The May Week Alternative summer party in 2022 Gemma Penson with permission for Varsity

Name: Jorja Korosec

College: Queens’

Position: President of the May Week Alternative

What is the MWA?

A student-led charity movement, helping people to understand the significance of giving and how it can make you feel really good about yourself as well. Despite the name, we don’t hate May Balls! I just wanted to dispel that myth right off the bat.

Your favourite part of being involved in the MWA?

Besides the amount we raise each year, it would have to be the people. Reps, donors, committee members or just people asking me questions about it. There’s a sense of community like no other. I’m really happy to be part of it.

“If you spend £150 on a May Ball ticket, where else could that money go?”

What’s the most challenging aspect?

Spreading the message as far as we can. We have a lot of people donating every year, but if I had my way, every person in the University would know what MWA is. I wish we could shout from the rooftops about what we do so that everybody could hear. But you can’t have it all.

You want to normalise giving – how?

We try to make it as inclusive as possible. When it comes to donating, our main message is, as much you see as significant. Ultimately, it’s not about how much the charity receives, but how much is meaningful to you.

We believe you can feel really good while giving to charity. One of our key phrases is “do good, feel good”. Hopefully by encouraging people to see that philosophy, we can encourage people to donate now or in the future when they’re more financially stable.


Mountain View

In conversation with Jimmy’s homeless charity

Are you making a stand against May Week?

MWA is a misleading name. Our main aim is getting people to understand the significance of their money and to think about how they’re spending it. If you spend £150 on a May Ball ticket, and that means something to you … where else could that money go?

How long have you been doing charity work?

I joined MWA when I came to university, and that was that, I fell in love with charity, and trying to spread good messages to everyone I can. This is my third year and going forward I’ll always find a way to volunteer.

Do you have a message for students?

Enjoy your time, and live in the moment.