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Working from home is a privilege – no need to commute (longer to travel), working from a familiar and comfortable place, flexibility to work when you want. Yet, having this liberal involves projectiles, the tendency to procrastinate. The simplicity with which a home environment pulls attention from everyday obligations i.e. household chores, TV Shows, newsfeeds, and more leads to being non-serious about the job. Let procrastination stand in your way and it will rob you of productivity and pile up stress on you when deadlines start approaching.

Here are some tips to beat procrastination when working from home: Here are some tips to beat procrastination when working from home:

1. Develop an Exclusive Working Area

Dedicate a corner of your house for work only, free from family activity. A lamp and a few useful tools will allow you to have all you need at hand. This initiates the onset of your brain to be in “work mode,” with the combination of your body and the chair. Use your walls as a blank canvas, upon which you can throw work-related notes and calendars as well as inspirational mementos that will boost your motivation.

2. Treat your home as your office

Do your regular morning routine: get dressed, have a coffee, etc. These are the kinds of activities that make the body move and relax it to be productive. Being in pajamas could sometimes result in a lousy, dull mindset which does not work at all.

3. Set up your daily list of to-dos

Make a list of all the tasks that you must do to survive the day. Striking out a crossed one is self-rewarding – you feel you are making progress and seeing those items on the list decrease makes it easier to deal with the next. Use productivity tools to create checklists and put reminders in place.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Build in 50-minute breaks every 45-60 minutes. Go for a walk, snack, and do some stretching workouts. Thus, Your mind gets a unique chance for a break from changing focus. Fix the delay by making reminders to yourself that you don’t want to go for a break beyond the allotted time.

5. Create No-Distraction Zones

Pick up some time slots in which you can shut out the notifications, casino games, and applications that might be distracting you. Whether it’s one hour in the morning or just before sunset, try to cultivate a routine of blocking this period for work.

Of course, the problem is to create a routine and discipline that may be performed even while working independently. Restrain yourself from over-freedom and stick to the schedules created with productivity mechanisms. Being in a cozy shelter should not be why you will lose your most excellent performance!

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