Song: Time to Pretend – MGMT

Like most, I heard Kids and Electric Feel first. I became obsessed with the way the music sounded; it was my first introduction to synth pop. Before then, I was only aware of pop that was shallow and commercial. Alongside the power of the sound itself, the music has such an atmosphere. Time to Pretend is the most significant example of this. Every time I hear the song, I am reminded of the Skins generation one finale, when Sid wanders around Times Square. The song embodies the energy and colour of Times Square, it is uplifting and hopeful. The iconic melody gives me a timeless rush of excitement.

Artist: The Killers

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Before I came to Cambridge, Mr Brightside would have been my song of choice. After hearing it at every social event, the novelty of the song wore off. Instead, the remainder of their work resonated stronger with me. Seeing them perform what was essentially a ‘greatest hits’ at Latitude in 2017 remains one of the best live performances I’ve seen. Normally, I would be disappointed to only hear the singles, but with The Killers, it was entirely satisfying. It is hard to describe exactly what it is about the Killers that make them so special to so many people, but I cannot listen to them without feeling a distinct feeling of nostalgia. They are very much a thattime, thatplace band. Every time I listen, I return to the memory of hearing each individual song for the first time. Each of their songs is powerfully melodramatic and emotional. They communicate a narrative arc that makes you feel like every song is its separate movie. There is a song to accompany every emotion, in every album. The hits (When you were young, All these things that I’ve done)affect me the most, whilst the remaining tracks comfortably transport the listener between them. Whilst I would not recognise every song by name, there is so much to get out of listening to their entire discography, vast and bold, that extends from the instantly recognisable tracks of Hot Fuss to the hint of this nostalgic sound in Run for cover on Wonderful Wonderful.

Album: IGOR – Tyler the Creator  

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IGOR was only released this year, however my choice demonstrates how powerful the effect of it is. The way to properly appreciate it is to listen through the entire album. It begins with IGOR’S THEME which sets the tone for the rest of the album. It sounds monumental, the listener entered into the conceptual landscape of IGOR. Despite the incredible instrumentation, sampling and features that run throughout the album, the underlying sentimentality is not lost. I THINK and GONE, GONE/THANK YOU demonstrate this as they tackle the pain and tension of relationships in an effective simplicity of lyricism. His villainous character, IGOR, is present throughout, but does not feel repetitive; EXACTLY WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING and RUNNING OUT OF TIME break the illusion of the surrealist landscape, turning it outward. The closing is as powerful as the opening, ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? a simple message conveyed over vibrant jazz instrumentation, demonstrating the artistic journey of the album as we reach the finale.

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