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While the major news headlines in the UK are about politics and elections, love and marriage are still happening in the UK as well. Ahead of the upcoming three-day RideLondon event in Essex countryside, one of the days happens to fall on a wedding day for more than 25 couples. To discover what happened keep scrolling. 


With the advances in technology, weddings have changed over the years globally. In the UK, for example, the style of wedding guest dresses worn in the early 20th century is different from what we wear now. We are in the 21st century and recently some brides donated their bridal gowns from the early 1940s to West Monkton Church.

For this article, we will be discussing some of the latest hot news in the UK about weddings season. We might not be able to exhaust the list of the wedding news but we will talk about a few interesting ones. I do hope that you will get some inspiration from the news. Keep reading for more. 

Latest hot news in the UK 

From the news on wedding dresses to wedding planning, we have put together a few of the latest UK news that you can glean from as couples-to-be. While some may not be directly applicable to you, you can take a clue for a friend’s wedding as the guest. 

RideLondon Event Might Impact 25 Essex Weddings

RideLondon event is a three-day cycling event in which more than 100 cyclists race through Essex, London and some parts of Hertfordshire. However, one of the days happens to fall on a wedding day and it almost feels like nothing can be done. Most of these couples have fixed this date for their weddings long before now without realizing that the event would come up. Although the event may or may not altogether affect these Essex weddings, the couple-to-be should be ready to entertain the noise of over 100 cyclists whirring past their church on their wedding day. 

Some of the couples have decided to go early to church on that day before the road is closed. They have also figured that some of their wedding guests may not be aware of the latest updates. So they have decided to keep their wedding guests abreast of this information for as many that can come early before the road closure. This is a good one for couples-to-be to learn from. If you want maximum participation and attendance from your guests inform them about any change in time or venue. 

Vintage Wedding Dresses Displayed As Tribute to Love In Church

In celebration of love and marriage, a collection of both vintage and modern-day wedding dresses has been displayed in the church. Most of the bridal gowns were worn originally by brides who got married in the church at West Monkton. As far back as the 1940s, silk dresses were worn for weddings including a red wedding dress which is no longer common today. Most brides prefer to wear different shades of white to make them outstanding from their guests. 

However, wedding guest dresses can be different shades of red if the color palette of the wedding theme relates to red. Another interesting part of this exhibition is the display of wedding dresses from three generations of the same family. This is a lesson for brides-to-be to store their bridal dresses and not just dispose of them anyhow. If you won’t be giving out your dress for rent or as a gift, store it properly for the sake of future reference. 

Newlyweds Go From Wedding Venue To Attend A Frank Tuner Gig

Can you imagine one of your favorite musicians having a performance on your wedding day close to your wedding reception venue? Excitement! Joy! Two Frank Tuner fans in Hertfordshire got married coincidentally on the day of  Frank Tuner’s world-record attempt to perform in 15 different towns within 24 hours. The bride wore a satin gown for her wedding but as soon as their wedding reception ended, she changed into a more comfortable outfit before she went for the Frank Tuner gig. It’s now a trend for brides to wear more than one dress for their weddings. This is a trend you can adopt for your upcoming wedding as a bride-to-be. 


As a couple-to-be, you can draw inspiration and take clues on how to plan your wedding from the latest news. While preparing for your wedding, take your wedding guests into consideration and don’t leave them out of the plan (as it seems necessary). And if you’re looking for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, Chicsew has you covered. Let us know what stood out for you from this hot news in the comment section below.