Joel Rosen won the election by one of the largest majorities in recent yearsVarsity

A third-year Cambridge student has won the presidency of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) — the organisation designed to represent Jewish students across UK university campuses.

Joel Rosen’s victory was one of the largest in recent history. While usually voting goes to the second or third round, this election was won in its first, with Rosen securing a majority of 59.7%.

The Trinity Hall student ran on a campaign to reunite, defend and include Jewish students: floating ideas of inter-university sports contests, improvements to systems to discipline antisemitism and a more pluralistic approach to religious observance within Jewish societies.

The first openly gay president of UJS said he had “proven [himself] in the battles that matter”, citing his experience pioneering LGBT inclusion within the Orthodox Jewish community and fighting antisemitism within the Labour party.


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His victory has been congratulated by politicians and past UJS presidents alike.

Former deputy leader of the Labour party Tom Watson, said “mazal tov” on Twitter, while former UJS president, Ella Rose, said Rosen’s victory “made her proud to see an openly LGBT+ President.”

According to former Labour councillor, Adam Langleben, Rosen’s victory served as an example of young Jewish leaders “battle hardened” by the experience of fighting antisemitism within the Labour party.

In Easter term 2021, Rosen drew national attention by confronting Jeremy Corbyn at the Cambridge Union on the former leader’s record on antisemitism.

Speaking to Varsity, Rosen said: “In campuses up and down the country we spoke about the challenges and opportunities that unite us. This campaign was about building bridges and celebrating the diversity of Jewish student life. I’m humbled to be the first openly LGBT UJS President and will use my experiences to ensure we seek to count Jews in, not count them out.”