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With the beginning of term just starting, anticipation for the new academic year is high. Whether you’re a fresher or a returning Cambridge student, we at Vulture Music have put together a playlist to guide you through the adjustment period that is freshers week, helping you ease (back) into life at Cambridge and all its quirks. From chill-out tunes to songs for pres, we’ve got it all covered!

Cola-Arlo Parks

"now I don’t really care/ ‘Cause you’re runnin’ ’round over there”, soulful and honest, Parks’ track explores the idea of moving on and is perfect for mellow listening, providing a welcome break from the chaos and intensity of adjusting to Cambridge.

Free Room (Ft Appleby)-Ravyn Lenae

With smooth lyrics and a beat that you can’t help but dance to, listening to Free Room is recklessly fun and freeing. Whilst moving to university can feel like a leap into the unknown, funky tunes like this can help to ground yourself!

Lullaby- Barney Artist, Tom Misch

"Overloaded poems in my mind/ fill up all the spirit with the light” Tom Misch’s silken tones combine almost magically with Barney Artist’s careful lyrics to create a layered and ethereal track.

Lovestained- Hope Tala

Up-and-coming artist Hope Tala’s album Sensitive Soul is full of gems. Lovestained is a tune that is alive and kicking, and will have you listening on repeat. Contemplative yet fun, it’s the perfect tune for unpacking your room/ wandering around Cambridge to.

So there you have it, a few tracks to listen to during week 1! For more recommendations, be sure to check out the rest of the vulture music freshers playlist on Spotify (follow the account musicvarsity).

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