The number of academics expressing support for the occupation now numbers more than 200.

As of 11 pm on Monday, November 29th, 204 academics had added their names to the letter of support (see full list below).

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Dr Priyamvada Gopal, Dean of Churchill College, spoke to Varsity today about the occupation and what she hopes to see the Vice-Chancellor do:

"I would like to see the VC oppose the proposed cuts on the grounds that (a) Universities were already underfunded and (b) the apparent shortfall can be made up from taxing those corporations and banks which benefit from a graduate economy.

"It is these institutions that benefit from the subsidy of public higher education and they should be asked to step up to the plate and contribute accordingly to the public coffers. The Vice-Chancellors of the Russell Group should attempt to represent the interests of students, and academics and the whole enterprise of learning in the first instance, rather than cooperating with government ideologues and vested financial interests.

"I'd like to see a realignment of interests on the part of University administrators. I'd also like to see the wastage of money on bloated managerial numbers, managerial salaries and related expenses in universities curbed in favour of spending money where it is needed."

Full list of signatories to letter sent to the Vice-Chancellor in support of the occupation (List is current as of 11 pm on Monday, November 29th)

1. Dr Maha Abdel-Rahman
2. Dr Lori Allen
3. Dr. Mete Atature
4. Dr Gareth Atkins
5. Dr Hugues Azerad
6. Dr Axel Bangert
7. Professor Zygmunt Baranski
8. Dr Tarak Barkawi
9. Dr Rowan Boyson
10. Dr Catherine Burke
11. Dr Andrew Bell
12. Dr Duncan Bell
13. Dr Sally Boss
14. Dr Deborah Bowman
15. Dr Annabel Brett
16. Dr Abigail Brundin
17. Dr Christopher Brooke
18. Dr Jude Browne
19. Dr Brendan Burchell
20. Dr Nuzhat Bukhari
21. Dr Bill Burgwinkle
22. Dr Christopher Burlinson
23. Dr Rodrigo Cacho
24. Dr Melissa Calaresu
25. Dr Hero Chalmers
26. Dr Jenny Chamarette
27. Dr Jean Chothia
28. Dr Richa Choudhary
29. Dr Colm-cille Caulfield
30. Dr Julia Collins
31. Dr David Clifford
32. Dr Philip Connell
33. Dr Sophia Connell
34. Dr Jo Cook
35. Dr AJ Counter
36. Dr Stephen Cowley
37. Dr Joanna Craigwood
38. Dr Joseph Crawford
39. Dr Helen Crawforth
40. Mr Tim Cribb
41. Dr Martin Crowley
42. Dr Devon Curtis
43. Dr Amaleena Damlé
44. Dr Jeremy Davies
45. Dr Anuj Dawar
46. Professor Peter de Bolla
47. Dr Lucy Delap
48. Dr Beci Dobbin
49. Dr Liz Disley
50. Dr Isabel DiVanna
51. Dr. Marta de Magalhães
52. Dr SA Deiringer
53. Dr Gregory Delaplace
54. Dr M Cristina Devecchi
55. Professor Richard Drayton
56. Dr. Christos Efstratiou
57. Dr Ben Etherington
58. Mr Christopher Evans, FSA
59. Dr Georgina Evans
60. Dr Alastair Fraser
61. Professor Alison Finch
62. Dr Bernhard Fulda
63. Dr Sinead Garrigan-Mattar
64. Professor Vic Gattrell
65. Professor Heather Glen
66. Dr Robert Gordon
67. Dr Mina Gorji
68. Professor Simon Goldhill
69. Dr Felicity Green
70. Dr Fiona Green
71. Dr Vanessa Heggie
72. Dr Anita Herle
73. Dr David Hillman
74. Dr Edward Holberton
75. Dr Alex Houen
76. Dr Sarah Howard
77. Dr Michael Hurley
78. Dr Nick Gay
79. Dr Priyamvada Gopal
80. Dr Liz Guild
81. Dr Rachael Harris
82. Dr Victoria Harris
83. Mr Adam Higazi
84. Dr Mark Hogarth
85. Dr Anne Holloway
86. Dr Sarah Houghton-Walker
87. Dr Georgina Horrell
88. Dr Jana Howlett
89. Dr Michael Hrebeniak
90. Dr Humeira Iqtidar
91. Professor Mary Jacobus
92. Dr Ian James
93. Dr Liliana Janik
94. Professor Simon Jarvis
95. Dr Richard Jennings
96. Dr Aylmer Johnson
97. Dr Charles Jones
98. Dr Mike Rodman Jones
99. Dr Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros
100. Dr Alexandre Kabla
101. Dr Eivind Kahrs
102. Dr Johannes Kaminski
103. Dr Geoffrey Kantaris
104. Dr Regina Karousou-Fokas
105. Dr Duncan Kelly
106. Dr Dominic Keown
107. Professor John Kerrigan
108. Mrs Anny King
109. Dr Larry King
110. Professor Robin Kirkpatrick
111. Dr Mary Laven
112. Dr Sian Lazar
113. Professor MM Lisboa
114. Dr Raphael Lyne
115. Dr Robert MacFarlane
116. Dr Isobel Maddison
117. Dr Alice Mahon
118. Dr Gideon Mailer
119. Professor Peter Mandler
120. Dr Andy Martin
121. Professor Jean Michel Massing
122. Dr Emma Mawdsley
123. Dr Laura McMahon
124. Dr Allan McRobie
125. Dr Justin Meggitt
126. Dr Leo Mellor
127. Dr Drew Milne
128. Ms Sarah Monk
129. Dr Joe Moshenska
130. Dr Subha Mukherji
131. Dr Kamal Munir
132. Dr Jane Nolan
133. Dr Anastasia Norton-Piliavsky
134. Dr Jonathan Oppenheim
135. Dr Rory O'Bryen
136. Dr William O'Reilly
137. Dr Sara Owen
138. Dr Christopher Padfield
139. Dr Nicky Padfield
140. Dr Catherine Pickstock
141. Dr Cathy Phillips
142. Dr Claire Preston
143. Mr JH Prynne
144. Dr Maria Purves
145. Dr Fred Parker
146. Dr Ian Patterson
147. Dr Neil Pattison
148. Dr Sian Pooley
149. Professor Christopher Prendergast
150. Prof Ian Roberts
151. Dr Sophie Read
152. Dr Nicky Reeves
153. Dr John Regan
154. Dr Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
155. Dr James Riley
156. Dr Matteo Rizzo
157. Dr Pernille Roge
158. Dr John Robb
159. Dr Stephen Robertson
160. Dr Lucia Ruprecht
161. Dr Martin Ruehl
162. Dr Peter Sarris
163. Dr Ower Saxton
164. Dr Jason Scott-Warren
165. Prof Simon Schaffer
166. Dr Ruth Scurr
167. Dr Richard Serjeantson
168. Dr Sharath Srinivasan
169. Dr Fionnuala Sinclair
170. Dr Ioanna Sitaridou
171. Dr Sujit Sivasundaram
172. Dr Alfonso Sorrentino
173. Dr Peter Sparks
174. Dr Tom Stammers
175. Dr Anne Stillman
176. Dr A Stewart-Wallace
177. Dr Marie-Louise Stig Sorenson
178. Dr Michael Spivakov
179. Dr Luke Skrebowski
180. Dr Elsa Strietman
181. Dr Zoe Svendsen
182. Professor Simon Szreter
183. Dr Alice Taylor
184. Dr Andrew Taylor
185. Dr Deborah Thom
186. Professor David Trotter
187. Dr Isabel Urquhart
188. Dr Daniel van den Heuvel
189. Dr Bert Vaux
190. Professor Megan Vaughan
191. Dr Lucia Villares
192. Dr V Vergiani
193. Dr Marcus Waithe
194. Dr Jennifer Wallace
195. Dr Paul Warde
196. Dr Christopher Warnes
197. Dr Sheila Watts
198. Mr Steve Watts
199. Dr Darin Weinberg
200. Dr Rebecca Weir
201. Dr Phil Withington
202. Dr Daniel Wilson
203. Dr Nicky Zeeman
204. Dr Andrew Zurcher

This article was updated at 0100 GMT on Tuesday, 30th November to reflect the additional names added to the list of signatories.