After months of inactivity, a new CamFess has been launchedDaniel Hilton for Varsity

CamFess is back after weeks of inactivity, with yet another new page appearing on Facebook, titled ‘CamFess 3: Tokyo Drift’.

The third version of CamFess was launched in the last 24 hours, bringing the popular anonymous confessions outlet back to students.

Reactions to the news have varied considerably. One inexplicably excited student told Varsity: “YES YES YES. NEW CAMFESS,” while an anonymous Engling pleaded: “please let the chronically online neek cesspit die - it’s literally begging for death.”

This comes after freshers have faced their inaugural Michaelmas term largely without an anonymous gossip forum, with both the original ‘CamFess’ page and its replacement ‘2 Cam 2 Fess’ being inactive.

Ella, a third-year BioNatSci from Newnham, likened the new iteration to the recent succession of Conservative Prime Ministers in the UK. “We only had the last one for a year and now there’s a new one,” Ella said, “What’s up with that?”


Mountain View

Camfess removed from Facebook

Another student admitted they “didn’t even notice the page was gone,” but said they “are excited to hear some hot takes”.

Alex, a regular CamFess commenter, said “this is distressing news, both for my public image and my degree,” while a different regular user responded even more negatively, replying to Varsity’s request for comment purely in expletives.

However, the vast majority of students contacted by Varsity were largely nonplussed. One sarcastically quipped: “Thank God, I had no idea what to do without it. There was a gaping hole in my boring loser life and CamFess was my only means of socialisation.”