A young Sri Lankan child recently sex-trafficked to Eastern Europe collapses and lodges his head in the grate of an Estonian storm drain: Telomere flare; resonance calculation; synovial extension. Full-body hyper-shock ensues. Left Ulna shatters in upper-thoracic pulses against the macadamise road-surface. Motor-speech area of lower-Broca confines the synapse implosion: self-destruction of neuronal pools. As if in a rewriting of Norbert Weiner’s cybernetics thesis on stochastic processes, the child’s body develops a feedback system with results comparable to robotic systematicity: movements were counter-intuitive but interestingly repetitive; orifices expelled sounds similar to the release sections on out-dated hydraulic compression systems.

A Blue Prussian whirrs overhead. The gondola below the envelope houses the 35th anniversary of the founding of Raster-Noton: mixed-race waitresses serve mocktails to the Germans with bowel-sensitivity and react to subtle brushing (but no more) of their rear ends with sensual lip filling and almost-inaudible groans.

Frank Bretschneider sits at one end of the ship calibrating the field-mics to cancel out the noise from the engines. Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai look on muttering nothings about Dolby’s demise. Long-distance pick-ups allow a clarity of recording previously not authenticated by the Institute of German Tonal Interpreters.

The first sonic rendering of an Estonian city-scape is underway. Borges’ infinity is interpolated onto thirty-five sound-cylinders from centuries past. One reflects the sphere’s white with a singular sheen. On completion of the rendering Frank removes it from the plasma casing. He knows. WHITE BRILLIANCE. The Aleph reveals itself. A sphere of knowing, intersecting with a sphere of knowledge. WHITE BRILLIANCE.

Olaf and Carsten look on. They know.

--- Not even the Delphic could have pre-ordained such a discovery. The Aleph on a Blue Prussian!?

A(n apparently temporary) gravitational reversal focussed purely on the child’s location is instigated. Chin currently below the grate. Eyelids flicker far beyond 50Hz as if Bogota could be espied through Gamma attempts. Non-success.

Body turned upside. Heels to the sky. Right arm alongside hip, shattered left between grate trembles as the reverse-gravity amplifies nervous tension.

Chute of brilliance towers and enters the envelope. Deuterium, Tritium and subsequently Helium-4 dominate the gaseous contention. Proton-proton chains are out-moded by a CNO cycle.

The child remains upside. He remains.