The anti-terror barrier on King's Parade was made operational on January 16thVictor Jack

A petition branding the new anti-terror barrier on King’s Parade a “hazard” and calling for its removal has gathered more than 1,100 signatures.

The petition demands the council undergo an urgent review into the barrier, describing it as a “clumsy blot” which will worsen existing conflict between cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.


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“Illogically thought out”: Concerns raised about anti-terrorism barrier on King’s Parade

The barrier came into operation on January 16th, and is closed every day between 9:30am and 7pm. Cambridge City Council argue the installation is necessary to prevent a possible terrorist attack on the street, which attracts many tourists, following advice from the Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in 2018.

Several incidents have unfolded following the barrier’s installment, including a fire engine being forced to reverse down King’s Parade last Friday, and a hearse being held up for 20 minutes when a council official opened the barrier for the first time.

However, Varsity was informed this delay was due to the hearse missing its allocated slot to pass through.

The barrier continues to be a source of controversy amongst University staff and students alike.

Olivia Dean, a second year at Queens’ College, told Varsity she was almost involved in a serious collision with a tourist after they unexpectedly stepped in front of the barrier’s cycle path. She argued though “it is a good idea, the practicalities of it clearly have not been thought through”.

But one porter at King’s is in favour of the barrier and pedestrianisation of the street, telling Varsity criticism has come as “people are averse to change”.

They added King’s had “experienced no problems whatsoever” since its installation, and stressed “the city has a responsibility to contribute to anti-terror measures”.

The council has so far not changed its position as a result of the petition, with Councillor Lewis Herbert maintaining “the memories of last year’s terrorist outrage near London Bridge are not fading and our community deserves this protection”.