Committing to the big chop!Arya Sharm with permission for Varsity

Think of every rom-com you’ve ever seen. At one point (usually a low point, maybe even a break-up point), the main character knows what they have to do to set themselves free: cut their hair!

But changing up your hairstyle doesn’t have to come exclusively after a major life event or breakup. Just as you might dress in a way that lifts your spirits when you’re feeling down, hair can also influence your mood and how you see yourself.

A lot of us tend to stay in our comfort zone when it comes to hair. It can be really scary to change it dramatically - after all, hair transforms your look, and sometimes the idea of transformation can be terrifying. However, a hair transformation can also signify a positive shift in character - one to do with new-found confidence and being authentically yourself.

“I feel freer and more like myself”

Recently, I cut off a dramatic chunk of my hair, and I’ve never felt better! This feeling is more important to me than the look. I might like the way long hair looks on me, but I know it makes me feel tired and down after too long. I prefer the feeling of lightness shorter hair gives me. I love how much volume it has with minimal work - and how a little work can go a long way! As dramatic as it might sound, I feel freer and more like myself.

A dramatic hairstyle change can be a real confidence booster. I spoke with some of my friends who have recently transformed their looks. One friend told me that she chopped all her hair off because she needed a change.

Junyi Zhou with permission for Varsity

“At first, I felt like I was impersonating someone else…I haven’t had hair this short since I was a baby! But I came to recognise that there’s a multitude of selves within me, and it’s exciting to embrace this new version of myself!”

Essentially, changing your hair allows you to access different parts of yourself, and unlock a new you that has been there all along. As Junyi put it, you become “in tune with the version of yourself you didn’t know existed!”

“Changing your hair allows you to access different parts of yourself”

So there is a sense of self-discovery to be gained as you embark on a hair-journey. Why not go shorter for that extra volume? Or go for something more experimental or adventurous, something you never thought you’d be able to pull off? “It’s just not me”, you think, but why not? How do you know unless you take the plunge?

I spoke with another short-hair-convert, Frances, who has been going on her own hair journey and, after a few haircuts, has found one that works for her.

Frances Pool-Crane with permission for Varsity

She says, “it’s freeing to cut it off and fun to watch it grow back!” This is exactly why I let my hair grow out before inevitably cutting most of it off. That shift, that feeling of lightness and change, is so satisfying!

Hair can affect your overall look wildly. You might opt for bangs, whether wispy or blocky, framing your face differently. Perhaps you want to get messy, choppy layers. Maybe you need a new colour (pink hair had a hot moment not too long ago, why not stay on theme for Valentine’s and bring back the trend!).

Fiona You with permission for Varsity

Another student, Fiona, loves experimenting with different colours, and she owned the split hair dye trend!

Changing up hair colour can be especially fun since it influences the colour palettes you choose for your clothes and makeup. Your go-to outfits might look completely different as the transformative quality of a new hairstyle extends to everything!


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So, why not get in touch with your inner self (or rather, selves) through a hair transformation?