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  • Evie Aspinall has won as CUSU president
  • Graduate union president cannot be announced due to on-going disciplinary proceedings 
  • Shadab Ahmed won the election for access and funding officer
  • Marcel Llavero Pasquina has been elected as university councillor
  • Christine Pungong won as welfare and rights officer
  • Turnout has fallen since last year
  • Christ’s and Pembroke saw biggest turnouts

8:08pm This is the Varsity CUSU 2018 live election coverage, signing off for the night. 

7:40pm That's all the announcements for now, in the 2018 CUSU election. Thanks for staying tuned.

7:39pm Despite Siyang Wei winning a plurality with 1,657 votes in the first round, the second round of voting saw the majority of MacDonald voters choosing Aspinall over Wei for an Aspinall victory, defying poll predictions and making for a shock result.

7:33pm Evie Aspinall wins the CUSU presidency with 2,024 votes in the second round of voting.

7:33pm Connor Macdonald has been eliminated after the first round of presidential votes.

7:32pm  Emrys Travis received 1,560 votes for the position of disabled students officer. They then joked to their predecessor "I got more votes than you!"

7:31pm Matt Kite has won the uncontested election for CUSU education officer with 1,729 votes, although gasps ensued following the announcement that 523 voted to reopen nominations.

7:29pm Claire Sosienski Smith, who was ran unopposed, received 2085 votes and has been elected as women's officer.

7:28pm Christine Pungong is the winning candidate for CUSU welfare and rights officer, receiving 1,393 votes.

7:25pm Shadab Ahmed has narrowly won the position of CUSU access and funding officer, with 1,691 votes.

7:24pm Marcel Llavero Pasquina wins the election for university councillor. 

7:22pm The Elections Committee has determined that the election result for GU president cannot be determined tonight, due to ongoing disciplinary procedures for one candidate running for the role.

The Committee is expected to conclude the disciplinary proceedings on Sunday.  

7:11pm Varsity is broadcasting a live video feed of tonight's results. 

6:56pm Varsity's poll, released this morning, predicted a plurality in the first round for Siyang Wei in the presidential election.

In our poll, Wei received 41.6% of votes, followed by Connor Macdonald, with 27.0%, and Evie Aspinall, close behind, with 25.2%

6:55pm This year's election saw 4,713 votes cast for a turnout of 20.9%, down from 4,967 votes (22.5% turnout) in 2017. 

The Graduate Union turnout was 11%, almost two times higher than last year's GU turnout of 6%.

6:55pm All presidential candidates have now arrived.

6:52pm We're here at the CUSU Lounge bringing you live election results and updates. The announcements are scheduled to begin at 7pm. 

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