The activists blockaded the site for thirty six hours, at the cost of £43,000 per dayDerek Langley

A Cambridge PhD candidate was among those charged for aggravated trespass in Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (08/02). Three activists stood trial following a 36 hour blockade of the Schlumberger building in West Cambridge last March.

The activists are part of the Schlumberger Out campaign, which calls for the University to cut all ties with Schlumberger, now operating as SLB, a company which provides key services to oil and gas companies globally.

The activists blockaded the SLB site last year to draw attention to the company, which operates in more than 120 countries and has been linked to oil and gas extraction. SLB claimed in court papers that the blockade cost £43,000 per day.

Peach Rose, a PhD Candidate at Cambridge, was one of the activists who stood trial. They stated that the blockade was an important part of the Schlumberger Out campaign, telling the magistrates court that “directly stopping their work was an important step”, because the research in the building at West Cambridge is “used for fossil fuel expansion around the world”.

Rose was found guilty of aggravated trespass, for which they were given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £600 in court costs.


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Climate activists smash Chemical Engineering department front door

They appeared in court with two other activists, Jamie Goodland and Chris Ford. All three were found guilty and ordered to pay £600 fines. Both were also charged with criminal damage for spray painting SLB’s property, and ordered to pay £200.

When asked about his action, Ford told Varsity: “We are at a code red for humanity. Our children’s futures are in danger. How can I, as a parent, stand by and do nothing?”

Following the trial, Rose told Varsity: “As the climate crisis worsens, it is becoming increasingly important to take action in whatever way we can.”

They stated that the movement will continue despite their convection for criminal activity.

The campaign is currently planning more actions, including a rally on the 18th February at the Senate House.

SLB has been approached for comment.