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Widely read throughout the University community and beyond, with our website receiving 42,000 visitors weekly and our physical copy being distributed to over 160 locations, we aim to deliver high quality content which drives important discussions and debate as well as holding institutions of power to account.

Varsity is a collaborative project, which aims to provide and celebrate a wide range of perspectives and voices. As Varsity reporters, editors, columnists, and more, we take equal ownership of, and equal pride in, the paper we create.

Help shape the conversation in Cambridge and apply to join our team for Lent Term now. At Varsity, you will find a supportive environment united by passion and commitment to the paper. There is space here for all forms of journalism: from writing and editing, to producing exciting video content, illustrations and photography! Whilst experience in journalism is valued, do not worry if you haven’t had any, as Varsity is a place to learn, experiment, and explore new opportunities.

Bring your ideas, your perspective, and your curiosity. Apply to join Varsity today.


To apply for any position(s), please email your application to

Applications for all roles should be received by 5pm, Friday 11th December. 

Every application must include:

  • Your full name, subject, and college
  • The role(s) for which you would like to apply
  • Details of any academic and extracurricular commitments you have in Lent Term. 
  • The place you will be living next term (providing the situation is similar to the start of Michaelmas term, e.g. overseas travel restrictions, Covid-scares). Please do not be put off applying if you are an international student, we only need to know to have an idea of how many of the Varsity team will be on-hand to help in Cambridge and how many will be working remotely
  • Details of any experience you have for the role. No experience is required or expected, and full training will be provided, but, if relevant, you may wish to include any experience in journalism or gained from other extra-curricular activities, and any technical skills (e.g. ability to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or video editing software).

Although prior experience is welcomed, we encourage anyone keen to join the paper for the first time, especially freshers, to apply. Varsity is a space to explore new things, and our team is eager to guide you! 

Got any questions about the roles or the application process? Pop an email to our Co-Editors, Gaby Vides and Georgina Buckle, at 

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with any of the current section editors – they’ll be happy to answer any queries! Their contact details can be found here

Detailed information about all available roles and application guidelines can be found below.

Executive roles

The Deputy Editors, Vulture Editor, Deputy Vulture Editor, and Digital Editor, each oversee a number of sections within the Varsity team.

If you wish to apply for any of these roles, please provide:

  • A vision statement for the areas you will oversee, including ideas for how they should be presented in print and online (400-600 words).
  • A critique of an article, video or other form of content from one of these areas (150-250 words).
  • Alternative headlines and subheadings for two articles from the sections you will oversee (applicants for the role of Digital Editor may choose articles from any section).
  • Details of any experience you have for the role, why you think you’d be suitable, and why you’re keen to take it on! We’ll consider experience both within and outside Varsity, of both journalism and other demonstrations of team management, organisation and leadership. It is important to note for these roles that previous experience with the newspaper is important, particularly setting the physical copy, so please mention this in your application. (250-500 words).
  • If you are residing in Cambridge next term, please provide the earliest date you will be able to return to Cambridge. 

Available positions

Deputy Editors

We’re looking for committed individuals to oversee News, Opinion, Features, Investigations, Interviews, Science, Sport and Violet. (Applicants should apply individually.) Applicants should be motivated to guide section editors and contributors to produce the best work possible. Applicants should be well-organised and able to work well in a team. We are particularly looking for at least one individual experienced in news-writing and editing, who will be able to provide additional support and guidance to the news team. You should also demonstrate a clear vision for the sections listed above, and be thoughtful about and committed to its execution. It’s generally expected that Deputy Editors will share News and Opinion, and then in collaboration with the editor choose how to divide the other sections between them. Out of all the roles, this would be one of the roles for which previous experience with the newspaper is most vital, particularly setting the physical copy as Deputies will be expected to help with print layout.

Vulture Editor

The Vulture Editor is an individual well placed to push discussion and reflection on culture in Cambridge, who will oversee the paper’s Arts, Fashion, Music, Film & TV, Lifestyle and Theatre sections. Applicants should be thoughtful about culture and its appeal to students, both within Cambridge and wider society. The Vulture Editor should have a clear artistic vision of how Vulture can push discussion around the Cambridge arts scene, as well as how to encourage diverse and engaging online content. We’re looking for an individual with an eye for underdeveloped stories, fresh ideas, and with excellent team management qualities. The Vulture Editor oversees the magazine, and has a large amount of creative autonomy, working with our team of staff illustrators and photographers. Applicants should have a clear vision for the role of Vulture, and bring fresh ideas about how other sections might collaborate creatively within the magazine.

Deputy Vulture Editor

The Deputy Vulture Editors will help oversee the magazine, working closely with the Vulture Editor in producing content, preparing the web editions of articles, directing the magazine’s creative vision and managing the Vulture team. We’re looking for an individual who enjoys working collaboratively and has great organisational abilities. As with the Vulture Editor, applicants should be thoughtful about Cambridge culture and its arts scene, with a clear artistic vision of how Vulture can build on them.

Digital Editor

The Digital Editor will oversee Varsity’s video, podcast and social media output. Applicants should offer ideas for revitalising and diversifying Varsity's digital presence in order to attract greater engagement with our content, and be thoughtful about how to put these ideas into action. The Digital Editor should have experience of video editing and be adept at Photoshop, or commit to training provided by the team. The Digital Editor will work collaboratively with other members of the executive team to coordinate social media content as well as supporting the Marketing and Media, Video and Podcast teams to ensure content is regularly being produced, curated and published. Responsibilities will also include liaising with section editors to strengthen the Digital Team’s relationship with other parts of the paper. The Digital Editor has an exciting opportunity to be part of shaping and fine-tuning Varsity’s expanding digital presence. So, if you can’t help but critique any social media tagline you come across, love photoshop design or have a (guilty) pleasure for podcast production, being Digital Editor is the ideal outlet for you!

Section editors

Want to help shape one of Varsity’s sections and work closely with a range of contributors? Our section editors have the unique opportunity to push discussion and platform many different conversations and perspectives. Section editors will commission, select and edit content, while also having the opportunity to write pieces themselves. Section editors will additionally help to set Varsity’s physical copy, providing an opportunity to nurture your creative abilities’.

If you’d like to apply for any of these roles, please provide:

  • A critique of the section from the past couple of terms, with suggestions of improvements you would seek to implement, if appointed. This should largely focus on content, but if you have any particular ideas for digital presence or print design, please include these (200-400 words).
  • A critique of an article from the section from the past couple of terms (150-300 words).
  • Three developed ideas for content in the section
  • Alternative headlines and subheadings for three recent articles from the section.
  • Details of any experience you have for the role. For example, you may wish to include any intern experiences or other extra-curricular activities. Please also include any technical skills (e.g. ability to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or video editing software), particularly when applying to roles where these skills would be important. (200-400 words)

Available positions

News Editor

Want to be at the forefront of Cambridge’s News scene? The Varsity News editorial team is the place for you. News is Varsity’s biggest section, playing an essential role in Cambridge, providing timely, objective, and incisive reporting on stories relevant to our readers. Our coverage serves not only to inform Varsity readers, but to hold institutions in the city to account. Members of the team must be engaged with goings-on in Cambridge, and be both knowledgeable and critical in their coverage of issues prominent in the Cambridge community. We will be continuing to cover COVID-19 in both article and live blog formats if necessary.

Senior News Editor: The Senior News Editors will lead a team of Deputy News Editors and news correspondents. They are responsible for commissioning writers and editing copy, reacting to breaking news as well as identifying important issues to explore further. The Senior News Editors must commit to training Varsity’s news correspondents, and commit to receiving further news training from other experienced news writers at the paper. This term we are looking to hire three Senior News Editors, to allow workloads to be managed effectively and ensure we are providing the best possible coverage we can. If you are applying to be a Senior News Editor, please can you also provide detail of the earliest date you will be able to return to Cambridge.

Deputy News Editor: The Deputy News Editors assist the Senior News Editors in finding stories and editing. They are equally prepared to write and edit, and play an important mentoring role for newer news correspondents. They must also commit to receiving further news training from other experienced news writers at the paper.

Investigations Editor

Investigations Editor(s) are crucial to Varsity’s role in holding our institutions, societies and students to account. They must have a nose for the untold story and a drive to work independently, tackling in-depth projects with the aim of uncovering interesting and important things that our readers should know about. Experience of news writing, while not required, is particularly valuable in an Investigations Editor. They must commit to receiving news training from the News Editors and from more experienced members of the team, who will be keen to guide them.

Opinion Editor

Opinion is one of Varsity’s most popular sections. Members of the Opinion team should be compelled by the discussions happening around them about Cambridge’s key issues, and understand the importance of keeping those conversations alive, seeking new perspectives, and pushing them to evolve. We will soon be looking to recruit a team of staff Opinion writers, alongside columnists, to dissect and reflect on Cambridge’s key issues.

Senior Opinion Editor: The Senior Opinion Editor should be passionate about facilitating conversations in the paper and guiding contributors to produce the best work they can. They are responsible for generating ideas for pieces, commissioning writers and editing copy. It’s important for the Senior Opinion Editors to be aware of what’s happening in other sections of the paper, and to keep up to date with the big stories both in Cambridge and worldwide. Responsible for a team of Deputy Opinion Editors, columnists, and staff Opinion writers, the Senior Opinion editor must have strong team management and organisational qualities, and be prepared to take on a great deal of responsibility, since they will often need to handle sensitive topics.

Deputy Opinion Editor: The Deputy Opinion Editors assist the Senior Opinion Editor in commissioning pieces and editing copy. They work directly with section contributors to develop their columns and articles week on week and are always on the lookout for opportunities for a good Opinion piece, taking inspiration from Cambridge life, current affairs and popular culture.

Features Editor

The Features section is a place for creative, compelling perspectives on breaking news stories and key issues within the Cambridge community, as well as platforming personal stories from students. Over the past year, the section has established itself as a space where conversations begin, often stemming from personal experiences, broadening the discussions and perspectives of Cambridge students. We’re looking for someone who is engaged with the issues that dominate the news in Cambridge, but also an individual with an eye for an interesting perspective on issues often under-discussed or marginalised. The features editors must be comfortable helping writers transform their personal experiences and the individual stories of those living and working in and around the University into compelling journalism that engages the attention of a wider audience; opening eyes to new issues or introducing new perspectives on older ones.

Senior Features Editor: The Senior Features Editors are responsible for generating ideas for pieces, commissioning writers and editing copy. It’s important for a Senior Features Editor to be aware of what is happening in other sections (especially News, Opinion, and Lifestyle), and to think about how Features articles may respond to issues within Cambridge and wider society. Applicants should be thoughtful about how to put their ideas for the section into action. The Senior Features Editors will guide the Deputy Features Editors and will also hire the section’s columnists.

Deputy Features Editor: The Deputy Features Editors assist the Senior Features Editor in commissioning pieces and editing copy, as well as in supervising the section’s columnists. They are always on the lookout for opportunities for a good Features piece and can help guide writers on sensitive articles.

Interviews Editor

Our Interviews Editors get the chance to meet fascinating and high-profile people from all walks of life. They need to keep up-to-date with events in Cambridge and be proactive in seeking out opportunities to interview interesting people, beyond the venues where Varsity’s interviews have traditionally taken place. We want someone who understands how compelling a good interview can be, has an instinct for who Varsity’s readers want to know more about, and engages with breaking news. A good Interviews Editor will prioritise interviewing interesting people with diverse backgrounds and views.

Science Editor

There is arguably no better place than Cambridge to be a student Science Editor, and we’re looking to build upon this term’s expansion of the Science section, in regard to both increasing and diversifying the section's output. Over the holidays, the Science team will look to recruit staff science writers to report on groundbreaking research in Cambridge, explore the research community and open discussion on topical scientific issues. It’s an exciting time to head the section, spearheading our continued efforts to engage with the brimming scientific community at our fingertips, and simultaneously render our Science content accessible to students from all academic backgrounds.

Sport Editor

Sport is one of Varsity’s busiest and most vibrant sections and the Sport Editor is in a prime position to shape discussions around sport in Cambridge. The Sport Editor is responsible for commissioning match reports, interviews, guides and features every week, covering as wide a range of sports and sporting experiences as possible, across all levels. In the past year, the Sport section has taken a closer, more critical look at the world of Cambridge sport and we’re looking for someone to continue this focus, and platform personal experiences and perspectives on University sport as well as recreational sport. The Sport Editor(s) will hire and manage a team of staff sports writers, pushing for diversified and exciting content for the section.

Violet Editor

Weird, wacky and wonderful, Violet is certainly the hidden gem of Varsity! We’re eager to continue Violet's recent expansion and firmly establish it as a space for humorous light-hearted news and satire, as well as a variety of entertaining features, including Horoscopes, Cambridge-specific quizzes and crosswords. The Violet Editor should think carefully about how best to develop a clear identity for Violet, and to make it distinct from the rest of the paper, as well as refreshing and original. The Violet Editor should also be keen to work with Varsity’s Marketing and Media team to produce exciting and varied social media content from the section. Over the holidays, the Violet Editor(s) will hire a team of staff writers. So, if you love a cheeky monthly horoscope reading and can’t get enough of quizzes which tell you which Cambridge College you are, the Violet editorial team is certainly calling your name.

Vulture sections

Arts Editor

Fine art, literature, architecture and more have a place in our Arts section, and we’re keen to offer a platform both to students’ experiences and reactions to art, as well as publishing original student artwork, including fiction, poetry, photography and visual art. The Arts Editors should be compelled by Cambridge’s artistic spaces, and be thoughtful about how Varsity can build upon our examination and support of them. They will have exciting opportunities to engage with Cambridge-based artists and their work. The Arts Editors will be responsible for coming up with ideas for pieces, commissioning writers and editing copy They must keep up with both Cambridge and worldwide Arts news, and take initiative in reaching out to students and professionals to pursue further leads for the section (e.g. student spotlight of art, interviewing a Cambridge author).

Film & TV Editor

Our Film & TV Editors should have a vision for generating content related to film and TV which is relevant to Cambridge students. They are responsible for commissioning reviews and other more personal features on films and television shows, and will be expected to foster links with the student film scene in order to deliver new and exciting content. Beyond simply commissioning reviews – though this remains an important focus of the section – they should seek to platform and engage with student filmmakers in Cambridge.

Music Editor

The Music Editors should be passionate about music, and keen to share this passion with our readers. Applicants should, ideally, demonstrate an interest and engagement with Cambridge’s music scene, as well as an understanding of evolving music tastes among students. They should seek to generate content that explores the Cambridge music scene in new ways, as well as creating weekly playlists. They will commission pieces – a mixture of reviews and other features – and edit copy.The Music Editors must be open-minded and nondiscriminatory to all forms of music, making it a priority to feature many different genres within the term.

Fashion Editor

Varsity’s Fashion section must aim to be accessible, personal and relevant to students. The Fashion Editors must be on top of the latest trends, have an eye for a photoshoot, and know where the best fashion and beauty buys can be found. Next term, we are eager for the section to place an increased focus on the vast range of fashion visible within Cambridge and among Cambridge students, including content specifically targeted at exploring fashion on a student budget. The Fashion Editors are responsible for organising photoshoots – creating concepts, sourcing models and recruiting a photographer through liaising with the Photography Editor – as well as commissioning and editing articles.

Theatre Editor

The Theatre Editors will commission reviews for the large Cambridge theatre scene as well as more personal Opinion or Features-style articles exploring students’ experiences with the dramatic arts. Next term, we’re eager to broaden the section’s focus beyond reviews, although these will remain important, seeking to highlight in particular the creative work students undertake to bring productions to life and making use of a range of multimedia content. This is a demanding role due to the large output of the section and the time-critical nature of reviews. We are especially looking for individuals who understand the Cambridge theatre scene well, are extremely organised and able to take great initiative in reaching out to shows (e.g. to review, or interview).

Lifestyle Editor

Lifestyle is a diverse and engaging section, which should be focused upon content relevant to the daily lives of students, covering issues related to mental health and well-being, as well as sharing recipes and collections of fun and accessible activities around Cambridge. We’re looking for people with a knack for creating enjoyable content: from recipes and explorations of the Cambridge food scene, to tips on health, relationships or handling stress, or reading outside of a Cambridge degree.In Michaelmas 2020, our Lifestyle Editors started the series ‘Ask Vulture’. We are very keen for this comforting series to be continued and expanded on by this term’s Lifestyle Editors, who would be responsible for working with staff writers to produce quality ‘Ask Vulture’ content, alongside managing the bulk of other Lifestyle articles.

Digital roles

Head of Video

The Video section is heading in a very exciting direction, with increasing output and a growing scope for experimentation. The Head of Video will be responsible for overseeing Varsity’s video output, which will require running and organising the video team to produce high-quality content in a timely manner, and ensuring that team members are well-trained. They will commission content from the rest of the video team, keeping an eye on upcoming opportunities in Cambridge as well as ways to collaborate with other sections. They will ensure that Varsity maintains some running series of videos as well as ensuring that regular video content is produced for Varsity’s social media. If you wish to apply for this role, please provide:

● A critique and vision statement for Varsity’s video content, outlining some ideas for the kind of content you’d like to pursue next term. Include an explanation of how you would make sure video reflects the diversity of Varsity’s textual content. (500 words maximum)

● Two developed ideas for video social media content

● An explanation of any experience you have for the role, why you think you would be suitable, and why you want to do it (300 words maximum).

Video Team

The video team will be responsible for creating the content which the Head of Video proposes, as well as coming up with their own ideas about exciting video opportunities. We’re looking for people to shoot, edit and present Varsity’s video output. You are welcome to apply to any one or a selection of these roles, and Varsity will be able to provide opportunities to expand and develop your skills. To apply, please provide:

● An explanation of the role you would like to have within the video team, as well as details of any skills, equipment and software you currently have (none required!).

● An explanation of any experience you have of working with video, including a link to any examples (again, no experience is required!).

● Three suggestions for video content you’d like to produce in Lent Term, or ideas for a running series.

Podcast Producer

Switchboard is Varsity’s podcast. Switchboard has become a regular feature of Cambridge life this term and the Podcast Producer(s) should be prepared to maintain the weekly nature of the Podcast. The Podcast Producer(s) will be responsible for overseeing Switchboard's production, from creating concepts, to research, to recording and editing. If they should wish, they will have the opportunity to recruit a Podcast team, which they will lead in the production of the show. They will work closely with the Digital Editor to produce the show, and should be thoughtful about how their content could feature in, or be produced in collaboration with, various sections of the paper itself. No prior experience of audio or broadcast production is required.

To apply, please provide:

● A vision statement for Switchboard, explaining the kind of content you would like to provide and any thoughts on tone, image and branding (500 words maximum).

● A brief outline for a 30 minute show.

● An explanation of any experience you have for the role (none required!), why you think you would be suitable, and why you want to do it.

Additional roles

Photography Editor

Our Photography Editor keeps Varsity looking fresh and vibrant with new and original photographic content, and works across the paper from the News and Sport sections to the creative, magazine side of the paper, Vulture. As Photography Editor you will be responsible for commissioning a team of Varsity photographers, as well as running, expanding and providing training to that team. The Photography Editor should have an eye for, and be responsive to, stories and perspectives that can best be explored visually, and be ready to work independently or with other section editors to bring these ideas to fruition. To apply, please provide:

● An explanation of your current involvement with Cambridge’s photography community (200 words maximum).

● A small portfolio of your own work.

● A list of any photography kit you have (it is not necessary to have any as Varsity has some of its own).

If you would just like to be part of Varsity’s photography team, watch out for recruitment later in the holidays, or send an informal email to

Illustrations Editor

Our Illustrations Editor keeps the paper looking engaging with new and original artistic content. As Illustrations Editor you will be responsible for commissioning a team of Varsity staff illustrators, recruiting a diverse range of artistic talent from cartoonists to digital artists. Our Illustrations Editor will also be involved in running and expanding on that team, liaising with section editors across the newspaper, and running the Varsity Illustrations Instagram account. With our illustration team growing, and its original artwork increasingly featuring in the paper, the Illustrations Editor plays a crucial role in producing our weekly print editions and ensuring that they are eye-catching and dynamic. To apply, please provide:

● An explanation of your current involvement with Cambridge’s art community (200 words maximum).

● A small portfolio of your own work.

If you would just like to be one of Varsity’s Staff Illustrators, watch out for recruitment in the near future, or send an informal email to


Know your less from your fewer? Have an eye for commas, apostrophes, capital letters, always italicising Varsity, and spelling? Our team of sub-editors are key to ensuring that Varsity maintains its reputation for clear and professional journalism. They ensure that all pieces conform to Varsity’s house style. It’s also important for sub-editors to be aware of the content itself, and to flag up anything that may be unsuitable for publishing.

We are looking to recruit a number of sub-editors as well as a Chief Sub-Editor, who will manage the team of sub-editors to ensure content is sub-edited in a timely and high-quality fashion. To apply, please provide:

● A critique of an article from any section from the past couple of terms, with particular attention to the detailed improvements which a sub-editor could make (300 words maximum).

● An explanation of any experience you have for the role, why you think you would be suitable, and why you want to do it. Please also state whether you would like to be considered for the Chief Sub-Editor role.

Web Developers

You might have noticed some new elements in our online content recently. We’re trying to raise the bar, and we’re looking for the best and brightest Cantabrigian coders to take our frontend material to the next level. Experience in HTML and CSS is a necessity, experience in other software, such as Adobe Suite software and D3.js would also be valued. To apply, please provide:

● A critique of Varsity’s online production value and outline what front-end changes you would look to make (500 words maximum).

● An outline of your experience of the following: HTML, CSS, Javascript, D3, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

New Roles

Publishing Team

Love adobe photoshop? Got an undying passion for newspaper or magazine design and are a stickler for detail? Then Varsity’s publishing team is perfectly suited for you! We are looking for a small but dedicated team of 3 to 4 individuals to help our section editors and executive team with Varsity’s print edition. This role will involve coming into the Varsity offices on a bi-weekly basis to advise and check over print. The Publishing team are expected to be proficient with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and . The team will be purely focused on the production side of the paper, enabling them to have a great deal of creative license in brainstorming new, dynamic ideas for Varsity’s print format. Alongside the executive team, the Publishing team will also be responsible for training new section editors in setting and guiding them throughout the term on how to improve the creativity of their print sections. If you wish to apply for the Publishing Team, please provide:

● A critique and vision statement for Varsity’s print edition, outlining some ideas for how you want to present content (400 words)

● Small portfolio of your work (doesn't have to be from a newspaper)

● An explanation of why you think you would be suitable for the role (250 words maximum)

● If you are applying to be a Senior News Editor, please can you also provide detail of the earliest date you will be able to return to Cambridge.

Marketing and Media Team

Do you have a slight obsession with social media? Do you love a visually pleasing feed, and creating dynamic content that reels in likes? Are you keen to gain top-level experience in media design and publicity? If yes, then this role is made for you. Varsity’s Marketing and Media team will be in charge of designing Varsity and Vulture’s Instagram and Facebook content, as well as ensuring that this dynamic content (posts, stories, Instagram reels) is published regularly. The aim of this team is to increase Varsity’s outreach through dynamic social media, ranging from advertising articles to innovating personable content that will increase our following. It’s a chance to make your social media mark on one of the most widely read student newspapers in the country - don’t miss out! To apply for either role, please provide:

● A critique and vision statement for Varsity's social media, outlining some ideas that you have for Varsity and Vulture's Instagram and Facebook (300 words maximum)

● A small portfolio of your work in design/publicity (if possible)

● Three suggestions for social media content you’d like to produce in Lent Term, or ideas for a running series.

Head of Marketing and Media: The Head of marketing and media works closely with our Digital Editor to develop the design and manage the running of Varsity’s social media. You will be responsible for guiding a small publicity team, and liaising with the Deputy to develop a strategy for increasing Varsity’s social media outreach and popularity. The Head of marketing and media is also responsible for ensuring that social media posts are scheduled regularly, and with the help of the team, must consistently be uploading articles, posts and stories onto our social media accounts.

Deputy of Marketing and Media: The Deputy of marketing and media will be closely assisting the Head in brainstorming and delivering a successful marketing strategy for Varsity’s social media. The Deputy is expected to help organise and design the graphics for the social media, either similar to what the Varsity Instagram account has been experimenting with this term, or creating an alternative visual direction. The Deputy will be working alongside the Head to produce current, vibrant content, including Instagram reels and stories.

Keen to contribute to the paper but not in an editorial role? Applications for reporters, videographers, photographers, illustrators and columnists will open shortly. In the meantime, to hear about upcoming opportunities in sections you're interested in, sign up for our section-specific mailing lists and join the relevant Facebook groups for interested writers. We’re always open to pitches, on any issue or theme which may interest you, so please drop us an email with your ideas!

Don't hesitate to apply! We’re excited to receive your application.

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