Exams will commence on 20th MayLouis Ashworth

A University webpage was updated this evening to state that exam timetables for the Easter Term ‘will be published w/c 4 May 2020’, with the first assessments beginning on ‘20 May 2020’.

A statement added to the page describes that 'due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent amendments to the modes of assessment and assessment timetable in the Easter term 2020, it will not be possible to offer a four week gap between publication of the timetable and the start of assessments'.

This information appears to contradict previous assurances given to students in various faculties that they would receive a minimum of four weeks’ notice ahead of their exams.

The appearance of the webpage at 17:30pm, prior to the unannounced change in policy.University of Cambridge

The University has not yet emailed students about any changes to the examination notice period.

The webpage previously stated that exam timetables would be published on Monday (04/05), but a complete timetable is yet to appear on the website.

The website as of 17.50pm, adding that "usually" exam timetables are published as early as possible, as well as the new policy.University of Cambridge

Students have been given contradictory information about when timetables will be released. The Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Science, University of Cambridge have informed students that timetables would be published today (05/05). 

The University declined to respond to Varsity's request for comment.