Louisa Deragon, who is running for graduate President, speaks at last Friday's hustingsRosie Bradbury

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Follow's Varsity's live coverage of the main events during the Students' Union elections this week, with our ongoing updates 

  • A reminder that voting is now open (since 9am on Monday morning), and will be open until 5pm this Thursday - you can vote here
  • We have a handy explainer to the elections here (the first for 'new-SU')
  • Varsity's guide to your candidates is here
  • Check out our analysis on CUSU engagement here – a perennial issue for the students' union
  • We ran a detailed live blog of Friday's hustings if you missed out on our live stream


We are in the CUSU lounge and have officially switched over to our live blog of the results party. Stay updated here.  


Voting closed at 5pm tonight, bringing us closer to this evening’s results party and announcements. Please stay tuned for more coverage.

Meanwhile, our manifesto analysis this afternoon shows how all the presidential candidates offer competing visions of student politics (but not all are quite a decisive break from the past).


Stay with us tomorrow as we enter the final day of voting. 

Varsity will be covering the provisional results as they are released at the election results party tomorrow from around 7pm, an event which will be open to all.


Check out Varsity's piece today on the different campaign tactics candidates are employing here, which range from meme pages to parody videos.


The SU has released more detailed up-to-date breakdown of voting statistics per college. 

In the lead is St. Edmund's with an impressive 33.4% of students voting at the college. It overtakes Christ's in first place from yesterday, and this may come as good news to graduate SU Presidential candidate Aastha Dahal, who is at the St Edmund's.

In second and third place are Christ's and Robinson, with 31.4% and 30.6% of their student bodies voting, respectively. This represents an additional 17 Robinson students voting following yesterday's count, while 2% more have voted at Christ's.


The Elections Committee also states on its website it made a request today to the Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) asking for evidence of the way in which it gives endorsements made in this elections via email.

The Committee report that CUCA have failed to respond to this request, which they have ruled is a breach of Election Rule 2.5: “Evidence of the way in which the decision [to endorse] was taken must be made available to the Elections Committee on request."

Wed - 7:15pm 

The Elections Committee today has issued a formal warning to Luisa Deragon, who is running for the role of graduate SU President.

The Committee reported that it has discovered a social media post in support of Deragon had been made by a non-student with a significant social media reach, and decided this breached Election Rule 2.3: “Students should not seek or promote endorsements from anyone not a member of CUSU or the GU”.

The post has since been removed, and the Committee state therefore that no further action will be taken.


More here in our story on Jess O'Brien's campaign ban today. Candidate for Disabled Students' Officer, Kerensa Gaunt, has also said that she made a formal complaint against O'Brien for alleged bullying and harassment. 


Polls have been open since 9am Monday, and so it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for – some college-level voting analysis! (figures correct at time of publishing).

Conventional CUSU wisdom suggests that winning candidates rely on a solid bedrock of college support. This was certainly true for Edward Parker-Humphreys last year, when 51.1% of Jesuans voted.

With turnout across the University generally hovering below 25% (it was 22.2%) last year, high college turnout can see candidates surge.

CUSU’s ranking shows that the colleges who have had the highest proportion of their student bodies voting are Christ’s (on 29%), followed by Robinson (182 votes) and Magdalene (153 votes) rounding out the top three. This is sure to be welcome news to Esme Cavendish – who is at Christ’s and running for undergrad Access, Education and Participation.

Robinson’s Ben Margolis is running for Undergrad President, and Alice Gilderdale is running for Welfare and Communities. Meanwhile, Matt Alderton (also running for President) and Howard Chae (candidate for BME Officer) are both at Magdalene.

Despite this, the 201 students from Christ’s who have voted are no match for Homerton: Cambridge’s largest college by student numbers. 223 students from Homerton have already voted, and so Henry Wright (another candidate for Undergrad President) may be pleased with this voting base, as might Bella Harter, another candidate for Women’s.

Looking beyond the Undergrad President race, high turnout at St Edmund’s (in fourth place with 158 votes) may mean a positive showing for Aastha Dahal, a student there and a candidate for Postgraduate President.

Newnham’s 156 voters (number five on the list) could be both good news for either Marisa Clements or Flannery McIntyre, both running to be Women’s Officer, and Siyang Wei, who is running to be the Postgraduate Access, Education and Participation Officer.

There has also been good turnout at Catz – 131 students have voted, and Women’s Officer candidate Chloe Newbold studies there.

With two days of voting to go however, the picture could still change.

Tue - 1:55pm 

The SU Elections Committee has issued a one-day campaign ban - until midday tomorrow - and a final formal warning to Jess O’Brien, who is running for University Councillor.

On its website, the Committee said it had been informed that a Facebook account by the name of Isceá Aloisia Ó Brian - translated from Irish as Jessica Alicia O’Brien - had messaged the Cambridge Zero Carbon Facebook page encouraging them not to endorse a particular candidate in one of the Sabbatical Officer elections, and instead endorse RON.

O'Brien confirmed this was her account, and claimed she had given the log-in details to another student. She told the Committee in a meeting today that she had not seen the messages until last weekend.

The Elections Committee ruled that she is in breach of Rule 3.3, that "candidates cannot campaign for candidates in a different election, cannot share resources with other candidates and cannot endorse any other candidates."


Cambridge's Conservative Association (CUCA) have announced in a Facebook post they will not be endorsing any of the Liberation Campaign candidates (BME, Women's and Disabled Students’ Officer), and are encouraging people to vote RON for every other candidate too.


Elections enthusiasts in the Varsity newsroom have noticed that only one HSPS student (Rusty Smith) is running for Undergrad President out of the five candidates.

If a non-HSPS student wins the presidency, this would make a major break from recent CUSU history, where Edward Parker Humphreys is the fourth HSPS President in four years.

Henry Wright is a CompSci, while Ben Margolis, Matt Alderton and Amira Nandhla are all historians. The SU presidency may well escape the clutches of HSPS undergrads.


As per tradition, Cambridge's student political clubs have weighed in with their endorsements. Read all about it here.

Ben Margolis has won CULC's Undergrad President endorsement, while Henry Wright has won CULA's. Chloe Newbold secured CULC's endorsement for Women's Officer.

Some surprises included CULA asking students to 're-open nominations' for uncontested roles (of which there are a few this election cycle), and CULC endorsing Freddie Poser, a CULA Campaigns Officer, for University Councillor. 

CUCA has made no public endorsements to date.


If you've not been keeping up with the race so far, let our coverage get you up to speed!

We have a handy explainer to the elections (the first for 'new-SU'), and a guide to your candidates here. Also check out our analysis on CUSU engagement – a perennial issue for the students' union.

We ran a detailed live-blog of Friday's hustings if you (somehow!) missed out on our live-stream. The hustings saw candidate for Undergraduate President, Matt Alderton, apologising for a homophobic slur he used in the JCR group.

Mon - 3:53pm 

Welcome to the Varsity live-blog for the remainder of the Students' Union elections, where we'll be keeping you up-to-date with everything that's happened so far.

Voting opened at 9am this morning, and will be open until 5pm this Thursday. You can vote here.