Questions over transparency remain following Old Etonian Max Ghose's resignation last termEric Williams / Varsity

Nick Davis was voted in as president of the Cambridge Union this evening, in the debating society’s first election since last term’s ballot rigging scandal.

Davis, a former co-chair of the university’s Labour club, carved his name into the history books after being elected unopposed, with former rival Ellie Breeze not standing.

As Lent term’s Cambridge Union chief, Davis will have to confront ongoing damages to the debating society’s reputation. Questions over transparency and elitism at the institution remain, merely months since Max Ghose resigned from the presidency after being accused of vote rigging.

Speaking to Varsity upon his unopposed victory, Davis said: “It’s a privilege to be elected by the membership of the Cambridge Union.”

“I owe this victory to the efforts, support and creativity of my team,” he continued.

Whilst gaining the votes of over one hundred supporters, sixteen voters also refused to back the former Labour co-chair’s candidacy, and instead demanded a reopening of nominations.

Davis put access at the forefront of his campaign, promising to double the number of scholarships and lower the price of access membership from £130 to £90. But Davis will have a difficult task on his hands to push through meaningful change, as similar platforms have been used by multiple past presidents, including Old Etonian Max Ghose and Westminster-educated Lara Brown.


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Commenting on his plans, Davis said: “I’m determined to deliver on my policies to make the Union a more affordable, inclusive and thought-provoking space.”

“I will work to fundamentally reform the Union and break down barriers to access, which have pervaded for too long,” he continued.

In contrast to the unopposed win, a fierce competition took place between Sammy McDonald and Joshua Lim for the position of Debates Officer after both candidates received 58 votes in the first round of voting. After a second round, Joshua Lim snatched victory, winning by a margin of a single vote.

Other victorious candidates included Anoushka Kale for Equalities, Szymon Sawiki for Social Events, and Alessio D’Anglelo for Speakers.