This term’s elections follow vote rigging scandals in the previous cycleLouis Ashworth for Varsity

Candidates have begun campaigning for this term’s Union elections, which feature an uncontested presidential race.

The elections, for roles to be served in Easter 2024, are uncontested for three out of the five positions on Standing Committee.

The elections follow a series of vote-rigging scandals in the last cycle, after former president Max Ghose resigned following accusations of electoral malpractice in June of this year.

During the re-run Lent elections, the defeated candidate for Debates Officer, Joshua Lim, was handed a formal warning for electoral malpractice.

Neha Pauly, the Union’s incumbent Equalities officer, is the sole candidate for President, to succeed Lent term’s Nick Davis. Her manifesto highlights her experience, citing “the largest number of Equalities events in a single term at the Union”.

Pauly promises to help Union members “get more out of a £230 lifetime membership” through pledging member benefits such as opening study rooms and introducing free afternoon tea.

Pauly’s campaign is focused on increasing alumni donations, with the creation of a new Alumni Relations Officer role. Pauly promises to “put the Michaelmas 2024 team and future committees in the best position possible”.

The race for Easter’s Debates Officer comprises Felix Esche and Helena Stolnik Trenkić. Esche’s manifesto details promises a gender-balanced Debates Subcommittee and an improved variety of debate events.

Stolnik Trenkić pledges an increase in bar staff after debates and to reintroduce prizes for the best floor speeches.

Running unopposed for Speakers Officer is Louis Davidson. Davidson’s manifesto highlights “unity, purpose, and receptivity,” pledging a diverse term card and increased opportunities for member feedback.


Mountain View

Union debates race concluded following electoral malpractice

Ewan Woods and Joshua Lim are contesting the election for Social Events Officer. Woods’ campaign focuses on welfare initiatives, while Lim primarily proposes charity events.

Following his defeat in the race for Debates Officer, Lim said he was “was aware of the likelihood” that he had broken campaigning rules before the complaints were made. His Instagram campaign profile slogan for this race reads: “Let’s Get Joshin’ for Good”.

Jessica Spearman is running uncontested for Equalities Officer, with a campaign emphasising inclusivity, accessibility and collaborations with other societies.

Voting will take place in the Union from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th November.