3,163 students voted in the SU election, a decrease on last year's 4,520 – and 4,330 cast a vote in the Reading Week referendumLouis Ashworth

Voting closed today at 5pm in the SU election and Reading Week referendum - follow along as we report on the results.


The first result to be announced was the most highly contested position: University Councillor. The candidates were Eve Blain, Ruari McColl and Sam Carling and Re-open Nominations (RON). The initial quota was 1,139, and in the first round, Blain had 755 votes, McColl had 529, and Carling had 800.

After eliminating both McColl and RON, Carling, the current CULC treasurer and Christ’s JCR president, was elected with 896 votes – defeating Blain by just 32 votes.

The next result to be announced was for the undergraduate Access, Education and Participation (AEP) Officer. Atkinson reached the quota of 1,185.5 with 1,274 votes, beating Ingram by 402 votes.. 

No candidates were declared for the position of postgraduate Access, Education and Participation (AEP) Officer.

Following this was the election for the Welfare and Community Officer. Daisy Thomas met the quota of 1,187 with 2,020 votes – the highest of any candidate in the election – and was elected. She also received the most RONs, with 354.


The election for the Disabled Students Officer was uncontested, with 437 votes, Elia Chitwa comfortably met the threshold of 246.5 and was elected. 


The election for the BME Officer was uncontested, and was won by Kefeshe Bernard, who received 436 votes, and met the quota of 261.5. 

The next race, however, for Women's Officer was contested. The initial quota was 657.5, which was met comfortably by Eseosa Akojie who received 799 votes. She beat opponent Marina McCready by over 300 votes. 


Next up was the announcement of the postgraduate President. The initial quota was 1,041 – and in the first round, Amelia Jabry had 946 votes, Savannah Phillips with 884, and 252 for Re-open Nominations (RON). After eliminating RON, Jabry had 967 votes, and Phillips had 898, making Jabry the 2022-23 postgraduate SU President.


The penultimate result of the evening was the election for undergraduate President. The initial quota was 1380.5 – the largest of the evening – and in the first round, Coleman had 1,152 votes, Ahmed had 1,273, and Re-open Nominations (RON) had 336. After eliminating RON, Coleman had 1174 and Ahmed had 1314, making Ahmed the new undergraduate SU President.


Lastly, the referendum on the reading week. The options on the ballot were Yes, No, and Abstain. With 2,763 votes for Yes, 1,492 for no, and 75 in abstention – Yes has won.

This article will be updated as more results are announced.