A social media campaign inviting Taylor Swift to perform at Trinity May Ball 2015 has been gathering significant support from local and national media.

Over 60 students participated in a video of themselves dancing around iconic Cambridge and Trinity landmarks to Swift’s most recent hit, ‘Shake It Off’, from her new album ‘1989’.

In the two days since it was uploaded it has garnered over 10,000 hits and been instrumental in an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook campaign to try and get Swift’s attention, using the hashtag #TaylorAtTrinity.

The video has been retweeted by Cambridge institutions such as the Cambridge Union Society and the University of Cambridge Admissions Office’s Twitter, BeCambridge.

Further afield, the video has also received coverage after being retweeted by BBC Cambridgeshire, as well as appearing in national newspaper the Daily Mail.

Harriet Gordon, the HSPS undergraduate who led the campaign, described her surprise that the video was picked up by national media: “I wasn't expecting it to hit the national media at all - it was kind of a pipe dream, but I wasn't expecting it to get past student publications.”

“I definitely think this makes it more likely that Taylor will see it; the Mail Online is a hugely popular website, in the UK and abroad,” she continued, “so it's a great way of getting the video seen by people who might not have seen it otherwise!”

Gordon left open the possibility of a second video, saying that although there were no current plans, “it was such a fun experience a lovely way of getting people at college to do something a bit different so I wouldn't rule it out!”

A similar video was posted last month, entitled ‘Newnham Shakes It Off’ and featuring a smaller group of second year undergraduates dancing through the corridors of Newnham. The Newnham version, however, received under 5,000 views and was not part of a campaign for Swift to perform at the college.

The ball is scheduled for the 15th June 2015, which seems to coincide with a break in Swift’s 1989 World Tour, as she is performing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 13th June but then has a gap until a 20th June performance in Cologne, Germany.

Swift’s latest album ‘1989’ has broken records this week by selling 1.287 million units in its first week of release, the largest sales week for an album since 2002. It is also the first album of 2014 to sell one million copies, and Swift is the first musical artist to have three albums sell a million copies in the first week of release.