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Residency For Digital Nomads: Top Countries List

There is an abundance of countries that offer residency permit visas for digital nomads and business owners. However, many of these countries are not favorable to live for digital nomads.

That’s why Vladena Baranova, an expert at the Immigrant Invest agency, advises foreigners to prioritize programs such as the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa, which enables them to explore a safe country brimming with many adventures and side attractions.

The article identifies the best European and Caribbean nations for digital nomads and businesses to seek residency.

Portuguese Program for Digital Nomads

Portugal is one of the best destinations for remote workers who want to work while exploring the world. Its pristine weather, bubbling digital nomad community, and several amazing co-working hubs make it a great choice.

In 2022, Portugal began rolling out its digital nomad visa, permitting employees to work remotely to work and reside there.

The Type D Visa comes in 2 forms:

Temporary Stay Visa: Allow digital nomads to reside in Portugal for one year

The Residency Permit Visa: Allows holders to stay for two or more years.

Applicant must meet the following criteria to get a Portugal digital nomad visa:

  • Be from a non-EU/ non-EEA country.
  • Earn a monthly salary of €3280 from a company outside Portugal.
  • Has a clean criminal record.
  • Provide proof of accommodation.

The Type D Visa is subject to renewal after expiration, and holders can obtain Portuguese citizenship after five years of holding it.

Aside from the digital nomad program, they also issues the Golden Visa which enables entrepreneurs to get Portugal residency by investment.

The Portugal Golden Visa program allows high-net-worth individuals and serial investors to invest €250,000 in the country for permanent residency.

Holders of Portugal Golden Visas can live comfortably in this country and access other Schengen countries for 90 out of 180 days, among other benefits.

Similarly, the Greek government also issues the Greece Golden visa. As a result, non EUs can earn indefinite Greece residency by investment of €250,000 in a local business.

Maltese Program for Digital Nomads

With zero tax policy on foreign income, a beautiful landscape, and high-speed 5G Internet, a Maltese digital nomad visa is among the best ways to obtain residency in Europe.

Freelancers and solopreneurs can work and live peacefully in Malta for a year with a Malta Nomad Residence visa.

Visas are subject to annual renewal for 3 years, after which holders are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

The requirements for Malta nomad residence permit include:

  • Being a non-EU citizen.
  • Monthly earnings of €3500.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Clean medical record.
  • Application fee of €300 per applicant.

Malta also offers the Golden Visa program for investors who want to bag lifetime residency by investing €150,000 in the country.

Malta Golden visa holders can access all EU countries visa-free, making it a worthy investment for investors who visit Europe frequently.

Czech Republic for Digital Nomads

Prague, in the Czech Republic, is an amazing city to live and work as a digital nomad.

It boasts vibrant digital communities, a good transport network, several cafes from which to work. The Czech Republic also has alluring weather, sumptuous cuisine and rum making it one of the top travel destinations in Europe.

The Czech Republic program for digital nomads allows remote workers, freelancers, and expats with an income of around 100,000 CZK to reside and work in the country for 12 months.

Some of the requirements for Czech residency permit include:

  • Savings of 140,000 CZK.
  • Detailed business plans, strategies and returns.
  • Application fee of 1000 CZK.
  • Clean health and criminal record.

Although the Czech Republic does not offer the Golden Visa Program, entrepreneurs can get a two-year residency permit to stay and start a business there by investing 75,000,000 CZK.

Estonia for Digital Nomads

Estonia’s digital nomad visa affords location independent workers with sufficient monthly earnings to visit the country for a short or long visit.

Those who wish to stay for a long time must get a type D visa, which permits them to legally stay and work for 12 months.

The requirements for the Estonia digital nomad visa include the following:

  • Being a non-EU citizen.
  • Minimum monthly income of €4000 per month.
  • Application fee of €80 — €100.
  • Free criminal record.

Estonia doesn’t currently offer outright citizenship by investment (CBI). However, business owners can reside and launch a business in the country and then acquire citizenship by naturalization after 10 years.

Barbados for Digital Nomads

Barbados charges zero tax on external earnings and has a friendly immigration policy, making it the top destination in the Caribbean for digital nomads.

An amount of $50,000 and the necessary documents are all you need to obtain the Barbados Welcome Stamp.

The Welcome Stamp is subject to annual renewal for 5 and 7 years, after which the holder is granted a permanent residency permit and citizenship, respectively.

Barbados also offers a Special Entry Residency Permit (SERP), which allows HNWI to invest 2 million or more in the country for instant and indefinite residency.


Portugal, Estonia, Malta, the Czech Republic, and Barbados have liberal immigration and tax regulations, making them the leading locations for digital nomads.

However, remote workers and entrepreneurs can also seek residency and foreign citizenship in Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico, Spain, or Greece.

A lot of adventure awaits you in Europe. Dust off your passport, pack your bag, laptop, and other essentials, and start making your dream of exploring the world a reality.