Selwyn Snowball 2016Selwyn Snowball

Selwyn College signed off the Michaelmas term in style last night as their 2016 Snowball provided a glamorous treat for the hundreds of ticket holders. As slickly organised as we have come to expect Cambridge balls to be, the Snowball provided myriad attractions throughout the night, and while the bigger ones saw large queues, the enthusiasm of the workers in diminishing these lines saw that no one was left moaning.

The theme ‘Aurora: A Phenomenal Journey’ gave the Snowball team great scope to provide a feast for the eyes, and whether it was the disco balls and shining lights in Old Court, or the virtual reality experience in the Old SCR, Selwyn became a glorious spectacle for its guests. As we moved through the strict one-way system around Old Court, through Hall to the SCR and down to the bar and the marquee, we were met with entertainment after entertainment, from Selwyn Jazz to the casino, from up-and-coming band Delamere to the silent disco, from Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble to Tinchy Stryder.

“The headliner isn’t always the guests’ main highlight of a ball, but here he was perfect”

The ‘Star in the Hood’ himself was the perfect headliner. Comfortable with the baying crowds of students, high-fiving the most eager, performing his hits that since young teenagers we have known by heart, Tinchy knew how to handle Cambridge. The headliner isn’t always the guests’ main highlight of a ball, but here he was perfect.

Ambitious lighting produced a truly picturesque nightSelwyn Snowball

Our enthusiasm for such a headliner and the other acts on show was fuelled by food and drink of the highest order. The chocolate fountain may have been responsible for a lot of unsettled stomachs this morning, but it went down a treat, and the many savoury food items on offer such as sweet potato fries, hotdogs, potato wedges, pies and more were too good to miss. The drinks themselves were delicious, and the only shame was that the queues to get these in the marquee were at times so packed that one would have to give up and search for drink somewhere else. This was not a large problem, though, for queues in Hall and in the bar for drinks were never long.

It truly was a picturesque night, and as such, the popularity of the photo booth was extreme. This is unfortunately an attraction whose queues the workers cannot diminish, for it relies on the speed of those inside in having their photo taken, but though people would be waiting twenty minutes to half an hour to get inside, to get the souvenir of the night was worth it. Besides, the guests’ full stomachs (and livers) ensured the mood stayed high.

In the last hour of the ball, between 2am and 3am, the Queen tribute band provided a fitting end to a wonderful night. A great tribute band makes a ball great, and Rock Q were just that. The number of people stumbling home humming ‘We Will Rock You’ showed how popular the band were, and it was an amusing moment – albeit slightly panicky one for the committee perhaps – when some guests managed to work their way onto the stage to dance with the act as they belted out Queen’s greatest hits.

Overall, we were left with a happy image of the night as we started to file out at 3am, and it was only a shame the ball didn’t go on longer. At £80 though, the tickets seemed a very reasonable price for the abundance of entertainments on show.

It is worth remembering the committee, and all the workers, for their incredibly hard work in creating an unforgettable 2016 Snowball. It was a fantastic night

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