The magnet fisher also found another object, which they suspected to be a rifle grenadeStefan K/UNSPLASH

An object, which bomb squad experts suspect to be a ‘field artillery shell’, was found in the River Cam this morning (25/04). A road on the riverside has since been blocked by Cambridgeshire police.

Magnet fishers found the object this morning near the Cambridge Museum of Technology and called the police suspecting the object to be a shell. Another device was also found by the fishers, which they said is “like a rifle grenade”.

The object was around a foot and a half long and weighed approximately 18 pounds, according to Richard Barry, who found it.

The bomb squad experts, who arrived at the scene shortly after the police were called, have not yet officially identified the object.

Police tape has cordoned off the Riverside, reportedly between Stanley Road and the bridge over the river.

Clare College rowing team were deterred from rowing in the area.