Charles Dickens was an original member of the Ghost Club.Wikimedia

The Cambridge Ghost Club is investigating the claims of an American mystic who has apparently photographed a goblin in his hair.

John Sutton runs Transformation Talk Radio for a mystic organization known as ‘Psychic World’ and is their “resident Psychic-Clairvoyant”. He has also published a series of his collected writings on mysticism.

Sutton sent in a photograph of his hair to the ancient Cambridge University society in an attempt to confirm the presence of a small goblin in it.
He claims that the image shows what he “believe[s] to be an elf or fairy materialised” in his hair.

After having his claims dismissed by “scientific sceptical experts” and photographic experts, Sutton contacted the historic Cambridge Ghost Club.

The club’s chief investigating officer, Derek Green, who is based in London, is currently examining the submission with the club committee.

The Ghost Club began unofficially in 1885 when fellows at Trinity College began discussing ghosts and other psychic phenomena, and was formally launched in 1862 in London. Practical investigations of spiritualist phenomena comprised the group’s main activity, with discussions of ‘ghostly’ and supernatural subjects also featuring.

Early members included Charles Dickens, alongside Cambridge academics. The Ghost Club’s website also claims that the poets Siegfried Sassoon and W.B. Yeats were among members, as well as the biologist Julian Huxley.

The group, however, was dissolved upon Dickens’ death in the 1870s but was re-launched in 1882 in partnership with members of the Society for Psychical Research. It still meets monthly at the Victory Services Club in London.

Sutton hopes that the Ghost Club will soon return “a considered response” concerning his goblin claim after the proper examination and evaluation of the photographic ‘evidence’.

He emphatically states that there has been no tampering with the file, although he admits his twenty years of experience of photographing “discarnate spirits” may have privileged him to see phenomena which others cannot.

“I am a psychic clairvoyant with an advanced facility trained over many years,” Sutton said, in response to experts who disputed his claims, “or it may be that there are none so blind as those that will not see.”

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