Trinity 2018@trintiymayball

Strawberries & Creem (15th June) 

Whoever had the idea of starting a day festival of grime and afrobeat in Cambridge had enormous faith in a city renowned for its flaking, but the event has only leapt in popularity as it celebrates its 5th birthday. The line-up for 2019 is, well, underwhelming. Sean Kingston headlines with Stefflon Don and Ms Dynamite, where previously Wiley, Skepta, Kano and Grandmaster Flash have graced the stages. These artists are joined by garage (Artful Dodger) and DnB (Flava D) producers, as well as R&B singers such as Mahalia, making for a strangely eclectic day on Haggis Farm. This said, ticket prices tumble on the day, as the Cambridge uni population flakes away, making Strawberries & Creem very worth your while. A refreshing step outside of the Cambridge bubble at the very least.

Turf All-Nighter (15th June):

If you can make it through Strawberries & Creem, the Turf All-Nighter awaits with Folamour announced as the headline DJ. Folamour was denied entry to Revolution before his last Cambridge gig with O’Flynn, back in November, and finally comes to the city at Junction, with his unique brand of funk-infused house. In the other room is Grandma Groove, so if you were one of the multitude who missed out on 11th June, this is the time to catch the most sought-after event in Cambridge, and quite possibly the world.

Strawberries & Creem 2018@strawberriesandcreem/Instagram

Downing May Ball (18th June): 

Having released his most recent album in 2015, Professor Green will grace the Downing Main Stage with his brand of angered, me-against-the-world rap - undoubtedly a popular choice, having peaked his career when most of the audience were coming of age. Pro Green’s support acts are Philip George, whose ‘I Wish That You Were Mine’ forms part of a repertoire of club house bangers, and House Gospel Choir, which, pretty much as it says on the tin, lays gospel vocals over house beats. Downing also promises a strong line-up of student talent, from OOX DJs to the omni-present Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble.

Trinity May Ball (17th June)

After much anticipation, Trinity have announced Becky Hill as their main act, a serial feature on dance tracks such as ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ and a past collaborator with Sigala, Matoma and Wilkinson. Not quite the big-money signing you might expect from such a decadent event (should people have to google the headliner?), Becky Hill does promise guaranteed popularity with her array of club anthems. Supporting acts consist of Shy FX and Rock Q, a Queen tribute band, splitting the crowd between singalong throwbacks, and some sort of surreal black-tie jungle rave.

Jesus May Ball (17th June) 

Continuing a theme of dance bangers from the 2010s, Example will be at Jesus on the Monday. He is probably the most well-known May Ball act this year, and goes some way to trumping the contemporaneous Trinity Ball. In support are FIFA 08 legends, The Hoosiers, who may veer, harshly, in the direction of the title, ‘one-hit wonders’, but who fit perfectly with the throwback element of Jesus’ music. A night of FIFA followed by a school disco, take me back.

Pembroke May Ball, 2016@pembrokemayball/Instagram

Pembroke May Ball (19th June)

In blatant plagiarism of Trinity 2018, Pembroke have opted for Raye as their headline act, the singer evidently hooked by the rowdy May Ball crowds. Her 2018 set was unremarkable though not disappointing, but the inclusion of Barney Artist as support is far more interesting, the East London rapper offering the perfect laid-back sound for a May Ball.

The King’s Affair (19th June)

KA’s 23:59:60 theme this year is characteristically ambiguous, and promises a “collision of the past, present and future”. Accompanying this is the heady techno of Avalon Emerson and the SIREN Collective. Undoubtedly the event for the May Week techno lover, KA is a universal, unashamed, attempt at edginess.

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