The Marble Arch MoundFreddie Poser

The Marble Arch Mound, or simply “The Mound”, must be protected from the callous destruction Westminster City Council has planned for it. Such an iconic piece of soon-to-be heritage needs our support now more than ever to make sure it is available for future generations to enjoy as we did.

“People care about the Mound: they just need to be better informed”

The Mound was commissioned by Westminster to bring tourism and business back to the West End of London back when lockdowns were threatening thousands of businesses. The Mound stepped up to this monumental task: providing awe-inspiring views over some of London, especially the rattier ends of Oxford Street. For a measly £6 million and change the mound brought joy to the nearly 250,000 people who climbed its 130 steps to marvel at the union of man and nature. Two forces: metal and grass, brought together like never before. The inside an engineering masterpiece, the outside a vista Keats would be proud of.

The Mound, much like the Eiffel Tower, Crystal Palace or the London Eye, was always designed to be temporary but as the Mound will live on forever in the memories of those it touched, why not let it become a permanent feature of the London tourist experience? I can think of no better use for 30,000 square feet of prime, central real-estate than a metal hill.

I launched the campaign to save the mound with a friend of mine: we met for the first time in person by the Mound itself. The Mound has a special place in my heart: I’ve been up to the summit, scaling its lofty heights five times, each time more special than the last. On my last visit I felt a wave of emotion hit me as I realised that this could be my last chance to spend time with such a special Mound. It was then I finally realised how crucial it was to #SaveTheMound - how we needed to mobilise the forces of Moundheads everywhere to get the council to change course. Our petition is now at over 365 signatures and rising every day. We didn’t stop there - we’ve been busy raising awareness of Mound-based issues on TV, Radio and in print. People care about the Mound; they just need to be better informed.

“The Mound is a symbol of modern Britain”

Heritage must be defended, especially our natural heritage. In my campaign to save the mound I am reminded of a similar fight by brave activists who saved a single Mulberry tree in Bethnal Green from being cruelly turned into so-called “much needed homes”. Then, Dame Judi Dench stepped in to prevent such a miscarriage of justice: now I hope she joins #SaveTheMound too. Remember, when it comes to fighting climate change and protecting house values, it’s much more important to defend individual trees (Mound based preferably) than accept any change - no matter what. The Mound is our heritage of tomorrow.

The Mound is a symbol of modern Britain: a reminder that whilst we may have a never-ending housing crisis, our healthcare system lurches from near-catastrophe to almost-disaster and our politics is a rapidly deteriorating reality show we can still do great things. Nothing makes me prouder in Britain than knowing that in the same year we raised National Insurance, scrapped HS2’s northern leg, and chose Afghan dogs over people, we also managed to erect a 25-metre metal hill. That’s why, in honour of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I propose renaming the Mound: “The Captain Tom Memorial Mound in Honour of Our NHS Heroes.” No one would dare take that down...