The project will be open to undergraduate and graduate students at King’sLUCAS MADDALENA

King’s College has used a “generous donation” to establish an Entrepreneurship Lab which will help students learn entrepreneurial skills, with an emphasis on developing sustainable and ethical projects with a positive social and environmental impact. King’s students can apply to take part in the initiative.

The lab directors will be Kamiar Mohaddes, University Senior Lecturer in Economics and Policy, and Thomas Roulet, Deputy Director of the Cambridge MBA course.

The College’s website states that the year-long programme is designed to “develop the crucial skills of creativity, pragmatism, communication, and coordination”. This will include a week-long residential training programme, a week-long lecture series, seminars taking place before Michaelmas Term in 2021, a monthly webinar series, and visiting mentors.


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In Lent Term, participating students will be able to present their project to the Advisory Board to be considered for seed funding.