(Clockwise, from top) Conservative candidate John Hayward; Liberal Democrat candidate Julian Huppert; Green Party candidate Stuart Tuckwood; Labour candidate Daniel ZeichnerLouis Ashworth

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The country will head to the polls on June 8th. Though many are saying that a Conservative majority is a foregone conclusion, things are little more exciting in Cambridge. With Labour's Daniel Zeichner commanding a majority of just 599 votes in 2015, the Liberal Democrats' Julian Huppert is hopeful of taking back the seat he represented between 2010 and 2015 (his party having held it since 2005). The Tories will be looking to put in a stronger performance than previously, particularly with there being no UKIP candidate, while the Greens will be hoping to make the most of the sizeable student population.

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Results from Homerton and Girton (in the South Cambridgeshire constituency) are welcome, but will be separate in our analysis.