A campaigner for Eyre posted a comment promoting her on a Tab postLucas Chebib

A total of three complaints have been made to the CUSU Elections Committee regarding campaigns for the presidency.

The Committee today revealed that Daisy Eyre’s campaign had been subject to two complaints, both of which were upheld, while one complaint made against Jack Drury was upheld and another rejected.

In his campaign for University Councillor, Josh Jackson also had one complaint upheld against him earlier in the week. 

Under CUSU election rules, candidates are not allowed to use pre-existing social media groups for their publicity.

An incident this morning, in which a campaigner for Daisy Eyre posted campaign material in a comment on The Tab’s Facebook page, prompted the Elections Committee to release a statement on Facebook.

Daisy Eyre’s campaign was subject to a complaint after a campaigner posted material in a Facebook comment

According to the statement, campaigners are prohibited from “commenting in support of a candidate on posts from pre-existing social media pages”, including those of student newspapers.

The Elections Committee later confirmed that three complaints against candidates in the presidential race had been received. They said that they had asked for the contravening posts from Eyre’s campaigners to be taken down, adding: “Daisy has so far complied with these requests as they were brought to her attention, and so no formal action has been taken.”

Controversy was sparked in last year’s presidential contest as candidate and former Trinity JCR president Cornelius Roemer received two formal warnings of a maximum of three as a result of various infringements

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