bouquet of flower image symbolizes distinct associations, which can make your choice much more meaningful than you could just imagine. Below we’re going to tell some words about the most common choices along with the things they associate:

  • Carnation are the symbols of pure admiration and affection.
  • Violet are the representatives of loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Daffodils indicate fresh starts and prosperity.
  • Daisy will tell about purity and innocence.
  • Lily of the Valley is more about sweetness and humility.
  • Rose – the top choice to express gratitude and deep love for ages.

A well-chosen type of flowers for a bouquet can convey deep senses and make the recipient’s day much more special than they could expect.


Anniversaries are truly amazing opportunities to show off your admiration and companionship. Brilliant floral surprises are essential in expressing appreciation and rekindling romance. So, the customary anniversary choices are cosmos, geranium, sunflowers, calla lilies, freesias, clematises, poppies along with many others.

Not to mention you will definitely be able to show your affection, care and appreciation, while giving a catchy and creative floral mix.

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is truly synonymous with a romantic state of mind, yet with the red roses too. Particularly, red roses are genuinely iconic to express deep love and passion. Moreover, some other flowers like tulips, lilies, and carnations are trendy options indeed. Each flower and color are responsible for their unique messages:

  • Red Roses are the symbols of deep admiration and romantic state of falling in love.
  • Pink Tulips are just outstanding to demonstrate your sincere care.
  • White Lilies symbolize the transparency of your intentions.
  • Purple Orchids are the most successful choice for conveying a sense of respect.

To congratulate on Valentine’s Day, giving a vivid floral blend is considered to be a classic way to show that you feel truly romantic toward your valued and cherished soulmate.

Mother’s Day

The people started to celebrate Mother’s Day in order to honor and appreciate mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices. Blooms like carnations, roses, and lilies are ordinarily associated with this day. Carnations are considered to be meaningful, since according to ancient beliefs they have been created from the tears of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing a maternal never ending love. Pink carnations are amazing, once you have decided to show your personal gratitude, while white carnations symbolize pure love and good luck. Ultimately, the stunning and creative bouquet would be truly nice to say genuine thanks and warm the heart of any Mom.

Funerals and Memorials

Even when you have to experience the saddest days in your entire life, blooms play a poignant role in funeral ceremonies, thus promising comfort and expressing condolences. Blooms bear the symbolic meaning of the fragility and beauty of life. The most widespread choices for funeral ceremonies include lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, and orchids. Once you send flowers on this occasion, you will surely make a gesture of support along with the empathy, thus providing solace to the bereaved family during their period of grief.

A few words to sum the things up

Blooms are definitely unique in conveying deep emotions along with the respective elegance and grace for almost any occasion. Doesn’t matter indeed, what exactly you’re going to celebrate. Once you catch the point on how essential the blooms can be and gain more knowledge about their symbolism, you will be capable of delicate expression of care and truly able to make an unspoken gesture of support and appreciation.