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  • Daniel Zeichner re-takes his seat in Cambridge with a resounding win and a much increased majority of 12,661 votes.
  • Huppert did not perform as well as he would have hoped, winning 29 per cent of the vote
  • Our reporters provided snapshots of the evening from around Cambridge

5:00am That’s all from us tonight. Labour have retained their hold of Cambridge, taking a formidable lead.

Nationwide, the picture is not so clear, and it looks like it might be some time before we have a clear idea of what’s in store for the country. The coming hours, days, or even weeks are going to be crucial for the future of the United Kingdom.

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Merlyn Thomas

Senior News Editor

Shock General Election turns everything on its head

The YouGov poll, projecting 302 seats for the Conservatives and 269 seats for Labour, looks set to be a better prediction of the results than the exit poll.

Now the focus will shift to how the Tories respond. Will Theresa May’s leadership be challenged? Will she try to enter into a formal coalition with the DUP?

At this point, where previously Corbyn was a widely mocked figure within his party lacking the full support of his MPs, he now seems to be in ascendance – and many Labour MPs seem to owe their seats to him. 

In just over 50 days, Labour seems to have managed the inconceivable. Now the question is: where do we go from here? 


Louis Ashworth


Zeichner surfs Labour surge to secure sizeable lead

As the promised Lib Dem surge dissipated over recent weeks, it looked evermore like Daniel Zeichner could be home free. The results tonight confirm that, and echo the findings of Varsity’s poll before the election: students have shifted en masse to support the Labour Party.

The other parties will be left to lick their wounds – the Greens have collapsed, and the Lib Dems struggled to live up to expectations despite having a strong candidate in Julian Huppert. The Conservatives will be disappointed with the outcome: though they increased their share, some Tories had been hoping for a second place finish which could set them up to target the seat at the next election. As it stands, they’re left within striking distance of the Lib Dems – still a credible result.

4:27am As night becomes dawn, politics is taking a turn for the bizarre and...wonderful? British democracy at its finest. 

4:10am For any freshly-arrived international students with us, a little glimpse of the unique beast that is British democracy (note: Prime Minister Theresa May is just offscreen): 

3:59am Spirits high amongst Labour supporters after massive U-turn in expectations 

3:51am Violet squad on point in the city centre:

3:40am The full results for Cambridge tonight:

3:23am Theresa May, leader of the Conservative Party, is re-elected in her seat in Maidenhead

3:11am The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is safely re-elected in his home constituency of Islington North for the ninth time.

Joy for the many
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

3:11am Millennial sports-lovers will remember the remarkable scenes when the 2012 Olympics were awarded to London, and the hugs and screams and embraces between Kelly Holmes, David Beckham and Prince William.

The Union, at least on this occasion, might lack those names, but the scenes of jubilation were acutely reminiscent when Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected in Islington North and, moments later, even more markedly, when Labour’s Daniel Zeichner was returned to our Cambridge seat.

What a time it is to be alive ­– and what a place in which to live.

The Violet interviews
Ellie Mullett

Ellie Mullett

3:06am Ellie Mullett is back with another banging election conundrum.

‘Shag, marry, avoid: Boris Johnson, Jacob Reese-Mogg and Jeremy Paxman?’

“Marry Jacob Reese-Mogg,” says Todd, “avoid Boris, and fuck Jeremy Paxman, really hard. I reckon he would be quite a gentle lover.”

BREAKING 3:02am The results from Guildhall are finally in: it's a resounding win for Labour as Daniel Zeichner holds on to his seat in Cambridge!

3:00am Labour have taken Peterborough – an unexpected gain in a fairly local seat to Cambridge.

2:58am A dejected Nick Clegg gives impassioned speech in Sheffield Hallam after a bitter loss about "the very difficult times our country faces" through which we "must try and reach out to each other if we are to heal these profound divisions". 

Cambridge Election Crawl: Corpus Christi
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

2:57am Now it’s onto the Corpus JCR, where one viewer told Violet how they were “initially optimistic, but now confused.” Another was reluctant to comment, saying “It's just so early that it's difficult.”

An engineer added a scientific edge, telling Violet: “It swung once but I feel like it should oscillate and then steady out.”

When Nick Clegg lost his Sheffield Hallam seat, the reaction was certainly dramatic, with a few shrieks of shock. Things are starting to heat up, and so the election crawl continues!

2:55am  Vince Cable, former Union president, re-takes Twickenham for the Lib Dems. It's certainly a weird night for the former coalition minnows.

2:52am Goodbye my lover...

2:48am Robinson College alumnus and former Liberal Democrat party leader, Nick Clegg, loses Sheffield Hallam. His successor is the first MP who was born after Tony Blair became prime minister in May 1997. What are we doing with our lives?

Martha's Musings
Martha O'Neil

Martha O'Neil

2:46am I’m in bed. Radio on. Eating Reese’s mini buttercups.

BBC’s revised prediction very interesting — the kingmaker resides in Northern Ireland, it appears. Nigel Farage just on the radio. He spoke about the fact a second referendum and a second general election was now probable, which would lead to UKIP’s second coming. Slightly hyperbolic I feel. Surely UKIP is dead and buried?

Have a sudden craving for cereal. Bring Coco Pops if you can.

Union machinations
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

2:42am The future of the country may be playing out before our eyes tonight, but the battle for Westminster isn’t the only election being discussed here in Cambridge. Your correspondent has caught wind of tactical talks over the Union Presidency. A time and a place, no?

Unless, of course, one of the candidates are springing a surprise claim for Downing Street. Those hacking skills can get you a long way.

2:37am Guildhall prepares for results to be announced imminently

2:33am A jubilant atmosphere presides in Guildhall amongst Labour supporters as more wins across the country are announced.

Cambridge Election Crawl: St Catharine's
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

2:32am “The St Catz JCR is quiet but focused. We spoke to Olly Francis, who told Violet: “It’s looking pretty dandy. It could get less dandy in the future, but I hope it doesn't get less dandy.” 

Returning from 1960s New York, we also spoke to a number of Catz finalists who were ignoring exams in the hope of celebrating a Corbyn victory early into the morning. Bold moves.

2:26am Now from Caitlin Smith and Matt Gutteridge from the count floor, "We're still waiting for a result in the Guildhall, but the result seems foregone.

"Daniel Zeichner is likely to take this with ease, and the Labour election agents know it. Don't be stunned if Julian Huppert is pushed into third place here by an unexpectedly strong Conservative showing"

2:19am  Conservatives hold onto the South Cambridgeshire seat, home to Girton and Homerton, as Heidi Allen is re-elected.

2:18am  Angus Roberston, SNP Westminster leader, in unseated by the Conservatives - this will be a big loss for the party.

The Violet interviews
Ellie Mullett

Ellie Mullett

2:16am Forget Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Neil – it’s Ellie Mullett and Grace Robinson whose questions are sending shivers down political spines.

‘Name a random politician?’

“Nigel Farage because he is the most irrelevant person in this election.’

‘Sum him up in three words’:

“Absolute fucking wanker.”

2:13am  Daniel Zeichner arrives on stage in Guildhall to thunderous applause, as we wait for results to be announced.

Cambridge Election Crawl: Trinity
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

2:08am Violet has caught wind of a private election viewing at Trinity, where many students seemed hopeful about Labour’s chances. “This has shown that even if Labour hasn't been elected, they're not unelectable,” said one onlooker. “The complete annihilation of UKIP' is particularly interesting, as it shows that people are happy to vote for hope again, which they haven't been in a while.”

2:05am Gearing up for what is anticipated to be a big win for Labour, Cambridge University Labour Club have gathered outside the Guildhall, in Market Square, chanting hopeful victory cries of "Labour!"

They're behind you
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

2:05am Pantomime boos fill up the debating chamber as UKIP sourdough Nigel Farage appears for a two-way with David Dimbleby. With a passion.

These quickly make way for cheers as Labour gain Battersea from the Conservatives, and a couple of notable Tories make way elsewhere.

“All the things we needed to happen are actually happening,” muses a hack. Not every day a Cambridge student gets their dream results.

2:04am Happy faces from the Labour election agents on the count floor with Caitlin Smith and Matt Gutteridge. It seems like they're expecting Zeichner to win with a very large majority. 

1:56am Labour's Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, is re-elected warning Theresa May to "be careful what you wish for when you call for unnecessary and uncalled for elections" 

King of the swingers
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

1:52am “No election is complete without one thing,” David Dimbleby declares on the BBC. No, not drunk CUCA members at the Cambridge Union. No, not a proliferation of humble pies. “The swingometer!” he exclaims.

“I’ll drink to that!” shouts a hairy man at the front here. Jeremy Vine and his election graphics are getting the cheers of the night in the debating chamber. Red, orange or blue, we all love election eye-candy.

1:48am Labour has taken back the Vale of Clwyd from the Conservatives, which is now their second seat gained from the Tories. It seems increasingly like the exit poll might just have exaggerated the Tories' performance.

Darlington and Wrexham show the Tories haven't made the gains they want. 

Battersea and Clwyd show the Tories are actually losing ground where it matters

Cambridge Election Crawl: Sidney Sussex & Trinity
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

1:45am After some Mission Impossible-style break-ins (in this reporter's imagination at least), we found a very underwhelming JCR with two people studying for exams – so Sidney are letting the side down.

At Trinity, though, the mood was more engaged and nuanced. With Channel 4’s Alternative election coverage on show, David Mitchell was drawing a few laughs.  

One student said, “It's nice to see Labour do well, but it's not good enough.” Another was more nihilistic about the state of affairs: “Just stay out of politics. It's rubbish. I actively hate politics and democracy. You have to be qualified to know about matters you vote on.”

1:38am There may be no money trees but it seems there aren't many of these around here either...

View from the Violet Columnist
Shudong Li

Shudong Li

1:34am "The mood has worsened amongst the Cambridge Lib Dems. It looks like we might have lost Richmond to Zac Goldsmith and the Tories, only five months after Sarah Olney secured the seat. The night is looking worse and worse for our party. Word from Cambridge is also of a red hue."

1:32am Mhairi Black, elected in 2015 as the youngest MP since the Great Reform Act, has been returned in Paisley and Renfrewshire South.

1:31am Despite criticising Corbyn and praising the Labour manifesto, Peter Hain says will be able to harness the youth vote.

Cambridge Election Crawl: Jesus
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

1:31am We found a few Jesus members in their JCR. The mood was calmer, but it's clear students are excited, with Callum Moran telling Violet: “Here we, here we effing go!” and a fellow student echoing his sentiments.

Lydia and Eddie said: “It’s looking better than expected. The big thing is Theresa May out.” “Zeichner is bae. He's a fun, socialist piece of dough,” they both added for good measure.

Upon Darlington MP Jenny Chapman gaining 22,681 votes, gasps of suspense and hope were heard. When it was found to be a Labour victory, the tension turned to cheers.

The Violet interviews
Ellie Mullett

Ellie Mullett

1:21am Your favourite interview panel, Ellie Mullett, Grace Robinson and their coalition partner Ilona Harding-Roberts are checking in:

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

“Running naked through a field of wheat,” Sophia lies.

Which politician would you take to the pub?

“Jeremy Corbyn,” she says. “He sounds like the most fun.” 

If you like tending to allotments, perhaps…

1:21am  Word on the street (or what we now call Twitter) is that ex-CUSU and ex-NUS President Wes Streeting is expecting to hold on to his current seat:

Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

1:16am Back at the Union, a man dressed in black tie has ejected the contents of his gut onto the floor between the bar and debating chamber. They did say it was bound to be a sickening night for some young voters.

1:15am Labour has made the first gain of the night, taking Rutherglen & Hamilton West away from an SNP hold.

1:14am Wrexham was a must-win for the Conservatives if they wanted to build any majority of a serious size. As we saw a short while ago in Darlington, they're coming close, but not close enough.

Cheesy but true
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

1:12am Your humble live-blogger has taken stunt journalism to the next level by reporting live from outside the Van of Life. (It’s only right that such an iconic Cambridge hotspot should feature in our election coverage.)

The winding streets around St John’s look busier than usual as students take in tonight’s results from a range of angles. Some en route to the Guildhall to witness the Cambridge count, others on their way to bed and will try to make sense of it all in the morning, and a wise but less sizeable group are gathering cheesy chips to help stomach the wait.

View from the Violet Columnist
Martha O'Neil

Martha O'Neil

1:04am Well. I had contemplated going to bed just after the exit poll, so as not to have to confront the apocalypse. Fast-forward a few hours and the Union bar is calling, rose tattoos etched on cheeks, some individuals who peaked too soon (the Union cleaner can testify for this – avoid the corridor from the bar to the chamber, yuck), and the occasional black tie have all made their appearance tonight.

Although I still feel as if we’re trapped in some strange dream. So many questions. Can we even trust polls? Will Theresa resign?

I may go back to bed after all. This is making my head hurt (the politics, not the cocktails).

1:01am A strong voter turnout of 71.4% comes in from the Guildhall, up from 62.1% in the 2015 general election - plenty of cheers on the count floor with Caitlin Smith and Matt Gutteridge.

12.50am Following bizarre enforcements of rules in different colleges about canvassing flyers, King's College sets a good example with a neutral bar.

12:35am Regional disparities come to the fore with Matt Gutteridge, "The exit poll, which draws largely on national data, could be way off this time - and regional variations could be the reason.

"In Scotland, the Tories are eyeing up as many as ten seats to take from the SNP, while further down South, Home Secretary Amber Rudd is looking at serious risk of losing her seat.

"So far, it's only safe seats that have come in, so it could be another two hours before we have anything approaching a clear picture."

Marr on memes
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

12:29am Andrew Marr has come up with the quip of the night, live on the BBC election coverage: “Very funny, very pointed memes.” Gaggles of giggles amongst the Marr fanboys and girls at the Union bar counter.

No-one knows how to synthesise the mood of an audience quite like the former Varsity cartoonist and Trinity Hall drinking club member.

12:27am Cambridge University Labour Club's very own co-chair, Siyang Wei, says, "I'm delighted by the exit poll, but of course as we know anything can happen with the actual results.

That being said, we're cautiously optimistic and excited for a night that looks a lot better than many of us were expecting."

Looks like Cambridge students are staying hopeful for now.

The Violet interviews
Ellie Mullett

Ellie Mullett

12:23am Ellie Mullet and Grace Robinson are back with some more hard-hitting questions. This time, it’s ‘What’s the most outrageous thing you’d do to get the majority you want?’

Sam at the Union says: “Have a lecture hall with everyone sat down with Chris Clark, the most prestigious historian at Cambridge, at the front and kiss him on the lips. For bonus points, with tongues.”

Harry is a little more graphic: “I’d shit in my hands and clap.”

Cambridge Election Crawl: St John's
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

12:18am Getting to John’s was interesting and involved sticking my head through the window to get let in. One student expressed his desire “to run through fields of wheat.”

Another voter was concerned: “It's frightening, isn't it?”

The room was actually mostly Tory but there were a few Labour voters, one being particularly interesting as a Lib Dem member voting Labour.

He told Violet he voted Labour because he “wanted change, tactically voting for Labour is more important in this constituency.” 

I'll leave you with this final comment from a John’s student: “I'm excited for a coalition of chaos!”

12:16am Varsity's former Senior News Editor, Sam Harrison, draws parallels to the US elections, "Clinton made gains in safe Republican states from traditional Republican voters, but lost in the marginals.

"If Labour does particularly well in the marginals, its seat gains could outperform its vote share"

Money talks
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

12:09am Lots of baggy eyes down on the betting apps in one corner of the Union building. Apparently, the bookies make it 50-50 between a Conservative majority and a hung parliament. Either way, it looks like calling a snap election could be the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done.

12:09am Results from Swindon bring in the night's first win for the Conservatives with a 3.7% shift from Conservatives to Labour.

Matt Gutteridge tells us that as cliché as it may be, it's all to play for, "Our first Conservative win shows a better than expected performance for Labour this time.

"In short, we're back to square one. Our first five seats have shown no clear national pattern, and so those of us up all night will have to bite our nails for a little bit longer.

So far, the most interesting message is what has happened to the UKIP vote - it's collapsed, as expected, but it hasn't all gone to the Conservatives as expected.

"If ex-Labour, pro-Brexit voters have been tempted back from UKIP, then Theresa May's gamble on a snap election may prove a costly error."

Cambridge Election Crawl: Magdalene
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

12:00am At Magdalene now, the bar is shut but a commenter was kind enough to dose this reporter up. Matt Hartstein told Violet: “Go Corbyn! I did lose a bet with the stake of four shots that Tories would keep as many seats as they had in the exit poll.”

In the name of journalistic integrity, I sampled the shots he had to down – it’s an acceptable punishment/reward for losing. When the latest Labour win was revealed, cheers were heard once more – Cambridge seems very Labour tonight.

12:00am Verification is complete in the Guildhall and counting of votes will now commence! 

11:56pm BBC Radio 4 talk about the mood amongst Cambridge student voters, predicting a big win for Labour in the student population, with a possible increase in their majority.

The Violet interviews
Ellie Mullett

Ellie Mullett

11:55pm Violet interviewers Ellie Mullett and Grace Robinson have made a rare departure from Thursday Night Lola’s to mark the occasion. They will be asking visitors to the Cambridge Union some difficult questions…

1) Snog, marry, avoid: Boris, Corbyn or Maybot? 

Charlotte from Trinity Hall would snog Jez (“and have passionate socialist sex”), marry May (“you’d get to live in Downing Street… for now”), and avoid Boris.

Jade from Magdalene would snog May, marry Boris, and avoid Corbs. “Boris has lovely hair and I want my kids to have that charisma.”

11:49pm Matt Gutteridge keeps our feet firmly on the ground after the early buzz of excitement, "What we need to keep in mind is that, if the exit poll is correct, then the result will be very similar to what we saw in 2010 and 2015.

"Tories will be panicking, and Labour celebrating, but this is only because the Conservatives were expecting to do much better than this, and expectations for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour were so low."

11:42pm Here's a closer analysis of Varsity's poll of student voting intentions from Editor-at-Large, Louis Ashworth: 

11:39pm First appearance for Guildhall in Cambridge on the BBC coverage with predictions of a Labour hold, which seem to back up Varsity's poll results.

View from the Violet Columnist
Shudong Li

Shudong Li

11:33pm “Lib Dems are happy. We are happy because last night there were mutterings that we would halve our seats. Now it looks we might gain some more, whether it’s here in Cambridge or elsewhere in the South. Question is, what happens if we fail to reach our target and double our seats? We might have at least one resignation tonight.”

11:32pm  Elsewhere in the Labour camp:

11:27pm A graduate student from the North East at the Cambridge Union comments on results closer to home, "The Houghton and Sunderland South result is concerning for Labour in the North East. Given these results, I would treat the exit poll with increasing scepticism."

Cambridge Election Crawl: Fitzwilliam
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

11:26pm Fitz has assembled in the auditorium for the election excitement. Here I finally bumped into a Tory who simply said “no comment”, except that he's “drinking... heavily.” 

Labour and Tories are sitting together in wholesome harmony, with the adjacent Labour supporter telling Violet: “I'm relatively happy with the results, this is the most exciting election in the term of variety.” Now time for the bar before finally leaving the hill!

11:24pm Tory supporters finding some temporary comfort in the North East's results that have come in so far

11:14pm  Results from Houghton and Sunderland South come in: 24,665 Labour, 12,324 Conservatives and 908 Liberal Democrats

Matt Gutteridge, our resident Varsity hack and reporter on the count floor says, "The first results are not as disastrous for the Conservatives as the exit poll suggests.

The swing to Labour has not been as heavy in Newcastle upon-Tyne Central and Houghton and Sunderland South as we might have thought it should be. This will cheer the Conservatives, who will be reeling at the prospect of losing their majority; however, with the Tories currently holding such a small majority, small victories for Labour could be enough to produce a hung parliament"

CUCA members call for heads
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

11:12pm Big-boy talk from the Conservatives at the Cambridge Union, responding to the swings in the North East: “Theresa May has been considering her position for weeks. Her head will be on a plate by the end of the night.”

This, remember, about a woman to whom they implicitly gave their democratic mandate only today. Boris Johnson must be licking his lips…

11:06pm Ex-editor of Varsity gives his hot take on the exit polls

Cambridge Election Crawl: Medwards and Churchill
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

11:05pm Medwards was dead tonight. I’m disappointed, guys. 

Churchill provided a stark contrast. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by an enthusiastic student yelling, “Down with the Tories!”

Three colleges down, three shots down. Next stop: Fitz.

11:01pm Newcastle Upon Tyne Central results come in: 24,071 Labour, 9134 Conservatives, 1812 Liberal Democrats.

Chi Onwurah thanks the police and the emergency services for the success of the democratic process in Newcastle Central, as she wins with an overwhelming majority. 

Newcastle Central has beat Houghton and Sunderland South for the first to get the counts in. 

11:01pm An election special panel show 'Have I Got To Snap The Buzzcocks For You' from the Cambridge Footlights is about to start at the ADC Theatre.

Union confusion
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

11:00pm Is there anything more disarming for a Cambridge student than not knowing what to think? In scenes not seen since Cindies last night, we’re all drifting aimlessly around the Union not quite sure whether to laugh or cry. Whether it’s for toasting victory or drowning our sorrows, the only certainty is that drink must be drunk. As the results become clearer, minds will only get hazier…

10:54pm First results will be coming in soon from Houghton and Sunderland South, which will provide a good indicator of how reliable the exit polls are.

10:49pm The exit polls have inspired some impassioned views from Sidney Sussex JCR.

Lewis Thomas said, "If true, this poll is cataclysmic for May. She sowed the wind with poor strategy, hubris, and policies aimed at satisfying her party's basest instincts. And now she's reaping the whirlwind."

10:44pm Ilford North looks set to be a Labour hold according to exit poll projections, after a very narrow seat in the last general elections in 2015.

The highly contested seat was won last time by MP Wes Streeting, a previous CUSU and NUS President. 

10:39pm BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan, an ex-editor of Varsity, talks about the "massive shock" and "astonishment" felt across the country after hearing the exit polls on the Beeb’s Election coverage.

View from the Violet Columnist
Sam Willis

Sam Willis

10:38pm “If the exit poll is true, Labour, the Lib Dems and SNP don’t have enough seats to form a majority government in coalition. The Tory minority government is a real possibility... during Brexit...

"In a way, it might be good, because it might force the Tories to take into account the views of the other parties, but equally it could just be chaotic.”

10:28pm Cambridge's Labour candidate Daniel Zeichner sends a heartfelt message to his supporters thanking "each and every one of you who knocked on doors, phoned voters, delivered newsletters, stuffed envelopes and displayed posters" describing their support as "utterly amazing".

After the update on the interesting exit polls, he's off to the count.

Cambridge Election Crawl: Girton
Sneha Lala

Sneha Lala

10:25pm Beginning my Cambridge Election Crawl at Girton, I spoke to first-year history student Rose, ready to get into the election mood with the Lola's all nighter.

"We were all planning on wearing red, didn’t work out, but we’re red in spirit!" she told Violet.

The mood at Girton for the exit poll was one of excitement. The college might be located in a Tory hotspot, but cheers and yelps of joy rang around the JCR when the result appeared on the screen.

10:21pm Violet’s News Correspondent Sneha Lala clearly drew the short straw in our editorial meeting. She’ll be conducting a special Violet Election Crawl, reporting live from every Cambridge college over the course of the night. Do say hello if you see her in your bar or JCR. She’ll probably appreciate the company.

10:20pm Overheard at Magdalene College: "C'mon Jezza! I'm moving all my money to Luxembourg tomorrow."

10:19pm We've been speaking to one Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) member dumbfounded by the exit poll:

“I don’t believe it. Partly it’s that I don’t want to believe it, but I also think that would defy all expectations and all polling. I don’t believe that the SNP would collapse and those seats would go to Labour. Boris wouldn’t have let this happen.”

Hot take from the Union
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

10:16pm Drama abounds at the Cambridge Union. The historic debating chamber only neared anything like its capacity seconds before the shock exit poll, as if students were bracing themselves for a body blow. Cue incredulity, and scenes of confusion and jubilation. Now students were out of their scenes for hugs and fist-pumps. This is better than most left-leaning voters had dared to hope.

10:05pm It looks like it's going to be a close one to call - we have a nail-biting wait ahead. 

10:01pm Exit poll is out: Conservatives 314, Labour 266, Liberal Democrats 14. This means that the Conservatives are 12 short of an outright majority, and that Labour would gain 32 seats.

9:55pm You're joining Merlyn Thomas from Varsity HQ and Caitlin Smith and Matt Gutteridge from the count floor in the Guildhall in Cambridge. 

9:53pm The sunset outside isn't bad either. Red sky at night – Corbyn's delight?

As Varsity focuses on results, Violet follows the student reaction across Cambridge
Danny Wittenberg

Danny Wittenberg

9:43pm Greetings from Violet! As possibly the only political institution that didn't exist as little as two years ago, we're raring to go for our first-ever general election night.

Like a cross between a mischievous little sister and a JCR welfare officer, our job will be to entertain, inform and *gulp* perhaps even comfort you from dusk until dawn. I’m the editor Danny Wittenberg reporting live from the Cambridge Union. Our contributors across Cambridge will also be doing their best to keep you abreast of any banter. We’ve all got to survive this somehow.

9:40pm Welcome to Varsity's coverage of the General Election 2017! We will be bringing you live updates of both national and local pictures until Cambridge's results are declared in the early hours. Join us for what is sure to be a tense few hours.