Flooded Cam blocks entry to college boat housesMatthew Hooton with permission for Varsity

The River Cam has flooded this week, delaying the start of many boat clubs pre-season training. 

Storm Henk has caused extremely high river levels which has prevented rowers from getting their boats out on the river. 

Many boat clubs asked their rowers to come back to Cambridge this weekend, ready to start pre-season training before a big term for college rowing. Storm Henk has forced them onto land for the first few days of training. 

Committee members of both Pembroke and Magdalene confirmed that they have been unable to get out on the water, and were hoping to return to their boats today.

Grace Cobb, a committee member at Magdalene Boat Club commented: “It’s a shame we couldn’t get out on the water straight away”.  However, some college boat clubs remain unaffected. 


Mountain View

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Jesus College boat club holds its preseason training camp in Spain, so have avoided the Cambridge floods. Similarly, the University crew, who normally train in Ely, are away on training camps in Portugal and Italy in preparation for the Boat Race in March.

Lent term is an important term in college rowing with events throughout the term building up to Lent Bumps which will be held between Tuesday 27 February and Saturday 2 March. 

This year, in Men’s M1 Bumps, Caius will be looking to displace Lady Margaret (John's) from headship. In Women’s Division 1, Jesus will be hoping to retain headship having fought hard for it last year.