Thirty Stephen Fry scholarships were awarded in Michaelmas 2021Lucas Maddalena/Varsity

The Cambridge Union has opened the second round of applications for both its Stephen Fry and Silver Street Scholarships.

The Stephen Fry scholarship is open to students studying STEM degrees - natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, economics, medicine, or veterinary medicine.

When applying, students must state their household income, as well as explain what the Union’s “core values” mean to them.

The scheme, which is the first scholarship programme in the history of the Cambridge Union, awarded thirty life memberships to students last term.

The Silver Street scholarship awards lifetime membership free of charge to students from Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Universities who are facing financial hardship.

So as “to ensure that those who are awarded scholarships come from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives”, applicants are asked to specify their gender and ethnicity - as well as their household income - in the application form.

President of the Cambridge Union, James Vitali, said that “he is delighted that the Union is using its resources to make membership available to those that will benefit from it most.”

He continued: “I am very grateful to the donors that have made both of these schemes possible and I’m confident that this programme will lead to a more diverse and representative society”.

Applications close on Sunday (27/2) at 8 pm.