At 'The Bisc Off', the Choco Leibniz was named Clare’s favourite biscuitLouis Ashworth

While the rest of Cambridge was deep in revision, hundreds of Clare students were voting in a battle to name the college’s favourite biscuit.

Over five weeks, more than 250 students voted, making 4998 individual decisions, whilst their UCS (Union of Clare Students) food officer Amir Van Eekelen fulfilled his campaign promise to “definitively decide Clare’s favourite biscuit and subsequently bombard the LCR (Library Common Room) with them - give the people what they want.”

Students had to choose between randomly generated pairs of biscuits, narrowing down the original 32 to one winner. One round received 100 votes in 17 minutes.

Students often defied the odds, their preference for the Lotus Biscoff over the Milk Chocolate Digestive inspiring an anonymous post on the “Clare Compliments” confessions page pointing to the “out-of-touch cambridge middle class elite”.

After four rounds of voting, the Oreo, Dark Chocolate Digestive and Choco Leibniz faced off in the final.


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Beef at Emma ‘vegan’ formal

The winner was announced at an event, dubbed “The Bisc Off”, attended by over 100 Clare students. While an anonymous post on Camfess described the event as “a populist biscuit rally”, Amir defended it as “a welfare event” that was “first and foremost for the people”.

At The Bisc Off, the Choco Leibniz was named Clare’s favourite biscuit, which Amir credits to the lobbying efforts of a small community of German HSPS students.

Amir said:“At the end of the day it was just one big meme”, designed to lift spirits during exam season. Amir also took pleasure in repeating that 31 biscuits have a higher mandate than the UCS president, elected uncontested with 48 votes.