Cambridge will accept all offer-holders who meet the conditions of their based on revised results Louis ashworth

Following the government’s U-turn on A-level results, whereby students are now awarded their teacher assessed grades, the University has announced that all students who meet the conditions of their offer with their teacher assessed grades will be given a place.

This means that applicants who had previously not met the conditions of their offer, because their teacher assessed grades had been downgraded by a controversial algorithm, will now be admitted to the University.

However, the statement released today (18/08) outlines that “given the unprecedented situation” offer-holders who still do not meet the conditions of their offer based on revised results will “regrettably” not be given a place. This goes against the mass outcry of students and alumni who have called on the University to admit all offer-holders irrespective of their results.

Although, students who successfully appeal the assessment process and, as a result, meet the conditions of their offer will be admitted.

Cambridge SU expressed "deep disappointment" that the University will reject students' whose teacher assessed grades fall short of their offers. The SU feels this demonstrates a "regrettable unwillingness" by the University "to proactively redress the inequalities that plague the UK education system."

Vice Chancellor Stephen Toope, in a statement released on Sunday (16/08), argued that “our commitment to widening participation remains absolute” but warned that “there are limits to flexibility”.

Toope claimed that the University would “accommodate a larger number of students than usual” but qualified his commitment, insisting that “stretching our available resources to accept a big increase would undermine the experience of all students.”

To accommodate the larger-than-normal cohort size, some students whose offers have already been confirmed may be required to defer the year.

The number of places the University is able to confirm for 2020 admissions will “depend upon a number of factors, including our ability to increase places in subjects, our teaching capacity and the amount of accommodation that colleges can provide.”

In response to the University's latest statement, Cambridge SU has expressed concern about the "lack of flexibility and transparency regarding deferrals". 


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Over 18,000 students and alumni call for colleges and the University to relax their admissions policies amid A-level “fiasco”

The SU "firmly believe that offer-holders should not be forced to choose between giving up their offers or deferring their entry for a year" as "this is not an option for students from certain disadvantaged backgrounds." As such, the SU are calling on the University to prioritise those from Widening Participation backgrounds when allocating available places for 2020 admission. 

Applicants with a place already confirmed will still be admitted to the University as these offers “are final and will not change or be withdrawn unless specifically requested or agreed by the student.”

The University has promised to provide further information for students as soon as possible.

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