Becca Nichols/Louis Ashworth/Rosie Bradbury/Composite: Rosie Bradbury

The race has begun. Campaigning is underway in the 2019 CUSU and GU elections. 15 students are vying for the seven year-long, full-time sabbatical officer roles this election season. Voting opens this Tuesday, 5th March, and will close at 5pm on Friday, 8th March.

Competing for the role of CUSU president are Shadab Ahmed and Edward Parker Humphreys. The winner will become the primary representative of Cambridge’s student body both within the University and beyond, a full-time sabbatical position.

Varsity’s poll is now closed. 

To ensure only University members can take part in this poll, the website will ask for a Raven log in. However, this poll is completely anonymous and we will not store or pass on any of your personal information. You may change your answers at any time, but only the final submission from your anonymous identity will be counted in the results

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