A boycott was launched against The Gardenia on Sunday 22nd MarchWikimedia Commons



I think that I did what I had to do. I apologise for the things happen under my nose without me realise the potential of the problem.

Maybe I give you the dates wrong but as a tax payer I do not have the luxury to keep exact dates in my hard drive. As I have multiple tasks to perform to satisfy the current market and to deal with the competition of this capitalist world. I think I have done enough and the matter or the matters are with the police and the authorities and they will be the judge for all wrong doings.

I think as 54 years old man and 26 years of experience next to the universities, I will suggest you strongly to clean your back yard before you clean mine. I believe that the internal problems on that issue with cambridge university is much higher than a humans brain can anticipate. Referring to the article of Varsity newspaper referring to Cambridge university of sexual harassment.

Next time if you want anymore information from me contact me and please bring cameras to record my interview because I have much more to say. Thank you for your passion for your community problem and I'm here to assist you in any form you require.

Best Regards



Inconsistencies in the timeline of events surrounding the allegations of sexual assault at Gardies have come to light, as a man is arrested in connection with the allegations.

In his initial statement to Varsity, made on Sunday 22nd March, Vas Anastasiou, who has owned and operated Gardies for 26 years, said that he was “not aware of any allegations", though in a second statement to The Cambridge Student made today (March 23rd), Anastasiou said that “we have launched investigations with the police for that matter 10 days ago… Person which is responsible has been suspended temporarily from duties and he is not allowed to come in contact with customers.”

However, in his statement on the boycott’s Facebook page, Mr Anastasiou appeared to return to his initial story, saying: “I state and emphasise the fact that I was not made aware of the allegations of sexual assault until I came across the 'Boycott Gardies' Facebook page, which is indicative of a failing on my part for not having the available facilities for such a report. Had I been made aware previously, the steps I will shortly be outlining would have been implemented sooner, without the need for a boycott.”

The steps he outlined included an internal investigation, a complaints procedure and an employee code of conduct; Mr Anastasiou’s response elicited a warm welcome from the campaign founder, ‘Cantab Smith’.

“Our final piece of thanks and warm wishes is extended to Vas Anastasiou,” Smith stated on the page. “The results of his action are yet to be seen, but the sincerity and quickness of his response suggest that we have every reason to place our faith in him, and his business.”

Yet police statements to Varsity cast doubt on Mr Anastasiou’s claims. A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson confirmed to Varsity earlier today that there have been "two allegations of sexual assault at the Gardenia take-away in Rose Crescent, Cambridge, on June 17 last year and March 6 this year."

"A 36-year-old man from Cambridge has been arrested in connection with both offences and is currently on police bail to return to Parkside Police Station in Cambridge on April 9 in relation to the offence this year, however he was released with no further action due to insufficient evidence regarding the offence last year," they told us.

In a second email, a spokesperson said: "The incident on June 17 has been filed due to lack of evidence. The suspect was initially arrested but then released with no further action. The case will remain on file unless any new evidence comes to light."

The fact that a police investigation with regards to sexual assault on Gardies' premises was launched early last year could appear inconsistent with Anastasiou’s final statement to the 'Boycott Gardies' page that "I was not made aware of the allegations of sexual assault until I came across the 'Boycott Gardies' Facebook page", which was created on March 22nd.

The Tab have reported that the "36-year-old man" in question was a Gardies employee; however this was not confirmed to us in the statements from Cambridgeshire police.

Further, when asked to clarify whether any new investigation has been launched "with the police... 10 days ago" as Gardies alleged in their comment to TCS, a Cambridgeshire police spokesperson reiterated that "an investigation was launched on March 6 after we received reports of the sexual assault on March 6". 

As it stands, the boycott has been ended, and the 'Boycott Gardies' Facebook page is intended to be operated in future by the Women’s Campaign, according to a statement posted by the campaign founder, ‘Cantab Smith’.

The boycott, however, continues to call for future evidence. “Anyone who continues to be subjected to the things this campaign was set up to combat are encouraged to either make use of the new complaints procedure on the Gardies website (currently being set-up) or to contact the CUSU Women's Campaign to investigate. Anyone who feels as though this campaign has ended prematurely, or has been conducted improperly, is equally advised to contact CUSU. They are our representatives, and are more well equipped to monitor the situation in future.”