The 151st First and Third Trinity Boat Club May Ball was a night to rememberjohanneshjorth

Extravagance, opulence and excess. The 151st First and Third Trinity Boat Club May Ball was, and will be, a night to remember for all who attended. Trinity, as a location for hosting a May Ball, is fortunate enough to accommodate both space and design. The hour long queue in the great court was time well spent, the brass band playing next door to the fountain marked a wondrous addition; adding to the mounting suspension and growing excitement from the queues.

On arrival we were greeted with champagne and oysters, a pairing so classically Cambridge. The addition of a cocktail bar, along with a band and casino was also a fantastic pairing to the start of events. A professional photographer was on hand to take guests photos, along with a further photo booth on the lawn. However, on arrival it was the decorations and sheer finesse which truly blew guests away. The ball, famously themeless, proved there was no need for a funky, convoluted or controversial theme, instead the idea of ‘less is more’ was perfect.

"Extravagance, opulence and excess. The 151st First and third Trinity Boat Club May Ball was, and will be, a night to remember for all who attended."

Over the bridge on the lawn a variety of different stalls and activities were available. Everything from dodgems, a spinning Ferris wheel, a comedy tent and even a punting trip was on offer to the guests. Whilst on the other side of the river, the silent disco and the disco tent were a plentiful selection for guests willing to show off their dance moves. The silent disco was my own personal favourite, dancing to the tunes of S Club 7 and Bruno Mars at 2am next to the 200-year-old portraits of Trinity’s alumni, summed up the event.

One of the highlights of the event was of course the food. Where to begin? The offer of hand fired pizza, falafel, crepes, burritos and an all-night cake stall was enough to satisfy any foodie. The food featured some top brands such as ‘The Taste’ and ‘Nanna Mexico’, but as well as some old favorites the ball also offered some new additions such as ‘Tipsy tea’, a company dedicated to creating alcoholic hot tea beverages. Dietary requirements were well catered for, even the sausage stall had the option of a vegetarian sausage and ‘The Taste’ provided vegan alternatives. Although the finishing touch to the night was of course receiving the Full-English breakfast at 5am, a far more filling alternative to a standard bacon roll.

The main stage hosted the main act; Charlie XCX. Perhaps this was the one true disappointment of the evening. Singing only two of her own songs, the rest were covers compromised with backing tacks. While I did enjoy the main stage, other acts like the Brittany tribute act or even the talented acts in the acoustic tent, were far better than Charlie XCX. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the musical entertainment, to which the acts were all of a particularly high quality.

Not only were the ball’s decorations and activities of top quality and design, but the staff were extremely courteous and friendly. Even while queuing, guests were well catered for, being handed bottles of water to rehydrate from the sweltering heat. Staff were also on hand with litter and rubbish collection, making sure tables and bar areas were kept clean throughout the night and therefore by the morning Trinity was noticeably cleaner than other balls. I felt less like an ordinary may ball goer; the service, warmth and friendliness from the staff made guests feel cared for and looked after. 

As an avid May Ball goer myself, after attending Trinity last night, I came to the firm conclusion that Trinity is above all, the place to be. In fact I would even go as far to say that you haven’t experienced a Cambridge ball, without setting foot into the magnificence and majesty of Trinity May Ball. Quite simply, will I be going back next year? The answer is of course yes