The college said they would 'of course investigate again' if any more sightings of bed bugs emergedLouis Ashworth with permission for Varsity

Pest control was called to Trinity Hall following reports of bedbugs in the college library, but left empty-handed after finding nothing to confirm the alleged sightings.

Reports of bedbugs first emerged on Thursday (26/10) on social media, after a student tweeted an image apparently showing bedbugs in Trinity Hall’s Jerwood Library.

One student who claimed to have seen bedbugs told Varsity: “I was sat working in the library when I saw a bug crawling across my notepad.”

“I told the porters about the encounter and where it was, but I heard that pest control found nothing,” they added.

Fears of bedbugs have been high across the country following widespread infestations in Paris in September, with worries that it could spread to London public transport systems. The Mayor of London declared such infestations “a real source of concern”.

Trinity Hall reacted quickly to the reports, with library staff confirming to Varsity that pest control was called into the library on both Friday (27/10) and Saturday (28/10) to investigate reports of bedbugs.

Pest control was seen in the library on both days clearing desks where students were working and searching the furniture in the library for bedbugs.

Students also received an email on Wednesday (01/11) confirming the absence of bedbugs in the college.


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The email told students that the college had contacted pest control who “found no evidence of any bedbugs on that visit but to be sure, we asked for further information from the social media post on the location that the alleged bug was photographed.”

The email concluded by saying that the college was “pleased to inform [students] that there remains no evidence of bedbugs in the Jerwood Library.”

A spokesperson for Trinity Hall told Varsity: “I can confirm that investigations have been made following a report by a student last week of what they thought might be a bedbug in the Jerwood Library.”

“No evidence was found following two investigations and students have been made aware of our expert’s findings. If any more reports are made we will of course investigate again,” they added.